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    Clip Description

    Officer Anita has a phone call woth another agent. Anita is super excited about a new system which provides extra safety because it requires her own fingerprints for access; she feels really confident about that.
    After she closes the call, someone appears from behind the couch, grabs her head and snaps her neck. She struggles but her body goes instantly limp. At that point, the spy takes a laser scanner out and proceeds acquiring her identity: he scans her teeth, ears, medals, and then moves to the hands. He carefully scans each finger and the palms, using the laser device, so that he will be able to break into the system.
    He then undoes her high boots, exposing her legs and feet, and has a session handling her feet and scanning the soles and toes. He finally leaves, leaving the body behind, ready to attack the system.

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
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    avi719.45 MB

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    HOGTIE CREEP STRANGLE LAVINIA - Lavinia visits her tenant who has not been paying the rent for some time. She is serious, he will have to get out of the house unless he pays soon. He seems to be pretty confident and tells her that things are going to change. He offers her a glass of wine, which she drinks.
Soon she starts to feel groggy, and she needs to lay down. She passes out.

When she wakes up, the creep is tying her up, but it's too late, he's nearly done. Her ankles and wrists are tied up, she is gagged. He gropes and worships her soft feet as she struggles in the bondage in vain, trying to break free. She is absolutely disgusted but there's nothing she can do. He keeps worshipping these soles of hers.

At some point he puts her in a hogtie, but wraps the rope around her neck, so her own legs pull and strangle her to death. It's a long agony, during which he keeps worshipping her squirming feet, but finally she is dead and limp, eyes open, and he goes on undisturbed having fun with her soles.

    MOM STRANGE ALEXIA - Mom Alexia comes back home after bringing her son to the soccer fields; she makes herself comfortable on the couch, has a tea and reads a magazine while having some tea. In the meantime we get amazing foot views and closeups.
She gets a call from her best friend and they chat for a bit. She tells her about a creep dad who has been staring at her at the soccer fields, he seemed to be quite much into her legs. Then they arange to meet up later and she closes the call, getting back to her magazine.
Suddenly, someone sneaks behind her and chloroforms her; there is a struggle but finally she is gone; the guy approaches her limp body and starts performing some ragdolling. Some limp face play, arm and hands, legs and feet.
The scene fades out and opens up showing Alexia on the floor, tied up and gagged with tapes. She is still limp and the creep is worshipping her bare feet, having a good time with that. Slowly Alexia wakes up, and starts to panic and struggle; the guy keeps enjoying her feet for some time, then stands up and walks around her providing POV shots of her struggling in bondage.
At some point the gag comes off and Alexia is able to speak. "I know you, you're the man from the soccer fields!". At that point the creep has to strangle her to death using a stocking

    NIKI NECKSNAPPED IN BONDAGE - Model Niki meets a creepy photographer; she is surprised that the studio is actually a construction house; anyway, she starts posing for him trying to get to the end of the shoot without arguing.
She smiles seductively to the camera, she has a lot of energy; at some point the creep makes her saying him things like "you are my sunshine", etc. with the excuse of taking more spontaneous pictures.
Then he asks to pose for bondage pictures. this freaks her out, as that was not in the plans and she doesn't trust him. But he points a gun at her and the scene fades out.

The video fades back in showing her struggling in some tape bondage, on the bed. That's a real bondage situation, and he no longer takes pictures: instead, he gropes her legs and worships her feet, and there is little she can do except struggling like crazy in the bondage...
He tries to force her to calm down, unsuccessfully. So, at some point, he sits on her and snaps her neck. She goes instantly limp, she is dead. Now he can go on worshipping these feet undisturbed, and who knows what he will do off camera with her body...

Starring: Niki

    HOGTIE STRANGLE CAROLINE PIERCE - Caroline is very tired, she's in bed saying goodnight to her lover at the phone. She is soon asleep, and soon a creep sneaks into her room and starts playing with her feet. He has to be careful as she is a bit responsive, and he doesn't want to wake her up. He provides POV closeups of soles and toes (quite dark actually), but suddenly she wakes up and he is caught. He feels lost, so he jumps at her and defeats her (implied).

Scene fades back in showing Caroline taped up and gagged in a hogtie, as the creep is not free to worship her feet undisturbed. There is not much she can do now, nor she can ask for any help. He goes on playing with her feet for some time, but she is still too noisy and moves too much, so he strangles her with bare hands. She kicks and struggles for some time, but finally she is dead, eyes open, still, in the hogtie. Pans on the body

Starring: Caroline Pierce  
Keywords: Bondage, Feet, Reality pov, Strangling

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