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    Clip Description

    Great acting!

    Montse is a business lady come to London. She is head of world bank. After work, she is in search of special sexual pleasure. She goes to special place where she can do breath play. She wants them to film her so she can masturabate in the hotel to it later.
    They (you) take her to a special room with a couch (or could be bed if it is better for you). She takes off her top, bra, skirt, panties and shoes and stockings. Naked. Neatly putting the clothes to the side. She then takes the belt and pays back........she starts to play with her body, tits and pussy while wrapping the belt around her neck and pulling......we do a belt strangle routine...........she cums just as she passes out.............we have some pans of the out cold Montse.
    She wakes and is happy. She takes the stockings from the neat pile of clothes, put them on. Then when she picks up her bra, before she can put it on.....a hit man has been sent to strangle her........comes up from behind the couch with a black stocking and strangles her.......for good a strangle routine as you can do. She finally dies.......on the couch. Mouth / eyes open death stare, legs open, paying on back on couch
    Good camera pans as I like them.
    I loved the death stare Montse did for us before,....with her dark eyes, dark eye liner, dark hair, tongue out, black stocking around the neck.....(some pics attached. Something like this).

    Starring: Montse
    Keywords: strangling, mature, masturbation, orgasm, reality_pov
    204 MB

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4204.33 MB

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But, he still refuses.She has filmed him and threatens expose him, so he has to kill her. With an excuse he sneaks behind her and strangles her to death.

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    AUTOEROTIC BAGGING - Lexy has had one drink too much, and is alone in her living room. Excited, she starts touching herself but soon finds houtt she wants more; she takes a rope and wraps it around her neck, pulling as she goes on masturbating. In the end she cums, but it's not enough; one more sip of wine, and she takes a bag which she wraps around her head. Tight to her face, she can't breath as she's ready for one more orgasm. She keeps fingering, her head under the tight film, and that orgasm ends up in death.

Later, a guy enters the room where the body still is, head still in the bag. he takes the freedom to grope the body, change its position, worship her feet and inspect her vagina, providing amazing closeups of her genitals. He leaves her in an ass up position, after having totally messed up the crime scene.

Run Time: 18:11 minutes
File Size: 799 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Asphyxia

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