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    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    Clip Description

    Isabel is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
    The video fades back in showing Isabel naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

    Starring: Isabel
    Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv761.61 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled

    ENUFF SNUFF - Isabel Tied Up and Strangled
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    SCHOOLGIRL ESCORT STRANGLER - Lesbian and conservative Ammalia likes young girls; this time she hired schoolgirl escort Chloe Toy, who performs a striptease and masturbation for her, and seduces her. Finally, when she's not alert, she sneaks behind Ammalia and strangles her to death with a stocking.

Starring: Ammalia and Chloe Toy
Keywords: strangling, sex, stripping, lesbian, reality_pov
580 MB

    CINDY KIDNAPPED AND STRANGLED - Cindy is in her living room having a LONG phone call with a lot of useless small talk. She didn't realize that hidden behind the couch is a criminal, who is just waiting for her to close the call . During the phone call we hear her sweet naive voice and see her legs and feet moving. Then, finally, she closes the call and she is assaulted (implied).

Scene opens up again showing Cindy tied up and gagged with tapes, squirming on the couch as she's being molested by the POV camera and another guy. They grope her feet and say bad things to her, while she can just squirm and give angry looks to them.

Then we see a video message shot on tripod showing the two criminals forcing her to say to the watchers that they have to pay the ransom soon, or they will kill her. Video ends abruptly.

Final scene shows Cindy still tied up and gagged again. The two criminal approach her; there is something wrong. One of them wraps a tie around her neck and starts pulling. The ransom has not been paid. Poor Cindy realizes they're going to kill her, and starts struggling and squirming but there is not much she can do as she's tied up. Finally, she's dead, eyes open. The criminals are very disappointed that they didn't get the money, and now have to dispose of the body as well. But, first, they look at her once more.

    MESSING WITH THE HOSTAGE - NOTE: These girls are a real, married lesbian couple, so the lesbian scenes are particularly natural and intense

Rascal is a secretary who has the key of a very important office, and Electric and a guy have a plan. One day Electric comes home with Rascal and seduces her: the two get involved in a sweet lesbian scene, with a lot of kissing, and at some point Electric chloroforms Rascal.
The guy appears, and the two carry Rascal's half naked limp body to the bedroom; they put her on the bed, get her keys, and the guy goes out to rob the office. before leaving, they tie Rascal's hand together and the guy recommend Electric not to mess things up. In fact she is a lesbian, and she often messes up with girls.

In fact, as soon as she's alone, Electric begins playing with Rascal's limp body, undressing her completely, licking her feet, her pussy, tits, groping her anywhere. Rascal begins to react a little in her sleep, especially when Electric licks her pussy... Soon the situation gets out of control, with Rascal facesitting Electric who licks her pussy deep, bringing her to wild orgasm (real orgasm).

The two girls relax, Rascal is happy, despite the fact that she has been captured. It looks like Electric still wants to play, and she gently moves Rascal to the edge of the bed, and, while she's not looking, she slips a stocking around her neck and begins strangling her. It's an intense, long strangle but finally Rascal is dead. Electric did it again.

The guy comes back and discovers the mess. Angry, he jumps at Electric and strangles her in the same way, while Rascal's dead body stares into nothingness. In the end, the two naked dead girls lie on the same bed.

Starring: Rascal and Electric
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, chloro, bondage, stripping, orgasm, feet, limp_play


    LOVER ADREENA NECKSNAP IN BONDAGE - Adreena comes in and lays on the bed; she is free all day and talks to her lover (POV camera) asking what he would like to do to spend a hot day with her. Without replying, he tosses a roll of tape next to her, as to say that he wants to tie her up. In a naughty way she says yes.
The scene fades back in, Adreena is hogtied with tape on the bed and she's complaining that her lover is just playing with her shoes instead of playing with her. But he joins her very soon, and starts worshipping her nyloned feet while he gropes her legs and ass. She loves it, and she keeps licking her lips and being naughty.

At some point he approaches her and starts to gag her with the tape; as soon as she realizes it, she tries to resist, as she doesn't like it. But he doesn't care, and soon she is gagged silent. The mood is changing. He goes back to her feet and restarts worshipping and groping, but in a more violent way. Soon he rips the nylons open, literally in pieces, and goes on worshipping. She is really scared now, but there is little she can do... Even when he approaches her again, and without any hesitation breaks her neck, to have her more still and silent.

Once dead, he goes on worshipping these feet enjoying the lack of response from her, who lays eyes open dead on the bed. Finally he leaves, and the camera pans on her dead body

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: necksnap, bondage, handling, feet, reality_pov
595 MB

    DOLCETT ROAST LEXY - This is probably the best cannibal/roast themed video ever made. The guy is actually a professional chef and really know what he's talking about. Lexy is naturally submissive and creative, and has no boundaries at all.
This wasn't scripted and everything has been left to the actors, who came out with an amazing improvisation: the situation and dialogues they both create are highly hilarious and erotic, strictly to the point as if they had a clear idea of the fetish. It is a genuine masterpiece and comes in 1080p Full HD MOV format.

A submissive girl meets the chef; she's there for the roast. The chef has her undressed and starts inspecting her naked body, talking in terms of meat and cooking possibilities. The girl is curious, asks a lot of questions about how suitable she is as a roast, whether she'll be fully roasted or chopped to pieces, etc. She is naturally submissive and naive as a child.
Special attention goes to her pussy: in order to find out which spices and herbs will work with that, the chef has to taste it raw, with his mouth; this brings some excitement to the girl, who tries to hide it as best as she can, as the chef is only doing his job. The guy really seems to know what he's doing, and the girl feels in his hands.
The talking goes on for several minutes, until the chef proceeds to snap the girl's neck, who willingly allows him to do it.

The scene fades back in showing the girl's dead body with an apple in her mouth and the ankles tied up so that her legs stay open and pussy is exposed. The chef brushes oil all over the body, putting special attention to the pussy; there he makes a fine work, and also slides his fingers inside in order to let the oil in and feel the meat he's going to cook. Just to feel the meat, he also slaps the butts and tits soundly, before leaving to take a break.

Run Time: 18:30 minutes
File Size: 812 MB 	Format: .MOV
Category: Body Inspection

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