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    Clip Description

    Stacey is reading a book, lying on her bed, when a creep appears at the feet of the bed. Stacey senses there is something, but doesn't see him, giving him enough time to inject poison on her calf. That's when she jumps and sees him, but it's too late, she has barely the time to look at him in the eyes, that her sight goes blank and her body falls dead on the bed.
    That's when the creep acts: he takes off her socks, and begins to play with her dead limp feet, using them for his own pleasure. Stacey's eyes remain open, staring into emptiness, unable to feel what he's doing with her still warm feet...

    Starring: Stacey
    Keywords: Feet, Handling, Limp play, Poison, Surreal

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4103.68 MB

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    A PLAYFUL SESSION WITH HER CORPS - Bee is a young student who likes to earn a little easy money. She has a friend who allows to play with her feet while she pretends to be asleep, mostly because they are both shy to to that openly... But no foot worship not anything too much! Just touching, basically, or she would stop pretending and stop the play. That\'s a very innocent game, but he likes it and she gets a little money.
One day they arrange that on the phone. She gets ready.

While she\'s waiting for him, an assassin surprises and strangles her. He inspects her corpse (eyes open) and notices how sweet and innocent she looked, so he decides to close her eyes and leave her like a sleeping beauty, robs the apartment and leaves.

Then the friend comes for the session, leaves the money on the table and starts to play with her body, very gently. He feels her very limp and it turns him on, but he doesn\'t want to push too much. Still, he dares to gradually get more intense, take more freedom, ends up ragdolling her, posing her, worshipping her feet, and he can\'t believe it.
He suspects she is testing him to see how far he will go, and stop the game kicking him out at some point... But she still doesn\'t, so he even takes some pics as he suspects he won\'t be that lucky again.
He ends up doing a lot (as much as she allows in reality), and finally leaves happy, ignoring that he has just played with her friend\'s corpse!

Starring: Bee
Keywords:  willing crimescene strangling unconscious handling feet reality_pov limp_play surreal assassin

    FEDERICA HEADSHOT FOOTABUSED - A guy is on a date with Portuguese Federica (she speaks English though) and everything seems to go quite well. She wants to know more about his tastes, and he starts to feel bad about it, as he has a strong foot fetish and he is afraid that might break the chemistry between the two. She insists, she wants to know what he is into, so he finally tells her he likes her feet... She is shocked, she starts to laugh at him saying their date is a huge mistake. He tries to fix things up but she keeps making fun of him... He grabs a gun, and that's the end: she tries to stop him saying he can have her feet, but it's too late: a bullet fires into her forehead and blasts her brains. That is a pretty great effect.
her dead body remains up, eyes staring into emptiness, and slowly starts to drop down to the side. Dead Federica slumps onto the couch, and the pervert goes to her feet, takes her shoes off, and gropes them for a long time while her dead eyes stare into nothingness...

Starring: Federica
Keywords: Bloody, Feet, Headshot, Shooting


Mature Roxana is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
The video fades back in showing Roxana naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

Run Time: 14:24 minutes
File Size: 632 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Strangling

    BETHANY BONDAGE SUFFOCATION - Bethany is lying on a bed, wrists tied crossing each other above her head.  Her ankles are bound as well.  The guy takes off her shoes and socks, then stuffs a sock in her mouth, then covers it with a piece of grey duct tape.  He kisses her feet and tells her to wiggle her toes for him.  Finally, he gets on top of her and wraps his hands around her neck and chokes her until she stops moving. 

Starring: Bethany
Keywords: Bondage, Feet, Strangling, Suffocation

    BANKERS WIFE HEADSHOT - Location - Start Couch/front room end bedroom.........

Hannah is a sexy wife of a rich banker. She stays at home while he is at work. A guy breaks into her home while the husband is away to kidnap her. But, she thinks she can seduce him with her body and get away. But, things don't turn out that way. Main fetishes is lots of close up of Hannah's body (pussy, tits, ass, legs and feet. Playing with her feet. Her teasing. End with FJ / cum on feet. Body views. 

Here is the script.      
Opening scene - Hannah is dressed as above. She is sitting on couch and has a glass of wine and a magazine. She is on phone to her friend about going out to dinner in a foursome in super new expensive restaurant that evening. He husband has a big bonus from his work and they will celebrate. Good close ups of her heeled feet and legs during the call. She does some dangling. 

She hangs up and moves on couch to drink wine and read her magazine. As she moves, she takes off her heels (slowly) and sets them to the side, massaging her feet. She lays back on couch and reads. While reading, she opens her legs to give us views of her pussy (upskirt - see attached) and we pan her feet, legs, face, etc. Good pans, close up. But good pussy views. As she reads who opens and closes her legs. Some minutes of this. 

Then suddenly a guy comes in (you and its POV - we don't see him) holding a gun to her. He tells her to out her hands up and sit up. She does but is confident and not scared. She smiles and asks what he wants......he says he wants to kidnap her for get a ransom from her husband.......she smiles and says it's a good plan. But, maybe she can persuade him to not take her away and let her go and forget about it. He asks she tries to seduce him with her body........

With her hands up, she opens her legs and teases him with her pussy, opening and closing her legs..she then lets down her hands and ........then she pulls up her skirt and and sits back giving him (us POV) views of her pussy, spreading with her fingers and then she turns and shows her ass....spreading and holding open her bum cheeks. She keeps talking to the guy (camera) about how sexy she is and he can have her if he wants, but has to let her go....She turns again and asks if he likes what he is seeing......he says yes.....but he still wants to kidnap her and take her away. 

She then stands removes her top and takes off her bra.......massaging her breasts...........she is always confident and teasing, sure she will seduce him.......while she is doing all the above, she is moving towards her phone.................

She is now naked , except stockings................

He notices that she is going towards the phone and tells her to stop and move away from the couch....she goes to the middle of the acting innocent...hands up again.....she looks at the guy and says ..........sorry.....OK you can kidnap me..........again teasing when BANG............view from the back.......we see her head recoil......then view of the front....headshot wound....she slowly goes down, to her knees and then falls back dead...........body pans of the dead Hannah with open legs / pussy shots. eyes open death stare.........At the end of the body pans we hear the killer taking on the phone........."It just went off! I did' mean to kill her" ....It was an accident. OK......I'll get rid of the body.........and we see hands removing her stockings...........


Next scene is Hannah laying naked face up on bed..........we then have some foot worship.......after a while, the guy flips Hannah over...........He then takes out his penis and fucks her feet, cum on them (simulated scene!) ............we have pans of her and her feet at the end.........

Starring: Hannah Shaw
Keywords: Assassin, Feet, Footjob, Headshot, Reality POV, Shooting

    BONDAGE STRANGLE FIONA - Agent Fiona sneaks into a criminal''s apartment and finds some documents which can send him to jail. Unfortunately she is surprised by him, stripped, tied up and gagged (off camera). the scene fades back in showing her struggle in ropes, for several minutes, with special attention on her luscious soles. The criminal comes in, and starts groping these feet while she can''t do nothing but moaning.

Scene fades back in showing Fiona has been hogtied, and a rope goes around her neck. The criminal films her self-strangling demise using a POV camera, until she lays dead in the hogtie. Then, undisturbed, he moves to her feet and spends some minutes enjoying and groping them, as she can no longer protest.

    DEADLY MASSAGE LEXY - Lexy goes to a professional therapist complaining about shoulder pain. The guy asks her to lie down on the massage bed and starts massaging her; but, very soon he starts to act dodgy, trying to grope her bum, and even touch her genitals. Lexy complains and stops him several times, but he keeps being dodgy.
In the end she stands up and want to go, but at that point he apologizes and offers her a different treatment: an injection in the sore area, which will relax the tensions and bring some pain relief. She accepts as this doesn't involve any further touching from him, so she lies back on the bed and gets the injection. Pretty soon she starts to feel strange, very bad, but the guy doesn't help her, as he's just waiting for the deadly poison to take its full effect. In fact, in a matter of seconds Lexy's dead body lies face down on the massage bed, available for him to do what he wants.
he starts to grope her and put his hands wherever he wants, enjoying the lack of response and complaints from her now. He takes his dick out and puts it in her hand, once again making fun of the lack of complaints. The he jumps on the bed over her and starts fucking the body soundly, from behind. This goes on for some time, then he jumps out and also fucks her mouth for a bit, before going back to her pussy and cumming inside her.
The fussy customer got what she deserved...

Starring: Lexy, 
Keywords: Handling, Limp play, Oral, Poison, Sex

    BONDAGE LESBIAN MURDERS - Real lesbian partners Electric and Rascal are in their bedroom, excited. They want to play naughty, and decide to do the bondage game: Rascal takes some bondage tape out and ties up Electric in an amateurish hogtie. At that point she starts playing with her pussy, licking her feet and body, worshipping her feet intensely while masturbating her with one hand, pleasing her until it\'s time to swap.
Rascal unties Electric, and gets ready to take her place; she gets tied up but laying face down, not in a hogtie; Electric is more gentle, and spends her time worshipping Rascal\'s hot feet while her partner moans in pleasure... But these moaning suddenly turn into a scream when Rascal makes eye contact with a creep who is in the house! But she\'s tied up and gagged, there\'s little she can do to warn her partner who is busy worshipping her feet, and when Electric realizes it\'s too late!
The scene fades back in showing the two girls gagged and tied up together in a very messy way, one\'s face tied against the other\'s feet and vice versa. The creep spends some time looking at their hot bodies and terrified ones, then, one by one, he snaps their necks and makes silence in the room

Starring: Electric and Rascal
1310 MB

    MESSING WITH THE HOSTAGE - NOTE: These girls are a real, married lesbian couple, so the lesbian scenes are particularly natural and intense

Rascal is a secretary who has the key of a very important office, and Electric and a guy have a plan. One day Electric comes home with Rascal and seduces her: the two get involved in a sweet lesbian scene, with a lot of kissing, and at some point Electric chloroforms Rascal.
The guy appears, and the two carry Rascal's half naked limp body to the bedroom; they put her on the bed, get her keys, and the guy goes out to rob the office. before leaving, they tie Rascal's hand together and the guy recommend Electric not to mess things up. In fact she is a lesbian, and she often messes up with girls.

In fact, as soon as she's alone, Electric begins playing with Rascal's limp body, undressing her completely, licking her feet, her pussy, tits, groping her anywhere. Rascal begins to react a little in her sleep, especially when Electric licks her pussy... Soon the situation gets out of control, with Rascal facesitting Electric who licks her pussy deep, bringing her to wild orgasm (real orgasm).

The two girls relax, Rascal is happy, despite the fact that she has been captured. It looks like Electric still wants to play, and she gently moves Rascal to the edge of the bed, and, while she's not looking, she slips a stocking around her neck and begins strangling her. It's an intense, long strangle but finally Rascal is dead. Electric did it again.

The guy comes back and discovers the mess. Angry, he jumps at Electric and strangles her in the same way, while Rascal's dead body stares into nothingness. In the end, the two naked dead girls lie on the same bed.

Starring: Rascal and Electric
Keywords: strangling, lesbian, chloro, bondage, stripping, orgasm, feet, limp_play


    HOGTIE CREEP STRANGLE LAVINIA - Lavinia visits her tenant who has not been paying the rent for some time. She is serious, he will have to get out of the house unless he pays soon. He seems to be pretty confident and tells her that things are going to change. He offers her a glass of wine, which she drinks.
Soon she starts to feel groggy, and she needs to lay down. She passes out.

When she wakes up, the creep is tying her up, but it's too late, he's nearly done. Her ankles and wrists are tied up, she is gagged. He gropes and worships her soft feet as she struggles in the bondage in vain, trying to break free. She is absolutely disgusted but there's nothing she can do. He keeps worshipping these soles of hers.

At some point he puts her in a hogtie, but wraps the rope around her neck, so her own legs pull and strangle her to death. It's a long agony, during which he keeps worshipping her squirming feet, but finally she is dead and limp, eyes open, and he goes on undisturbed having fun with her soles.

    LESBIAN BONDAGE INTRUDER - Brook and her friend Chloe are sitting on the bed,  they and talk and touch tenderly each other. They are in mood and hot on each other. Brook:  "This evening we have plenty of time. We will not be disturbed.. What do you think we could do this evening?"
Chloe (laughing) lifts a role of tape :   " Guesss we play our game?"
Brook: "Oh yes  it's first you turn today your, honey!"
Chloe: "But please please gagged me tightly, I am sure I will scream!!"
Scene fades back in and we see only Brook. Then the camera walks to Chloe. She is nude. Brook had  Chloe tied up in a hogtie position with her bare feet tied parallel. Chloe lies on her stomach and she is gagged with tapes. Brook  begins tenderly caress Chloe's tied feet. She is very caressing and we enjoy watching her tongue working with Chloe's soles and toes.
Chloe has a lot of fun. She moans loud and  and full of lust through her gag. Brook ties Chloe's big toes together , She continues licking  Chloe's tied feet. Chloe lifts her ass. She is on her way to a orgasm.
The girls swap roles and the scene is repeated with Brook being the victim.

The two girls had not noticed, that their passionate lesbian foot worship action was watched by a criminal. He run into the scene "hands up" and Chloe cannot do anything but lift her hands. Brook is already tied and gagged Both of the girls look very surprised and desperate.
Scene fades back in showing Brook and Chloe tied up, laying in a kind of 69 position, feet to face. 
The bad boy watches this scene, and decides to make an end. One by one, he snaps the girls' necks, and finally leaves the scene, to the camera to pan on the dead bodies.

Starring: Brook, Chloe Toy
Keywords: Bondage, Feet, Lesbian, Necksnap

    Isabel Tied Up and Strangled - Isabel is looking forward to an evening with a guy she met online; she tells it to a friend at the phone, who is probably not too keen on that. She doesn't care, and when he finally comes, something bad happens (implied).
The video fades back in showing Isabel naked and tied up, struggling in her simple tape bondage; some minutes of this, before the creep comes in and starts playing with her feet for more minutes. In the end he can't let her go, so he sits on her back and strangles her to death using a stocking, while she can do nothing but struggle in her bondage.

Starring: Isabel
Keywords: strangling, bondage, feet

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