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    Clip Description

    AltSiren is dead. Her body lays naked on the bed; in a POV style I start performing some good face play on her, caressing her hair, opening her mouth, fondling her lips, raising her head and dropping it down. Before I close her eyes, she delivers some of the hottest, deadliest expression you have ever seen in a clip!
    Then I start performing a lot of hand play and hand flops, showing her limp hand in a detail you rarely had the chance to see. Finally I start rolling her whole body, on the belly and on the back, multiple times. I even sit her up and let her drop down.

    Run Time: 14:21 minutes
    File Size: 553 MB Format: .WMV
    Category: Limp/Necro

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv528.23 MB

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    BOND GIRL SARA - Agent Sara comes in dressed elegantly. She has a small bag, with a gun and some poison. She makes a call on her mobile. "I am in the room in position. He won't suspect a thing. 007 will die tonight".
She hides the gun under the pillow, pours two drinks and slips in the poison in one of them. 

Sara then slips off her dress, bra and panties to remain in stockings, heels and jewelry.  We have nice shots of her beautiful body and face. She goes to the bathroom and touches up her make up. 
While she is in the bathroom, two mysterious hands swap the drinks.

Sara comes back to the bedroom and starts drinking the wine while waiting for 007. Soon the poison starts to take effect and Sara starts to feel bad. She realizes what's happened and fights the poison hard, but its too strong. When she is almost dead, 007 comes in POV. She looks up and says: "James, I can't believe you killed me. I thought we had something special!" She then expires in a sexy pose.

Starring: Sara
Keywords: poisoning, stripping

    BONDAGE CSI BENDY - Bendy's dead body lays hogtied on a bed, in a dark room; part of the bondage wrapped her neck and she ended up strangling herself helplessly. A detective enters the room and starts inspecting the body. As he inspects, flashbacks show us the moments which lead to Bendy's demise... From the evening in which she dated a psycho who ended up tying her up like that, to the very final moments in which she struggled strangling herself.
The detective is going to mess the crime scene up: he focuses his inspection on the corpse's gorgeous feet, until he gets excited and starts worshipping her soles, sucking the toes and sliding his tongue between them, in the darkness, while Bendy's open eyes can no longer see him and she can only let him do what he wants with her gorgeous body...

Run Time: 16:42 minutes
File Size: 441 MB 	Format: .WMV
Category: Morgue-CSI

    KILLING RIVALS  CHLOE TOY - This series is made of a set of customs having the same storyline.
All the episodes start with a POV tease and stripping with emphasis on high heels and nylons. The scene then evolves into a long solo masturbation ending in orgasm. After that, Caroline Pierce appears in the dark as a hitwoman and shoot the girl in the forehead point blank. The clip ends with pans on the dead body with a nice hole in the forehead.

Starring: Chloe Toy and Caroline Pierce
Keywords: Headshot, reality_pov, shooting


Run Time: 16:31 minutes

File Size: 554 MB
Category: shooting

    CSI PANS  AKEIRA - Akeira has been strangled with a stocking and another one has been stuffed in her mouth. She has been left in a sexy position, eyes open.
This video is a set of pans on the body at the crime scene. At some point a detective arrives and starts taking pictures with a camera. The black and white pictures are actually included in the video.

Starring: Akeira
Keywords: crimescene

Run Time: 06:05
200 MB

    CSI PANS  LAURA SMITH - Laura has been strangled. Her dead body lays distressed on the floor, half stripped, death stare. the camera pans around the body providing crystal clear details

Starring: Laura Smith
Keywords: crimescene, morgue, inspection, handling, limp_play, reality_pov
213 MB

    Ashleigh Limp Handplay POV - Ashleigh McKenzie lays dead on the bed; this is just a POV video about limp hand play and drops. 

Starring: Ashleigh

    CHLOE IN THE MORGUE - Chloe has been shot in the heart in the middle of a shootout, and her body has been brought to the morgue. Now she's laying lifeless on the slab; the doctor comes in and starts performing some inspection, starting from the clothing and the limbs. He begins taking off her stockings, then cutting her dress and panties off, until she's completely undressed and exposed. He foes on by examining the skin, the mouth and the eyes, rolls the body on the belly and back, and once everything is done he prepares the tag and attaches it to her big toe.

Run Time: 17:20 minutes
File Size: 538 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Morgue-CSI

    FUCKING UP HER EARS  AS 4 - AltSiren has a fetish for "fingering" her own ears with cotton buds. She can't stop it, and literally has buds inside her ears all day long. One day she goes too hard and fucks up one of her ears. There is blood, and she gets into a mentally high state. She calls a friend in, who is shocked at first to find her with a bleeding fucked up ear... But she is excited, asks him to do more instead of seeking for help, and finally he gets involved. He ends up fucking up her other ear too, and now she is completely deaf... But she wants more, so he pushes deeper and the bud reaches the brain, stabbing it. Altsiren instantly falls limp, dead, eyes open in a death stare. It is suddenly silence.
The friend is not satisfied yet, so now he picks up her friend's head, takes one more bud, and stabs the other ear as well reaching the brain one more time. Of course there is no reaction this time, and her eyes remain motionless and unfocused in a death stare.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: suicide, willing, bloody, face_play,surreal
912 MB

    FUCKING UP HER EARS  AS3 - AltSiren has a fetish for "fingering" her own ears with cotton buds. She can't stop it, and literally has buds inside her ears all day long.
One day her friend comes to visit her and she asks him to help her with that. He is a bit worried in the beginning, but then agrees to use the buds on her and soon gets involved. So involved that, at some point, he listens to AltSiren too much and pushes harder. One of her ears is fucked, there is blood, she is in a mentally high state. She wants more, so he pushes deeper and the bud reaches the brain, stabbing it. Altsiren instantly falls limp, dead, eyes open in a death stare. It is suddenly silence.
The friend is not satisfied yet, so now he picks up her friend's head, takes one more bud, and stabs the other ear as well reaching the brain one more time. Of course there is no reaction this time, and her eyes remain motionless and unfocused in a death stare.

Starring: Altsiren
Keywords: Bloody, face_play, reality_pov, suicide, surreal, willing

Run Time: 18:02
792 MB

    CONTORTIONIST BONDAGE AND SUFFOCATION - Model Bendy comes in (POV) as she's supposed to shoot a custom; she reads the script and seems to be fine with everything. She starts by performing some contortions as a warm-up; then she is asked by the POV producer to assume the position for the custom, the classic feet behind head which became so popular.
Once she is in that position, she agrees to have her ankles tied up together, as that's part of the custom; the producer does the bondage, and at that point Bendy is locked and totally unable to move out of that position; that's when he whispers something horrible in her ear... Her eyes open wide in horror, she tries to escape but she can't! He firmly places his hand on her nose and mouth and prevents her to breathe: she is getting suffocated!
It is a nice long struggle, part of it POV so you get really involved in the scene; we also see her spread open legs trying to convulse, but she's helplessly locked in that position and there's nothing she can do but dying... At some point she collapses, goes limp, eyes open: she's dead!
The creep plays with her breasts, face, and focuses on limp play in that position. Her eyes stay open in a death stare, almost until the end of the clip. At some point he releases her ankles and her body collapses in a more relaxed position.
You will be simply perturbed by these spread thighs and luscious soles so exposed!

Starring: Bendy
Keywords: bondage, suffocation, handling, limp_play, reality_pov, feet, face_play
850 MB

    LAURA ZAPPED - Laura is talking with colleague over mobile, discussing about next hit, assassination of public figure, fixing up details. An agent in plain clothes enters and says, I have information about, you, I need you to tell me about all your plans.
Laura is upset and keeps denying, she tries to pull a gun. The cop uses a stun stick to neutralize her. She shudders, is stunned, her eyes cross and roll, her tongue protrudes and hangs out of her wide open mouth.  He spread-eagles her on the bed and then removes her bikini top.
Laura is conscious but zapped, unable to move. The cop starts interrogating her. She insists that she does not know anything. So he then first tickles the model to make her laugh and then strangles her. She confesses and the cop states we can't let this happen and says he has to terminate her.
Laura starts screaming and wriggling a bit and he uses the stun stick again. She is stunned, her eyes roll and her tongue falls out. He puts two fingers on her throat and presses slowly. Laura's eyes go wide and start rolling, her tongue comes out and fishes for air and she slowly dies with her tongue out.
The cop closes the eyes and then plays with the model's face, mouth and tongue, eye checks, mouth and tongue.

Starring: Laura
Keywords: strangling, limp_play, torture
302 MB

    DOLCETT ROAST LEXY - This is probably the best cannibal/roast themed video ever made. The guy is actually a professional chef and really know what he's talking about. Lexy is naturally submissive and creative, and has no boundaries at all.
This wasn't scripted and everything has been left to the actors, who came out with an amazing improvisation: the situation and dialogues they both create are highly hilarious and erotic, strictly to the point as if they had a clear idea of the fetish. It is a genuine masterpiece and comes in 1080p Full HD MOV format.

A submissive girl meets the chef; she's there for the roast. The chef has her undressed and starts inspecting her naked body, talking in terms of meat and cooking possibilities. The girl is curious, asks a lot of questions about how suitable she is as a roast, whether she'll be fully roasted or chopped to pieces, etc. She is naturally submissive and naive as a child.
Special attention goes to her pussy: in order to find out which spices and herbs will work with that, the chef has to taste it raw, with his mouth; this brings some excitement to the girl, who tries to hide it as best as she can, as the chef is only doing his job. The guy really seems to know what he's doing, and the girl feels in his hands.
The talking goes on for several minutes, until the chef proceeds to snap the girl's neck, who willingly allows him to do it.

The scene fades back in showing the girl's dead body with an apple in her mouth and the ankles tied up so that her legs stay open and pussy is exposed. The chef brushes oil all over the body, putting special attention to the pussy; there he makes a fine work, and also slides his fingers inside in order to let the oil in and feel the meat he's going to cook. Just to feel the meat, he also slaps the butts and tits soundly, before leaving to take a break.

Run Time: 18:30 minutes
File Size: 812 MB 	Format: .MOV
Category: Body Inspection

Sweet little Cindy decided to hang herself for your personal entertainment: she stands before you, the noose around her neck, and looks very determined and teasing to step off - But, first, she thinks it's nice to open her blouse and show off her pretty breasts and nipples.
It's time to jump, but she suddenly realizes she's actually scared to do that; she hesitates several times, embarrassed as she was supposed to give a sexy show, so that she keeps apologizing about her hesitation. Give her one more minute, and yes, she jumps!
She is hanging by the neck! her legs kicking in the air, providing that hot Dolcett view which means quality. 
In the most epic upskirt ever you see her legs kicking, her ass squirming, her feet trying to seek for a support, unsuccessfully... and then things start to calm down, and poor little Cindy dangles dead from the noose...

This is just a first test in hanging, therefore you can see le lights and lots of studio things in the upskirt shot... But we'll get better, and as a first test this one rocks, huh?

Run Time: 7 minutes
File Size: 281 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Asphyxia

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