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    Clip Description

    Agent AltSiren sneaks into a criminal\'s apartment and finds some documents which can send him to jail. Unfortunately she is surprised by him, stripped, tied up and gagged (off camera). The scene fades back in showing her struggle in ropes, for several minutes, with special attention on her luscious soles. The criminal comes in, and starts groping and worshipping these feet while she can\'t do nothing but protest.
    Scene fades back in showing AltSiren has been hogtied, and a rope goes around her neck. The criminal watches her self-strangling demise, until she lays dead in the hogtie. Then, undisturbed, he moves to her feet and spends some more time enjoying and worshipping them, as she can no longer protest.

    Starring: Altsiren
    Keywords: bondage, strangling, feet
    608 MB

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    avi608.43 MB

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    ANASTASIA SUFFOCATED IN BONDAGE - One evening a burglar sneaks into Anastasia's house, whose husband is out for work. She gets assaulted and tied up and gagged in bondage (off camera).
Video fades back in showing Anastasia laying on a bed, terrified, tied up and gagged. After having had a look at the flat, the burglar, wants to have a look at her feet, so he starts groping and worshipping her soles. She protests, but there's little she can do. However, her noises annoy him, and he decides to add some tape over her nose and gag; then he goes back to her feet and restarts licking.
From there he cannot see Anastasia being in real trouble: so taped up she cannot breath, and, slowly, she dies with eyes open. The burglar goes on worshipping the dead body's feet, unaware of what just happened. Finally, as he notices she has gone a bit too silent, she asks if everything is ok. No reply, so he drops the feet and checks her out. Her stare is blank, she is dead! That was not in the plot, so all he can do is run out of there.

Starring: Anastasia
Run Time: 15:15 minutes
File Size: 562 MB 	Format: .MOV
Category: Accident

    CLEMENTINE HOGTIE SELF STRANGLE - Clementine wakes up gagged and in a hogtie; the evil bondager takes her white socks off and starts worshipping her feet.
After a while, when he's done, he redoes the hogtie in a way that the rope goes around her neck and causes her to strangle herself!
He then comfortably lies next to her, simply watching her struggle in the ropes, as she slowly gets weaker and finally dies.

Starring: Clementine
Keywords: strangling, bondage, torture, feet,

    BANKERS WIFE  CAROLINE PIE - The banker's wife is a horrible person: very well dressed, fussy, arrogant, used to live in luxury. She is at the phone with a friend who's similar to her and they're discussing about shopping, restaurants, etc.
At some point, a POV criminal rushes in and points a weapon at her; she starts begging for mercy, but she is chloroformed and is soon unconscious.

After that we see some camera footage, a sort of message to the husband in which she begs him to pay the ransom, or she will be killed. At the end of the scene, her boobs are exposed and she is chloroformed again in a kneeling position.

Scene fades back in and she wakes up tied up in a hogtie and gagged; the criminal approaches her and rips off her stockings, starting to grope and worship her feet.
Looks like the ransom has not been paid, so it has been wasted time and he has to kill her: after some foot play, he wraps a tie around her neck and strangles her to death, still tied up in the hogtie.

Pans on the dead body (eyes open) follow.
Starring: Caroline Pie
Keywords:  strangling, bondage, feet, reality_pov

rUN tIME: 22:31
876 MB

    LAURA SMITH CSI BONDAGE - Laura Smith's dead body lays hogtied on the floor, in a dark room; part of the bondage wrapped her neck and she ended up strangling herself helplessly. A detective enters the room and starts inspecting the body. As he inspects, flashbacks show us the moments which lead to Laura's demise... From the evening in which she dated a psycho who ended up tying her up like that, to the very final moments in which she struggled strangling herself.
The detective is going to mess the crime scene up: he focuses his inspection on the corpse's feet, until he gets excited and starts worshipping her soles, in the darkness, while Laura's open eyes can no longer see him and she can only let him do what he wants with her gorgeous body...

Starring: Laura Smith
Run Time: 12:37 minutes
File Size: 447 MB

    BONDAGE BAGGING ANASTASIA ELLIE - Ellie delivers a package to business woman Anastasia, who is pissed off as she had been expecting it for hours. Wrong time wrong place: a criminal rushes is to get Anastasia, and he gets both. 
The capture and bondage scene is implied, and the scene fades back in showing the two girls stripped to their underwear, gagged and tied together in bondage. Camera pans around for a while showing their struggling, then the creep comes in and starts groping and worshipping their feet which are tied together. 
In the end he cannot let them live, so he proceeds bagging them one by one, and leaves the bodies tied together there. 

Please note the bondage (especially the rope connecting the chests together) is very amateurish!

Starring: Anastasia and Ellie
Keywords: bagging, bondage, feet
691 MB

    SHAY STRANGLED IN BONDAGE - Shay gets assaulted, tied up and gagged with tapes and foot abused by evil fetish CatSiren. She keeps struggling and being too noisy, so CatSiren ties her up in a hogtie first, and then strangles her to death. She keeps worshipping her feet

Starring: Altsiren and Shay Hendrix
Keywords: strangling, bondage, lesbian, feet

Run Time: 14:26
561 KB

    Model Laura Tied Up and Strangle - Model Laura meets a creepy photographer. She is surprised that the studio looks very unusual; anyway, she starts posing for him trying to get to the end of the shoot without arguing.
She smiles seductively to the camera, trying to overcome tension and embarrassment; there is a very negative energy in the room, as the photographer is obviously a creep. At some point he makes her saying him things like "you are my sunshine", etc. with the excuse of taking more spontaneous pictures.
Then he asks to pose for bondage pictures. This freaks her out, as that was not in the plans and she doesn't trust him. But he points a gun at her and the scene fades out.

The video fades back in showing her struggling in some tape bondage, on the floor. That's a real bondage situation, and he no longer takes pictures: instead, he gropes her legs and worships her feet, and there is little she can do except struggling like crazy in the bondage...
He tries to force her to calm down, even by tying up her big toes together with a zip tie, but she keeps struggling too much, so, at some point, he approaches her and strangles her with a stocking... After a hopeless struggle, she is dead. Now he can go on worshipping these feet undisturbed, and who knows what he will do off camera with her body...

Starring: Laura

    SAFFY STRANGLED IN BONDAGE - Real estate agent Saffy McKenna is showing a flat to someone (POV); very friendly and professional, in a sexy business outfit. Suddenly, the customer turns into a creep and jumps at her with a chloro rag, and they end up struggling on the couch. There is little she can do, and soon she is senseless in his hands.

He opens the couch to turn it into a bed, and lays her body on that. She starts undressing her, and tying her up and gagging her, groping her limp body waiting for her to come back to consciousness.
When she wakes up, she finds herself naked and tied up, in the hands of the creep! There is little she can do, and he just wants to worship her feet. She struggles, disgusted, but there is nothing she can do to stop him. Scene fades out.

Scene fades back in showing Saffy who has been hogtied, and a rope has been connected to her neck (* actually in a poor looking way) so that she end up strangling herself. POV video shows her death through the eyes of the creep, until she gets weaker and expires strangled by her own rope.

Starring: Saffy
Keywords: strangling, bondage, chloro, mature, feet, stripping, reality_pov
778 MB

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