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    Clip Description

    Stella is tied up, on her knees, waiting for her execution to come. Nina walks in holding a long knife, approaches Stella, starts molesting, teasing and scaring her off with the knife, grabbing her head by the hair, pulling it back, exposing the neck and taunting it using the knife, as Stella freaks out desperately. Lots of neck exposure.
    In the end a basic beheading by knife (the movement, gurgling plus a bit of fake blood - No special effects used) takes place. The video ends with a static shot of the girl's body and severed head on the floor.

    Starring: Nina, Stella
    Keywords: bloody, execution, headless, torture

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    mp499.96 MB

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    APRIL GUILLOTINED NUN - Nun April looks at a forbidden book, she's scared and horrified, then she starts to get curious and finally puts on pantyhose and starts masturbating.
After she orgasms, we hear a storm sound and a voice saying she has to be punished for this. She faints.
She wakes up in a dark execution room and she's told she will be executed for this. She accepts that and allows the man to guillotine her, but asks her dress to be pulled up after beheading showing her ripped pantyhose

Keywords: willing execution guillotine surreal

Starring: April O'Moore
Run Time: 18:48 minutes

File Size: 533 MB 	Format: .AVI
Category: Willing

    TIPSY GUILLOTINE PLAY - The scene opens with the couple who have been drinking and having a good time.  She is wearing a short, cling outfit…high heels, bare legs, hair up.  Finally, the  woman impatiently sits down, crosses her legs, says she’s getting bored and would like a little more adventure.

Her boyfriend says he has an idea…how about a little bondage and noose play? He loves her legs and would like to see them dangle as she does a little dance for him at the end of a rope.  She thinks that sounds good to her….she likes the idea of a little peril play. He has her stand up, and he binds her hands behind her, and leads her off.

He brings her to a chair or stool, with a noose dangling from the ceiling above it. She looks up at it and smiles…a hanging scene, she likes it.

She coyly asks him if he is going to hang her?  He doesn’t answer, just asks her to stand on the stool, and he helps her up. He climbs on a chair next to her, and opens the noose in front of her…she stretches her neck and head forward, helping him put her head in it.  She is not afraid at all…she is really into this.  She orders him to pull the noose tight…he does so, and descends from the chair. The camera is capturing the full length of the scene.

He admires her legs from this vantage point and fondles them She really likes this…She tells him she has a hanging fetish…that she is quite excited by this.  Dancing from the end of a rope is such a sexy way to show of her legs….wouldn’t he like to see that? Wouldn’t he like to see her swing…her knees at eye level? She plays with him a little, acting like she is going to step off of the chair. She is a smart ass, and taunts him so more about her hanging and him getting off on it.  He kind of hopes she does it and encourages her, kicking the stool or chair a little.  She laughs and says she wouldn’t really step off the chair…and jokes that she is saving herself for beheading. He tells her that if that is what she is into, he has a model guillotine.

This brightens her up, and she says she want to see it. He helps her down and they head to the guillotine….she is still bound. It is set up for a kneeling beheading. She is very excited to see it…she thought he was kidding her.  She walks around, looking at it, admiring it.  She’s been interested in beheading since she was young…axe, sword and guillotine. She was always disappointed that the heroine in the movies was always rescued right before losing her head.  She sits down on the guillotine plank and crosses her legs.

Does it work? He tells her it does…Will he let her try it out? She really wants to experience having her head locked in the lunette with the blade over it. He teases her…he’s not so sure. Beheading is kind of messy. Wouldn’t she rather he just hang her?

She begs him…isn’t he interested in seeing her without her head? Doesn’t he want to fondle her legs? What better way to do it then with her hands tied behind her back while locked in the guillotine?  She continues to plead, saying this is one her deepest, darkest fantasies…. he finally acquiesces, and she kneels down, lowers her head into the lunette. We are able to watch her head slide into the lunette from the angle of the basket, and she is quite content as the stock closes down on her.

She is pretty excited to be in this position, in fact she is aroused. She muses over the many victims of the guillotine, and wonders if they too were aroused right before the blade struck off their heads.

After continued musing, she concludes that she would like him to take her head. He is really into it too, but wants to make sure she is serious…there is no putting her back together again.

 She assures him she is serious…she wants him to behead her.  Really. Bring it on. Drop the blade. Chop her head off. Decapitate her. 

He teases her…no, he’d rather hang her after all. She’d make a nice decoration, swinging back and forth in the room. She pleads for him to behead her. Take her head off now. She is really begging now.  Think of the fun he’ll have with her headless body. 

He tells her…you know I’ll be f*cking your mouth and headless body regularly if I behead you…she says that’s what she hopes for.

Well, if she insists….he drops the blade.  We see the head drop.

The scene ends with him admiring her headless body still on the guillotine.  It switches to her bound body, legs crossed back and forth, sitting headless on a chair in NBM fashion.   We see her head on a pillow on the floor next to the body.

Starring: AltSiren
Keywords: Guillotine, Headless, Magic, Surreal, Willing

    DODGY OPERATOR - A girl dressed in casual clothes walks in to her appointment for being beheaded, as a result of the usual unpaid parking fine. She tells the operator that she should be on the waiting list for the day, so he checks and that's true, so he can proceed doing her.
However, the girl is really curious and inquisitive, as a result of secretly being a control maniac. She needs to feel constantly in control, and this thing of being beheaded and losing control over her body drives her a bit nuts... So She can't stop asking questions to the man, trying to figure out exactly what's going to happen to her body after her head is cut, who exactly is going to handle it, whether there is CCTV in operation, or a very strict procedure which guarantees nothing wrong or dodgy can happen.
Unfortunately it's the real world and the man doesn't have answers for everything, so he tries to reassure the girl saying that things are fine and there is nothing creepy going on there, but he is just an operator and he's not in the position to guarantee or take responsibility for every single thing happening there. He makes her understand that's it's ok for her to ask all these questions, but they really should proceed now. So he invites her to position herself on the guillotine.

But this is not enough for the control freak: she needs to keep her eyes on the blade, as she can't stand the idea of turning her back to it and not knowing exactly what's happening... So she asks to be beheaded face up. Agreed.
She lies on the guillotine as she keeps asking questions just to keep her mouth and brain busy. When she realizes she may actually got to the point that there is nothing left to do and it's time for the blade to be dropped, she feels control is slipping away from her and stops the operator. She needs to be in control of the blade, or at least have the illusion that she still is in control, so she asks the operator to wait for her countdown before he releases it. He agrees, as this seems to be the last request she may have.

So the countdown starts. The girl pronounces the count loud and clear, hesitating as the end of it approaches. Ten, nine, eight, seven... The man is thinking how annoying she is. Six - She's clearly wasting her time... Five - Oh FUCK IT! The man presses the button and the blade drops, beheading Dolly in the middle of the count, leaving her not even the time to realize something has slipped out of her control. The count is interrupted, the headless body spasms on the bascule, making her boobs visibly bounce on her chest at every spasm.

The man takes his time staring at the bouncing boobs, enjoying the silence of her headless state, the miserable failure of her sense of control. She was too much, understandable but too much, to the point that he wants to make fun of the situation. She almost asked for it with all her stupid questions. He pulls up the shirt exposing her boobs which are still occasionally shaking when the headless body spasms. He moves closer, sits on the bascule and grabs her ankles. He takes off her shoes and socks, and starts smelling her feet, licking her soles. That's dodgy enough to make her worse nightmares come true, and he enjoys the fact that now not a complaint comes from her, the headless body is now silently accepting all he wants to do, just occasionally spasming randomly, making the exposed boobs bounce visibly on the girl's chest.

Once he is done with her feet, he grabs her hands and inspects her rings and bracelets, and proceeds to take his freedom to plunder her. Still, she doesn't have much to say or complain about anymore, as he rests his collection of jewellery between the headless body's boobs.
Time to move on, and he will probably take more time with the headless body later, once his shift ends.

Starring: Dolly
Keywords: Execution, Feet, Guillotine, Handling, Inspection, Spasming, Surreal

    ADREENA SENSUAL KNIFE SACRIFICE - Adreena is on her knees, bound and waiting. A guy comes in, holding a knife, ready to cut her throat for the ritual. She is a bit scared but she wants it. There are several minutes of sensual play, exposing and stretching the neck, talking. Then, finally, the guy grabs her by the hair and starts slicing her neck for a long time until she is dead.

The clip is mostly focused on the anticipation, neck play and talking.

Starring: Adreena
Keywords: Bloody, Execution, Surreal, Throatslice, Willing

    LIZ SENSUAL KNIFE BEHEADING - Liz is on her knees, bound and waiting. A guy comes in, holding a knife, ready to cut off her head. She is very excited about it, she wants it. There are several minutes of sensual play, kissing the blade, exposing and stretching the neck, talking. Then, finally, the guy grabs her by the hair and starts slicing her head off until her body slumps headless on the floor.
The guy puts his fingers between her legs and fells how wet she was; he slaps the headless body's bum, as she deserved that for being a slut.

Starring: Liz
Keywords: headless, bloody, willing, throatslice, reality_pov

    Chloe Toy and Brook NBM abuse 1 - Brook is alone with Chloe Toy's headless body, as Chloe Toy's living head lays on the ground nearby. The headless body is someway alive and responsive, but unable to walk away: Chloe Toy cannot control it, but her head can just stare powerlessly at the headless body being molested, aroused and abused by Brook. The talking severed head keeps begging for mercy, asking Brook to leave her body alone, but the evil babe keeps doing what she's doing to the headless body.

Although the clip is conceptually very hot, it is a poor quality one, more of a special effect experiment, and the girls' acting is not good as well. Therefore it is offered as a low budget one.

Starring: Brook and Chloey Toy

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