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    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Clip Description

    From the testimony of the accused in the m*rder:

    “I didn't want to k*ll her. I have bought the gun from the unfamiliar odd person in the construction market. I just wanted to brag of it, I wasn't going to shoot from him... Usually I have got used to steal only.
    I stood in the entrance. I was smoking when I saw how she closed the door of her apartment and went out of the house. She was beautiful, business woman, I thought that there is something good in her apartment, so I picked the lock. The lock was very simple and cheap, it was somehow strange. There was nothing to steal and I realized it later, when I entered the apartment. Apparently she rented this apartment - there was very simple furniture, no valuables, no money, nothing. I even regretted that opened the lock in vain. But you know, the expensive phone lay on the table in the kitchen, it was charging and apparently she forgot it. Of course I took it, I didn't want to leave with empty hands. So, I took this phone and already was going to leave, suddenly I heard that someone was opening the door with a key. Well, just in case I've got the gun and hid in the kitchen, then she came. Probably she returned to take the phone, I don't know. And she came into the kitchen, saw me and wanted to scream... I shot. I don't know why, maybe I was scared. When I saw that the red stain was spreading on her white blouse, I ran away from the apartment. I ran away not so far, I'm a thief, not a k*ller. Besides this phone was like fire in my jeans. She lay in the kitchen. I gave the phone back in her hand. I didn't want to k*ll her..."

    Clip features: shooting, shot in the belly, d**th stare, wide open eyes, 3D effects (bullet hit), bl**d effects and digital bl**d effects, really long agony (about 4 minutes), black skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

    By purchasing this clip you not only get the wonderful, high-quality, classic shooting clip for your collection, but also you get unique offer for shooting of custom clips and also special price offer for the future purchase of the clips of our studio!

    Full HD

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4413.32 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone

    Wild Stories - Mobile Phone
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    Shooter fun3 - We present to your attention the third part of "Shooting fun" series, where Anastasia appears in the image of a business lady. Now even more fire and expression!

What is the difference of the films with Anastasia's participation - it is very realistic acting, Anastasia doesn’t spare herself to play as realistic as possible in each of the scenes!

Full HD

    Death on the picture - A young beautiful girl is bored in bed waiting for her lover. 

In search of something that will help pass the time, she finds a Colt 1911 that was left inappropriately by her lover in the bedside table.

The girl looks at the gun with interest, her imagination paints colorful images, gives rise to fearful temptations, and in addition this enchanting picture on the wall...

We very recommend this clip in the collection to all lovers of beautiful girls and shooting.

Clip features: blond girl, topless, shooting, shot at the chest, Colt 1911, death agony, silk nightie and stockings.

Duration: 12:47 minutes

476 Mb 

Full HD

    Press Freedom - Journalist Alena meets with one of the former high-ranking officials in the conditions of strict conspiracy and takes an interview with him, as a result she learns the real extent of corruption in the country. In her hands are documents proving the involvement of top officials of the state to corruption schemes and stealing of money, allocated by the IMF. Alena contacts the chief editor of her newspaper with a request to give a column for her sensational material, the grand corruption scandal is preparing...

But instead of sensational materials about corruption the unknown person sends the photos of the ki**ed journalist to the email of the newspaper editor.

Alena was ki**ed by several shots from a pistol of 9 mm caliber in her secret apartment, the ki**er was not hiding and did everything with demonstrative cruelty.

The documents and the text of the interview have disappeared.

Clip features: shooting, shots in the belly and in the chest, shots in the back, bl**d effects and digital bl**d effects, emotional reactions to hits, long shooting scene, different body panoramas, skirt, white blouse (no lingerie under the blouse), pantyhose, heels.

Full HD

    Deadly quest - CUSTOM VIDEO

A pretty spy breaks into an apartment. She is looking for an important computer files she must steal. But the apartment is full of traps to prevent a robbery! Each time she sets off a trap it knocks her unconscious.

This clip consists of separate scenes connected by a common storyline, where the spy gets into the traps: the sound trap, the electrified door handle trap, the tranquilizer dart trap, the knockout gas trap, the electrified keyboard trap, the poison needle trap on the door and the final trap – the bullet of a sniper at the back and the chest.

Clip features: 

7 different scenes with: shooting, electric shock (keyboard and door handle), put to sleep with a tranquilizer dart, sound attack, the injection by the needle hidden in the door handle, attack out by the sleeping gas; a lot of body panoramas, visual digital effects, blood effects, very expressive Anastasya's reactions.

Duration: 18:30 minutes

693 Mb 

Full HD

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