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    14 minutes


“The final Orders”

Two women spies who once were lovers, now they receive orders that must be accomplished.

Scene 1.

Hawk is opening an envelope, a card is inside, she reads it: "EAGLE IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Hawk tears in pieces the card and closes her eyes imagining how can she eliminate Eagle.
We see her thoughts - Hawk is still in her flat, but now Eagle is with her, Hawk is behind Eagle and getting close to her, holds her by the shoulders, Eagle smiles but then, Hawk puts both her hands on Eagle’s head and with a sudden movement turns it and breaks her neck. Eagle dies instantly, Hawk holds her body and carefully puts her on the floor. She caresses her face and closes her eyes whispering “I’m sorry”.
Hawk opens her eyes and checks that her gun is loaded.

Scene 2. 

Eagle is opening an envelope with a knife, a card is inside, she reads it biting her lip: "HAWK IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Eagle puts the knife on a table near her and tears in pieces the card. With a worried expression she imagines how could she accomplish her mission.
We see her thoughts - there is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk appears. They kiss on the cheeks and Eagle invites Hawk to enter. Eagle walks in the other side of the room to get something there and suddenly she draws a pistol armed with a silencer and she aims at Hawk. 
Hawk sees the gun and walks backwards until she hits a chair loosing her balance and sitting on it.  Eagle shoots her just once, straight to the heart. Hawk’s body shudders and lies on the chair. Eagle watches her and says “I’m sorry.”
Eagle stops her thoughts, she is not happy at all. 

Scene 3.

There is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk is outside. This time she is not imagining that. They kiss on their cheeks and both sit down, Hawk puts her purse on her right side and tells Eagle: “I’m leaving. They send me to Japan on a dangerous mission and it’s probably that we won’t see each other in a long time.” Eagle doesn’t say anything. Hawk starts unbuttoning her blouse. Eagle starts doing the same with her blouse. They stare to each other and Hawk gets closer to Eagle, as if she's going to kiss Eagle. Eagle leans towards her expecting to kiss, but suddenly we hear a shot. The expression in Eagle’s face is of shock and disbelief. We see Hawk’s face and then we hear the sound of a knife trusting into a body. We see that Hawk has taken the gun and has shot Eagle in the torso, and Eagle is holding the knife is full of blood. 
With pain and surprise on her face, Hawk stands up and walks backwards holding with her hand an ugly wound beneath her left breast. She aims again at Eagle and shoots. She kneels slowly dropping her gun on the floor and then she falls breathing heavily.
Eagle is on her knees leaning on the glass table, she lies on it and after a while she slides leaving a trail of blood on it. She is now on the floor, she is moaning in agony and after a moment she lies still. She has died. 
Hawk tries to rise but the effort is painful, so she falls again, she puts her left bloodied hand in front of her, she closes her eyes and the limpless arm falls to the floor when she dies. 
Both spies lie now dead on the apartment, the final orders were accomplished.

"I watched the film this morning and I loved it. The presentation establishing that Milana was Hawk and Agneta Eagle was very unusual and fantastic. Both girls act very well, but you know that Milana is my favorite and I think that for example her reaction when she reads the orders is great, very natural and moving. The moment when she opens the purse and the take of the smoking gun were fabulous. I just missed the extreme close-up of Milana at the end, but I'll never cease
to appreciate the faithful you are to the scripts.
...I would like to comment something about "The Final Orders"
I think that the scene where Agneta rips off the paper with the orders could have been better if she takes the remaining papers and the envelope and hides them somewhere, because when Milana enters and sits besides her, considering that "Hawk" is an experimented spy, she would have noticed that "Eagle" had received and envelope just like hers and that in the torn paper maybe were something similar to the orders she received.
Another thing I consider too out of line was the size of the knife that Agneta used to open the envelope, and finally, I think that is not well established the moments where they think how they will get rid of each one of them. That is maybe a failure in the script. Anyway I liked a lot the movie, and if I tell you this is because I know you will take this as a comment of good will and not as a simple criticism."

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film 

Clip features: 3 scenes, shooting, shots in the belly and breast; stabbing, stab in the heart; neck breaking; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; white blouses (no bra) and skirts, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Milana and Agneta.

Duration: 13:52 minutes

527 Mb 
    16 minutes

      MANIAC - “Maniac”

Mary is having a great time during another trip to Sobakopavlovsk, she spent several profitable business and pleasant intimate meetings and now, before leaving, she wants very much to see her twin sister. Despite being very busy her sister hurries to the hotel to meet up with Mary.
But not only the sister wants to see Mary, someone's eyes, hidden behind a white mask, closely watch for the beautiful young woman, and the thirst for blood is waking up in the black heart.
The trap is closed, when Mary hears steps in her room, she thinks, this is her sister and goes to meet her death, goes there, where the person with the black heart and the white mask lurks.
He inevitably pursues poor Mary, stabbing her with a knife and as if playing releases her, to catch again, and again and again to plunge his monstrous knife in her delicate body.
Finally he makes the last stab right in the Mary's heart, but the scary game of the man with the black heart and the white mask doesn't ends on it.  
Now Mary, fancifully frozen like a statue under the white baldachin, will be a lovely and terrible bait for her sister, who's in a hurry for the meeting... the meeting with death, the meeting with the man in the white mask.
P.S. This is my first experience of shooting stories about a maniac, will be grateful to get feedback on what you think about it.

Thank you for your purchase!

Clip features: Stabbing, stabs in the back, belly and heart; shooting, shot in the heart; twin sisters; fake blood effects, digital blood effects; topless; falling out of the body from under the baldachin; white beautiful lingerie with white stockings and pink night robe; blouse with short skirt and pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 15:31 minutes

590 Mb
Full HD
    16 minutes

      NIGHTMARES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Nightmares”

Milana is sleeping, it's late in the evening but her sleep is restless, she is having nightmares because she is very afraid that her decision to betray the Organization will have serious consequences for her.
In her nightmares she sees several killing scenes where she dies in different ways. And when Milana awakens startled in real life, she gets a bullet in the forehead.

Clip features: 
- Multiple killing scenes, like a “Shooter Fun”/”Girls Wars” video
- Shots at the belly and chest
- Head shot in the final scene (with fake blood effects)
- Shot at the throat
- Gun with silencer and gun without silencer
- Digital blood effects
- STABBING SCENE (with fake blood effects)
- Stab at the belly
- Binding
- Also the scenes where:
	- Milana is poisoned with a drink
	- Milana is poisoned with a kind of gas coming out of the air conditioner.
- Emotional acting and reactions
- A lot of body panoramas
- Two outfits: white long sleeve shirt and jeans; white blouse and black skirt, pantyhose, heels

Starring: Milana.

Duration: 16:06 minutes

612 Mb 
    17 minutes

      FOUR STORIES - CUSTOM CLIP - “Four stories”

Story 1. 
A girl is applying makeup, she is dressed in underwear and stockings. She hears the outside door opens and takes a towel to hide her embarrassment believing it to be room service.
She looks towards the door and sees a person pointing a silenced pistol at her; she is stepping back and becoming frightened. Her breaths are loud before she is hit in the stomach by a first shot. Her legs go weak but before she can fall she is shot again in the torso and flies backwards over the bed; she is sliding in agony to the floor where she rolls in pain and loudly fights for breath. She arches her body and moans loudly before being silenced by a shot to the heart. She shudders and dies with eyes half open and mouth open. The assassin drags her by the ankles to hide her body by the side of the bed and leaves.

Story 2. 
A 'call girl' walks in a hotel room. Her assassin slipped in unnoticed and hid behind the curtains. She takes off her coat to reveal a short skirt and a blouse with stockings and heels, she makes herself a drink and places it on the table. As she sits down the assassin fires two shots into her body. She jolts violently against the bed and rolls around clutching her wounds. She tips to her side in agony and tries to inspect her wounds, she does not understand that she has been shot until she sees the holes. She grabs at furniture to attempt to raise herself but falls backwards to the floor struggling for life. She fades away as she is dying. The assassin pushes her onto her back with his foot, her short skirt has ridden up during her struggle. He points his pistol at her heart and fires to make sure; she grunts and jolts and is dead.

Story 3. 
A girl is reading something in her phone in a hotel room but then walks to get a drink; she is dressed in lose short skirt and a crop top with white socks and heels. She goes to the cupboard and when she reaches it, she is immediately shot in the back. She spins down to the floor and is shot again to the torso as she turns to face her murderer and she is dropped to the floor where she writhes in pain and struggles to breathe. The assassin approaches and she tries to push herself away along the floor, but the assassin finishes her with another shot and she dies after a final struggle there. The assassin rolls her onto her front with her legs, then rolls her onto her back again leaving her with her skirt almost around her waist.

Story 4. 
A hooker welcomes an unknown client at her door. She is dressed for business in a lingerie with stockings with her breasts pressing tantalizingly almost out of the top.  She flirts, dancing a little erotic foreplay in front of her client. As she stands by the bed her client turns and screws on his silencer and she takes a seat erotically posing on the bed as she waits, assuming he is fumbling for a condom. Suddenly she sees the weapon come into view and she attempts to stand. She is hit in the stomach with the first shot and drops over the bed clutching her wound. She is moaning and groaning as she rolls at the edge of the bed where she received another shot to her torso and she slides off the bed. She is on her back and gripping the bedclothes with the hand. The assassin approaches to view his target, points and fires to her heart and she reacts for a few seconds before succumbing to her wounds. The assassin drags her from the side of the bed into the open space for all to see.

Clip features: 4 simple clips in one, shooting, shots at the belly, back and breast; finishing off shots; very emotional long agonies; dragging and rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; death stare; different outfit for every story: black bra and panties; short black skirt and transparent lace blouse; lose black skirt and crop top with white socks; sexy lingerie; stockings and heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 17:21 minutes
660 Mb 
Full HD
    9 minutes

      IN THE HEART - “In the heart”

A robber sneaks into apartment of a young woman, he assures that he will not harm her if she gives him money. The woman agrees, but as soon as the robber gets the money he knocks her with the gun.
While the woman is unconscious the robber takes off her jewelry and continues to search the apartment for profit.
Waking up, the woman calls the police, she is sure that the robber has left her apartment already, but suddenly he appears on the threshold of the room.
He does the only shot exactly in the heart. The woman tightly clamps the wound with both hands, but the blood oozes between her fingers and drips on the floor...

Clip features: shooting, shot in the heart; fake blood effects, bleeding; digital blood effects; knock out; the villain takes her jewels off; death stare; white dress, stockings, heels.

Starring: Selena.

Duration: 09:16 minutes

352 Mb 
Full HD  Happy to die
    8 minutes

      Happy to die - CUSTOM FILM - “Happy to die”

Agneta looks straight into the eyes of the killer. The first bullet penetrates her chest, she closes her eyes and lays back her head. The second bullet penetrates Agneta’s chest, she presses her hands to the bullet holes. Agneta begins to sink slowly and gracefully down to the floor.

Agneta lies on her back on the floor . She moans while she is dying and her chest rises and falls again and again. Agneta says her last words and dies. The expression on her face is sweet and peaceful.

Clip features: Shooting; shots at the chest, gun with silencer; point of view of the killer, the character wants to die and is happy to die; blue blouse, black skirt, corset belt, panty hose, high heels.

Duration: 07:36 minutes

289 Mb 
Full HD
     Business lady
    13 minutes

      Business lady - CUSTOM CLIP

“Business lady”

Scene 1: Milana is in a room. A gunman surprises her. He holds his machine gun up towards her. She begs, shaking her head before the machine gun is fired. She gets hits all over her body and is blown back onto the sofa. Barely alive she is machine gunned again, the bullets hitting making her arch up her back before sliding down to the floor, eyes wide open in death stare. She is then dragged by her feet across the floor so all her clothes ride up to show panties.

Scene 2: Milana is sitting on a sofa when someone creeps up behind and wraps a stocking around her neck. The stocking tightens around her neck. She struggles and kicks. She is dragged halfway over the back of the sofa so her back is arched. Finally she is strangled to death. Eyes wide open in death stare. She is still half dragged over the back of the sofa. The killer has pulled open her blouse to show her breasts. She is then dragged off the sofa and on to the floor where she is dragged away by her feet. Her skirt being lifted up by the dragging.

Scene 3: Milana is in the bedroom with a gun expecting her victim to appear. She is surprised by her victim who machine guns her. Bullets hitting all over her body, she spins round and lands face down on the bed. She is then machine gunned again across her back. She has died. She is dragged off the bed and across the floor. Her clothes are dragged up showing her panties. She is then shown laying on her back and her blouse has lifted up over her bear breasts.

Scene 4: Milana is in a room and is surprised and machine gunned. She spins round as the bullets hit her and ends up on the floor. She is not dead. The gunman approaches. Milana lifts her hand up and tries to drag herself away on the back. She is shaking her head, looking at the gunman with pleading eyes. She is then machine gunned. The bullets riddle her body. She is thrown back, eyes open in death stare. She is then dragged away by her feet so her skirt ride up to show panties.

Clip features: 4 scenes; machine gun shooting with digital blood effects; strangulation scene; topless, death stare, a lot of body panoramas; dragging away by the feet, blouse (no bra), elegant suit, stockings, white satin panties and suspenders, high heels.

Starring: Milana.

Duration: 13:21 minutes

508 Mb 
Full HD  The first exam
    14 minutes

      The first exam - The new clip is essentially a prequel to the trilogy about bastard - Max and describes the episode that occurred long before the story about "Two beauties" and "Bad guy max". In those days, the son of a wealthy family of corrupt officials Max was studied in University and got his first really difficult exam, the exam which determined his further life.

So, Max visits his teacher on the fundamentals of mathematical analysis - Ekaterina Viktorovna. He can not pass the exam in her discipline and decides to use his own methods.

You can watch trilogy of videos "The first exam", "Two beauties" and "Bad guy Max". 

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest, shot at point blank, control shots, gun with silencer; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; white blouse, black leather skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring:  Sonya.

Duration: 13:30 minutes

513 Mb 
Full HD
     Furious machine gun
    23 minutes

      Furious machine gun - CUSTOM FILM - “Furious machine gun”

New custom clip for your collection - "Furious Machine Gun"!

Highly recommended to all fans of shooting in the "shooter fun" style.

Girls fight against each other, and also together against the furious machine guns that don't leave them even after the beauties are defeated.

Several facts in numbers:

- 2 beauties under a hail of bullets, against a hurricane fire of machine gun!
- 10 long-lasting, diverse, rich shooting scenes!
- up to 4 executions in every scene!
- 23 minutes of shooting!
- $15!

Clip features: 10 different shooting scenes of machine gun execution without blood effects; firefight; overkill; different executions at the wall (face the wall and face to the viewer); guns; very emotional reactions of the wonderful actresses; a lot of body panoramas; sounds of the machine gun; gloves, white blouses, black skirts, black leather leggings, jeans skirt, tops, panty hoses, heels.

Duration: 23:05 minutes

878 Mb 
Full HD  Guns and Girls 5
    15 minutes

      Guns and Girls 5 - We offer you the continuation of the shooting series - "Guns and Girls 5"!

4 girls, different outfits and emotional reactions for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; scenes with final (control) shots; scenes with 2 girls; different emotional reactions of the actresses; guns and gun with silencer, shots at the belly, breast and back; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white blouse and black skirt, blue and silver tight dresses, elegant retro dress, pantyhose, stockings, high heels.

Starring: Agneta, Selena, Milana and Alina.

Duration: 15:11 minutes

578 Mb 
Full HD

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
    6 minutes
      Blonde - "Blonde" is classical shooting clip. The young blond elegantly dressed **** awaits her business partner in the apartment. She has to resolve a delicate issue with him...

This clip is worthy to be in your collection!

Clip features: shooting, slow motion of bullet hit and falling, a lot of body panoramas, 3D effects, black skirt, white blouse, pantyhose, heels.

Full HD  Shooter fun3
    11 minutes
      Shooter fun3 - We present to your attention the third part of "Shooting fun" series, where Anastasia appears in the image of a business lady. Now even more fire and expression!

What is the difference of the films with Anastasia's participation - it is very realistic acting, Anastasia doesn’t spare herself to play as realistic as possible in each of the scenes!

Full HD
    11 minutes
      Journalist - Anonymous man blackmails a big businessman threatening to publish the incriminating documents in the press. Publication threatens to turn into a grandiose scandal.

The man invites a known journalist to a secret meeting to give an interview and show her the documents proving the existence of incriminating material.

The journalist examines the documents and enters into a dangerous game too...

Clip features: 

shooting, shots at the chest and back, gun and gun with silencer; she seriously wounds a character, whose eyes we see the story; slow motion; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; white partially transparent blouse (no bra), black leather skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring:  Polya.

Duration: 11:16 minutes

429 Mb
Full HD  3 Scenes
    18 minutes
      3 Scenes - CUSTOM VIDEO

“3 scenes”

In the first scene a woman in uniform is looking for stolen plans and strangled from behind by a guard using a black belt.

The second scene - woman is just finishing putting on her stockings, admiring her long legs, discarded nylons are near buy. The strangler picks up a nylon and strangles the seated woman.

The third scene - business woman, returning from a trip, enters her apartment and is strangled with a wide red ribbon.

Clip features: 3 different strangulation scenes; strangulation by a nylon pantyhose, by a belt and by a red ribbon; each scene is different with the method and instrument of strangulation; different outfit for every scene: erotic military costume, beautiful black lace lingerie, stockings with suspenders, white blouse, black leather skirt, high heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 18:12 minutes

692 Mb

Full HD

“Your work on my custom was everything I asked for and even more. Nice touches like the money fluttering down in scene 1 and the red ribbon on Sophie's wrist in scene three are so very creative and much appreciated.. Sophie is outstanding and so beautiful as well. Again, your work is superior to any other film maker I have used, I thank you again. “

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film
     Punishment comes quickly
    8 minutes
      Punishment comes quickly - We offer to your attention a new film directed by Vitaly Eisen - "Punishment comes quickly".

This unusual story acted by the talented actresses is filmed in the genre of detective drama.

Classic outfits, shooting, convincing acting, non-trivial plot - all this will certainly please fans of the genre!

Clip features: shooting, shots at the chest and belly, control shot, gun with silencer, slow motion, real police talks, white classic blouses, black skirts, panty hose, high heels.

Starring: Anastasya and Milana.

Duration: 07:51 minutes

300 Mb 

    12 minutes
      SHOOTER FUN 9 - Beautiful and glamorous Sophie acts for you in a variety of scenes in the next part of our “Shooter fun” series.

Highly recommended to all fans of Sophie and the “Shooter fun” series.

Clip features: 8 shooting scenes, shots at the chest, at the back and at the belly, a lot of body panoramas, death stare, sound of the gun with silencer, digital blood effects, white blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, high heels.

Duration: 12:18 minutes

461 Mb 

Full HD

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    The most terrible beast lives inside a human. When it overcomes a person, wild stories are happening in the world. Everyone of us is capable of stopping this beast.

    Featuring 104 Clips / 1377 minutes of video!

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      Happy to die

    Happy to die

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      Business lady

    Business lady

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      The first exam

    The first exam

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      Furious machine gun

    Furious machine gun

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      Guns and Girls 5

    Guns and Girls 5

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      Wrong time wrong place

    Wrong time wrong place

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      Guns and Girls 2

    Guns and Girls 2

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