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     Guns and Girls 7
    15 minutes

      Guns and Girls 7 - We present the new part of the shooting series - "Guns and Girls 7".
2 gorgeous girls, different outfits and very emotional reactions - for you in this video!
Highly recommend to all fans of shooting scenes, beautiful girls and guns!

Clip features: different shooting scenes; different emotional reactions of the actresses; gun and gun with silencer, shots at the belly, breast and back; slow motion; a lot of body panoramas; digital blood effects; different outfits: white silk blouse with black skirt, white office blouse with gray skirt, black leather sexy dress, maroon tight dress, pantyhose, high heels.

Starring: Selena and Alina.

Duration: 15:17 minutes
584 Mb 
    31 minutes


Agneta plays the role of a professional hitwoman, who is sent by a strange customer to eliminate Sophie. All the weapons required to perform the job were prepared by Selena and left in the appointed place. 

Agneta just has to take it and do the job. But Agneta looses in the confrontation with Sophie, because Sophie is much more experienced and crafty, she outsmarted Agneta attacking Selena and replacing the weapons... 

Sophie raises from her bed, wearing only sexy lingerie. She starts to dress. When she’s ready, she caresses her perfect body for a while, enjoying her soft blouse on her skin. In the same time, Agneta enters cautiously in the room holding a silenced gun in hand. She admires the beautiful Sophie for a while, enjoying the idea of killing such a beautiful woman.

She decides to face Sophie, just to see her terrified face. But to Agneta’s great surprise, without saying a word, Sophie extracts a gun and fires. The girls reach the nearest hideout and a wild shootout begins inside the house. At the beginning the final outcome is really uncertain, because both the girls know how to use a gun. But in the end Sophie’s the one who takes the first bullet in the belly. Shocked and in pain, Sophie clutches her silk blouse and fires back, but Agneta shoots her again in her breasts twice. After over the top and erotic reactions to bullet impacts, Sophie loses her gun and falls on her knees, but Agneta shows no mercy, of course and fires again. Once. Twice. Three times. In the chest and stomach area of the humiliated Sophie. 

Sophie's body is literally pumped full of lead and shakes erotically to multiple bullet impacts. It’s a real OVERKILL! Sophie finally falls on the floor. She grabs desperately her silk blouse. After a long and erotic agony Sophie dies with mouth and eyes open in shock, with a last, erotic groan. 

Excited for the fight, Agneta doesn’t notice that there is no blood on her silk blouse. She inspects the room and sees an unusual dagger on the table. In curiosity, she approaches it and studies the strange weapon. She doesn’t notice that, behind her, Sophie is getting up from the floor. Sophie is a vampire: this is the reason why Agneta should have used silver bullets and the special knife prepared for her in advance. 

Suddenly, Sophie grabs Agneta from behind and bites her at the neck. In the beginning Agneta reacts in horror, fear and pain, but after a while she starts to moan like she’s enjoying the special Sophie’s treatment. 

After a while, Sophie leaves the body of Agneta, who collapses on the floor. Sophie takes an ancient dagger and approaches Agneta, who’s crawling on the floor trying to escape. Agneta manages to get back on her feet, but Sophie is already on her! Sophie stabs Agneta in the belly. Agneta tries to react, but Sophie stabs her again in the chest, then holds and twists the knife in the wound with an evil grin on the face, clearly enjoying Agneta’s suffering. Agneta reacts with pain and shock, but Sophie stabs her in the breasts again, once... twice. Agneta tries to escape, but Sophie stabs her again in the belly. She falls on her knees, clutching sensually her blouse, spitting blood from mouth and pleading for mercy. Sophie stabs Agneta viciously in the chest and in the stomach again and again, twisting the knife in her body to further torture her. Agneta is MASSACRED with lots of blood on her silk blouse. She falls on the ground and after her long and erotic agony she dies with eyes and mouth open in shock. 

Sophie, clearly excited for the fight, enjoys the body of the dead woman, caressing sensually her bloodied silk. But Sophie has made a fatal mistake: while she was busy caressing Agneta's body, she did not notice a man who entered the room, holding a gun in hand. 

Sophie realizes that it’s over, because the man doesn’t save on silver bullets and has no mercy for her. She receives the first bullet in her chest and grabs her wound and the bloodied silk. The second shot hits her stomach, with lots of blood on her sexy silk blouse. Then it’s a massacre, with many shots in her sexy body and over the top reactions. A REAL OVERKILL for the man pleasure. 

Sophie falls in sitting position. She tries to say something, but she only spits a lot of blood from the mouth and slips slowly on the floor, where she grabs desperately her multiple wounds and the silk blouse while the blood covers it. 

The man picks up the silver dagger used by Sophie against Agneta and stabs her right between her large breasts, twisting the blade in the wound. After a long and erotic agony Sophie finally dies with eyes open in shock and a last, erotic groan. Her silk blouse is covered in blood.

STARRING: Sophie, Agneta and Selena.

- Shooting, multiple shots in the chest and stomach, gun and gun with silencer;
- Stabbing, multiple stabs in the chest and stomach;
- Real bullet and knife holes in the blouses;
- Overkills (with the gun and knife), massacre and shootout;
- Over the top reactions to the hits;
- Very long and erotic agonies (with over acting);
- The bloodiest clip we've ever done - really very bloody clip with lots of fake blood effects, blood from the mouth;
- SILK blouses;
- Death stares;
- Almost all 30 minutes of the clip you will see the action (and NO advertising in the video): shootout, agonies, overkills, etc;
- Buying this clip you actually get three clips in one;
- Interesting plot;
- Agneta’s outfit: whte silk blouse, black skirt, panty hose, heels;
- Sophie’s outfit: blue silk blouse, tight leather leggings, over the knee boots;
- Recommended to all who loves silk and blood )

“Hi Antony!
WOW! I've watched the video only once, but I must say that I already LOVE it!
The reviews of other customers were right: you're really a great director/producer, full of attentions for the customer requests and for the details of the lot/clip! 
The performance of Sophie and Agneta is simply outstanding (especially Sophie: I've never seen her so over the top in other videos of yours!)! But also your idea of a different angle, adding the Selena character, works perfectly! Great job!
So, I can say only a big THANK YOU to you and the girls for the great effort and the fantastic final result!
You can be sure that I'll order another custom from you very soon (...) and I'm thinking to Sophie (love her!) and Selena (another talented actress of your team)! I'll stay in touch!
Only one regret: I think that the title you've chosen, "Silk and Blood", is a bit generic and overused: I suggest something like "Mission without return" or "Hunter or Prey?". But it's your decision.
THANKS AGAIN, Antony, I really enjoy the final video!!!!
Warm regards,”

- The customer and scriptwriter of the film

- Resolution: Full HD
- Time: 31:01 min
- Format: .mp4
- Size: 1,15 Gb
    10 minutes


Agneta is an accountant, but she has been dipping her greedy hand in the till; she knows they are after her and has holed up for the night in a hotel. She is concerned, because she still believes they are following her.
Agneta arrives in her room. She has a concerned look on her face as she checks the windows to see if there is any suspicious movement down in the carpark. She checks the room out then she relaxes. She picks up the hotel phone: “Room service?” 
But the room service is surprisingly quick as there is a knock on the door and the door is unlocked from outside before she can get to it.
There is an assassin, who holds his pistol, screwing on a suppressor and she realizes she has been found. She backs into the room and raises her hands as if trying to calm the situation and appeal to the assassin. “No… OK… wait” she tries to befriend the assassin with a forced smile, but he raises his pistol and she groans in fear.
She feels the first shot deep in her stomach grunting and moaning loudly, grabbing the wound with both hands doubling up in pain and staggering a little to the side; she tries to raise her hand to stop the assassin, but is hit again to the stomach. She drops hard to the bed looking around as if she thinks she can escape.
The assassin watches her struggle as she tries to breathe, but cannot, her throat is tight and she cannot find enough breath. He fires at her body and she takes the third shot just below her breast; she jolts hard and arches backwards and begins to slide off the bed. When she slides her face is contorted with pain, her mouth is open gasping desperately, she slides to her side and falls heavily onto her front. Her skirt is ridden up and the assassin enjoys the view of her butt as she moves her legs open to attempt to crawl.
She stops moving and the assassin believes she is dead. He rolls her over onto her back and with her skirt around her waist he steps back to enjoy the view of her panties, her shirt is open.
The assassin aims, shooting his target through her heart. She kicks out violently, her eyes role up and her mouth drops open and still.
He begins to move her body, rolling her onto her front and admiring her butt. He searches the waist band of her skirt for the papers she had been carrying. He rolls her back to check the rest of her band and moves her legs to visually check her stocking tops. He finds nothing, but sees her bag and searches it.
He finds what he is looking for and as he begins to exit the room he makes sure she is now dead with a couple of shots in her side and stomach. The body jolts limply, but there is no sign of life. Now she really is dead.

Clip features: Shooting, a lot of shots, shots at the belly and chest, control shots; very emotional long agony; rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; white blouse, black skirt, stockings, heels.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 10:29 minutes
401 Mb 
    13 minutes

      ANOTHER WIFE - One day the wife decides to follow her husband, suspecting him of adultery.
This surveillance brings her in a hotel room. Why would her husband get a hotel room?
Who does he meet here?
She searches the room in curiosity. The findings push her on disturbing thoughts.
She have to get answers.
She must wait for her husband and ask him appeared questions right here.
At this time, Max has entered the hotel lobby already. He decided everything and is ready to act, he just need to take something in the hotel room.

This clip is highly recommended to all lovers of "blood on white silk", also in this series you can watch:
"The first exam" - the beginning of the story about Max.
"Two dead beauties" - the film where Max is strengthened in his decision and goes on the run.
"Bad guy Max" - Max continues a series of bloody crimes.

So the new film, "Another wife" becomes the fourth film in the series about bastard Max. 
Fans of shooting at the end of the film will get a pleasant surprise, in additional materials slow-motion repeats of the most emotional reactions of our talented actress Selena.
This is a wonderful clip for your collection!

Clip features: Shooting, shots in the chest and belly, a lot of shots; very emotional reactions; slow motion; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; white silk blouse, black skirt, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Selena.

Duration: 13:15 minutes

506 Mb 
Full HD
     Dangerous forest
    10 minutes

      Dangerous forest - A young woman miraculously avoids rape in the forest near the city, she manages to escape from the hands of the kidnappers, but the kidnappers chase her.
The woman notices a car that slowly moves along the forest road, from the last forces she rushes to it.
A man at the wheel of the car readily agrees to take her to the city, to the police station.
The woman thanks fate for this saving meeting, she doesn't know that her problems are just beginning...

Clip features: Shooting, shot in the chest; chloroform and kidnapping; carrying of the body; fake blood effect and digital blood effect; gun with silencer; blouse, leather skirt, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 10:03 minutes

384 Mb 
    9 minutes


A girl is asleep in the bed and slowly wakes. She kicks the covers and lies for a while, turning and moving as if she is restless, something is not right. Is there someone else in the room?
The assassin hides behind the wall screwing on his suppressor to his weapon; he can see the voluptuous woman on the bed as he slips a quick glance or two from his hiding place as he prepares for his assignment.
The girl is troubled and raises from her bed, she at first looks out of the window and thoughtfully moves to the door to check if it is locked, she finds it open slightly and this troubles her. She moves back into the room and sees the assassin as he pulls back the slide of his weapon.
She pushes out her arms in fear and shouts “NO... DON’T” but it is too late as the assassin pumps the first bullet into her belly. She grunts and drops back onto the bed writhing with pain, kicking her legs; the assassin shoots again hitting her in the back and she arches away from the pain. The assassin enjoys the sight of her bare thighs and panties as she rolls on the bed moaning and groaning and choking trying to suck in a breath with a wide open mouth and panic in her eyes. She begins to slow and her eyes roll up as she arches up off the bed in her final death dance.
She rolls to her side for the last time and becomes still. The assassin checks her for a pulse and slides her body to the end of the bed. Her long legs fold as they slide off the bed and her round butt hangs precariously over the edge of the bed. The assassin steps back to admire her and makes sure she will not survive, he shoots her twice more just below her breasts and she slides off the bed to lie on her front; the assassin views her incredible butt and nudges it with his foot to check for life, it moves beautifully with his light push.
He rolls her body over to spread her onto her back arms and legs stretched out on the floor and her bare thighs and tight underwear. He unscrews his suppressor and takes his pictures for his client before leaving.

Clip features: Shooting, shots at the belly, back and chest; very emotional long agony; rolling of the body; the skirt rides up showing underwear; slow motion; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun with silencer; bare legs and feet, black panties, beige nightgown.

Starring: Agneta.

Duration: 09:07 minutes
349 Mb
Full HD
     Killing in my car
    13 minutes

      Killing in my car - CUSTOM CLIP - “Killing in my car”

I offer to your attention a new custom clip in the shooter fun genre - "Killing in my car"!
You will find dynamic and the most various shooting scenes in the best traditions of the genre, performed by our sensual beauty - Sophie!
All the scenes are united by the fact that they are shot inside (in the cabin, in the trunk) or near the car.
This is a great clip to add it to your collection!

Clip features: Topless, shooting, machine gunning, multiple shooting scenes, shots in the chest, back and belly, head shot; fake blood effects; machine gun and gun with silencer; binding; a lot of body panoramas; white blouse, mini skirt, pantyhose, heels.

“Killing in my car.

Excellent! What a beauty! Believe me I have enjoyed this film tremendously much better than what I have imagined. Sophie is so sexy and beautiful and your takes always sharp and in the best angles. Congratulations! And the bonus take well, that was priceless.”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Sophie.

Duration: 12:40 minutes

484 Mb 

Full HD  Delivery for journalist
    8 minutes

      Delivery for journalist - CUSTOM CLIP - “Delivery for journalist”

A journalist is at home, she makes sport exercises. A killer comes to the journalist's apartment as a pizza man, because she has a flash drive with compromising material. 
He points the gun at her and orders her to go into the room. Where he's calmly and methodically looking for the flash drive with the gun pointed at her. He checks her handbag, it's not there. Checks the computer, not there either. He opens the drawer of the bedside table and finds the flash drive there. He inserts it into the computer, sees that this is what he needs. 
The journalist looks at him, a little scared, but without panic - she thinks he will take what he needs and leave. But he abruptly and coldly shoots her in the heart, waits for her death and then goes away. 

Clip features: Shooting, shot in the heart; topless; death stare; digital effect of bullet hit, fake blood effects, bleeding, hole in clothes, close ups of the wound; gun with silencer; slow motion; bare legs and feet, white top and panties.

“Thanks a lot ! Great clip ! All is precisely! 
I would say that it would be possible for Alina to open her eyes wider after "dying", for many it is a super important element. Everything else is super.”

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film

Starring: Alina.

Duration: 08:22 minutes

319 Mb 
Full HD
     Die for me
    10 minutes

      Die for me - “Die for me”
In the new video of "Wild stories" - "Die for me", Milana acts the role of a young successful business lady, and Iwona acts the role of her bodyguard.
There are not only working relations between the girls as between the bodyguard and the protected person, with time an intimate relationship appears between them. 
When the business lady begins to get threats from unknown persons, she completely trusts herself to her bodyguard.
To avoid possible kidnapping, the security service decides to hide Milana for some time in one of the secret apartments. Only devoted friend and bodyguard Iwona stays with her.
The villains somehow manage to track down the girls and they make an attempt at murder, in which Iwona, despite the wound to the belly, closes Milana with her body. Dying, she looks into the eyes of her friend, she is surprised, because the story is just beginning.

Clip features: Shooting, shots in the belly and heart, control shots; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; bodyguard closes the friend with her body; slow motion; white blouse (no bra) and grey business suit, pantyhose, heels; black leather leggings, grey top, leather jacket and over the knee boots.

Starring: Milana and Iwona.

Duration: 09:38 minutes

369 Mb
    10 minutes

      ARTIFICIAL EXECUTION - “Artificial. Execution.”

For fans of "the hunt for clones" we continue our series of clips - "Artificial".
In a new episode "Artificial. Execution." with the participation of the new actress - Alina, you will meet a new kind of clones, now they are ready to actively resist radical people, but they are getting harder to resist their own feelings. Feelings to similar creatures.
This is skillfully used by those people who in whatever is eager to destroy an artificially created race.
So, welcome, the new clip of the series - the hunt for clones continues, opponents are becoming more violent, dangerous and inventive, the stakes get higher, nobody spares bullets and enemies, even more shots!
The era of mutual extermination begins. 

Clip features: Shooting, multiple shots in the chest and belly, control shots; knock out; trap; clones; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; slow motion; top and black skirt, tight dress, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Alina.

Duration: 09:41 minutes

372 Mb
Full HD

    Random Wild Stories Clips more
    12 minutes
      Curiosity - Curiosity

In this clip Tamara plays a role of a thoughtless curious girl. She just has to make massage to one of the hotel guests, but she doesn't find him in the room. While she waits she can't cope with her curiosity and finds something what she shouldn't find.

The guest comes back and sees Tamara with "the discovery" in her hands, he makes the most radical decision - he shoots several times.

The man puts Tamara on the bed and covers her face with a towel, now you won't be so curious....

Clip features: blond girl, shooting, shots at the breast, medical uniform, stockings, heels.

    10 minutes
      ARTIFICIAL EXECUTION - “Artificial. Execution.”

For fans of "the hunt for clones" we continue our series of clips - "Artificial".
In a new episode "Artificial. Execution." with the participation of the new actress - Alina, you will meet a new kind of clones, now they are ready to actively resist radical people, but they are getting harder to resist their own feelings. Feelings to similar creatures.
This is skillfully used by those people who in whatever is eager to destroy an artificially created race.
So, welcome, the new clip of the series - the hunt for clones continues, opponents are becoming more violent, dangerous and inventive, the stakes get higher, nobody spares bullets and enemies, even more shots!
The era of mutual extermination begins. 

Clip features: Shooting, multiple shots in the chest and belly, control shots; knock out; trap; clones; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; slow motion; top and black skirt, tight dress, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Alina.

Duration: 09:41 minutes

372 Mb
Full HD
     Striptease star
    14 minutes
      Striptease star - “Striptease star”

This weekend will be hot!

We offer to your attention a new film with charming glamorous Sophie!

This time Sophie appears as the star of striptease, she prepares for her dance, the audience comes to see her performance.

However, Sophie doesn't appear on the stage at the appointed time. The administrator finds her in the room where she's sitting in a rather strange position. He touches her shoulder, she limply falls back, like a doll, her eyes are opened, two bullet holes are in the left chest...

Watch the film, learn what has occurred in the room of lovely Sophie!


Clip features: 

- topless

- black sexual lingerie

- stockings, high heels

- shooting

- gun with silencer

- shots at the breast

- fake blood effects and digital blood effects

- death stare

Very recommend to all fans of shooting and beautiful women!

Don't miss this film, add it to your collection!  

Duration: 14:24 minutes

537 Mb 

    15 minutes
      SHOOTER FUN 5 - “SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasya”

We offer to your attention a new episode of “SHOOTER FUN” series –“SHOOTER FUN 5. Anastasia”.  

In this clip you will see 8 exciting, various shooting scenes performed by our "star" - Anastasya.

Beautiful blonde, frivolous outfit, expressive mimicry, outstanding acting, sensual emotional reactions, realistic fall, a variety of interesting scenes, slow motion replays - this is the set which we offer to all fans of shooting in the new video - "SHOOTER 5 FUN. Anastasya".

Clip features: shooting, 8 various scenes, a lot of shots, shots at the belly, at the back and at the chest, very realistic Anastasia's falling, very emotional reactions, a lot of body panoramas, a lot of poses, gun with silencer, scenes replays in slow motion, digital blood effects, white socks, light top, short dark skirt in "cheerleaders' style", high heels.

Duration: 15:10 minutes

565 Mb 

Full HD
    14 minutes

“The final Orders”

Two women spies who once were lovers, now they receive orders that must be accomplished.

Scene 1.

Hawk is opening an envelope, a card is inside, she reads it: "EAGLE IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Hawk tears in pieces the card and closes her eyes imagining how can she eliminate Eagle.
We see her thoughts - Hawk is still in her flat, but now Eagle is with her, Hawk is behind Eagle and getting close to her, holds her by the shoulders, Eagle smiles but then, Hawk puts both her hands on Eagle’s head and with a sudden movement turns it and breaks her neck. Eagle dies instantly, Hawk holds her body and carefully puts her on the floor. She caresses her face and closes her eyes whispering “I’m sorry”.
Hawk opens her eyes and checks that her gun is loaded.

Scene 2. 

Eagle is opening an envelope with a knife, a card is inside, she reads it biting her lip: "HAWK IS A DOUBLE AGENT. ELIMINATE HER." Eagle puts the knife on a table near her and tears in pieces the card. With a worried expression she imagines how could she accomplish her mission.
We see her thoughts - there is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk appears. They kiss on the cheeks and Eagle invites Hawk to enter. Eagle walks in the other side of the room to get something there and suddenly she draws a pistol armed with a silencer and she aims at Hawk. 
Hawk sees the gun and walks backwards until she hits a chair loosing her balance and sitting on it.  Eagle shoots her just once, straight to the heart. Hawk’s body shudders and lies on the chair. Eagle watches her and says “I’m sorry.”
Eagle stops her thoughts, she is not happy at all. 

Scene 3.

There is a knock at the door, Eagle opens the door and Hawk is outside. This time she is not imagining that. They kiss on their cheeks and both sit down, Hawk puts her purse on her right side and tells Eagle: “I’m leaving. They send me to Japan on a dangerous mission and it’s probably that we won’t see each other in a long time.” Eagle doesn’t say anything. Hawk starts unbuttoning her blouse. Eagle starts doing the same with her blouse. They stare to each other and Hawk gets closer to Eagle, as if she's going to kiss Eagle. Eagle leans towards her expecting to kiss, but suddenly we hear a shot. The expression in Eagle’s face is of shock and disbelief. We see Hawk’s face and then we hear the sound of a knife trusting into a body. We see that Hawk has taken the gun and has shot Eagle in the torso, and Eagle is holding the knife is full of blood. 
With pain and surprise on her face, Hawk stands up and walks backwards holding with her hand an ugly wound beneath her left breast. She aims again at Eagle and shoots. She kneels slowly dropping her gun on the floor and then she falls breathing heavily.
Eagle is on her knees leaning on the glass table, she lies on it and after a while she slides leaving a trail of blood on it. She is now on the floor, she is moaning in agony and after a moment she lies still. She has died. 
Hawk tries to rise but the effort is painful, so she falls again, she puts her left bloodied hand in front of her, she closes her eyes and the limpless arm falls to the floor when she dies. 
Both spies lie now dead on the apartment, the final orders were accomplished.

"I watched the film this morning and I loved it. The presentation establishing that Milana was Hawk and Agneta Eagle was very unusual and fantastic. Both girls act very well, but you know that Milana is my favorite and I think that for example her reaction when she reads the orders is great, very natural and moving. The moment when she opens the purse and the take of the smoking gun were fabulous. I just missed the extreme close-up of Milana at the end, but I'll never cease
to appreciate the faithful you are to the scripts.
...I would like to comment something about "The Final Orders"
I think that the scene where Agneta rips off the paper with the orders could have been better if she takes the remaining papers and the envelope and hides them somewhere, because when Milana enters and sits besides her, considering that "Hawk" is an experimented spy, she would have noticed that "Eagle" had received and envelope just like hers and that in the torn paper maybe were something similar to the orders she received.
Another thing I consider too out of line was the size of the knife that Agneta used to open the envelope, and finally, I think that is not well established the moments where they think how they will get rid of each one of them. That is maybe a failure in the script. Anyway I liked a lot the movie, and if I tell you this is because I know you will take this as a comment of good will and not as a simple criticism."

- opinion of the customer and scriptwriter of the film 

Clip features: 3 scenes, shooting, shots in the belly and breast; stabbing, stab in the heart; neck breaking; fake blood effects and digital blood effects; gun and gun with silencer; white blouses (no bra) and skirts, pantyhose, heels.

Starring: Milana and Agneta.

Duration: 13:52 minutes

527 Mb 
Full HD  I love your hair
    7 minutes
      I love your hair - CUSTOM MOVIE


“I love your hair”


We offer to your attention an unusual and beautiful CUSTOM CLIP - "I love your hair".

This is a short dramatic story about denouement in the strange love. In the love of the guy to the wonderful young girl with beautiful blond hair.


Clip features: shooting, shot in the breast, blood effects (flowing blood), slow motion, hair brushing, blond girl, light beige nightgown, very high heels.

Duration: 07:10 minutes

269 Mb 

Full HD

“I love your hair” is beautiful!

Viewing it, I love Anastasya’s hair myself, and I love Anastasya as she hums and looks so happy. The brushing sounds add concreteness to the scene, and Anastasya’s seeming to find a problem with her hair motivates her decision to have it cut. Good ideas!

The slow motion when she takes the bullet is beautiful and dramatic.

The blood is perfect.”

The customer of the film


“Superb!! To make such a great clip with such a simple theme is "fab"!Anastasia once again looks gorgeous and does you terrific credit with her performance, and the way you handle the directing and filming is terrific.”

One of the first buyers of the film

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    The most terrible beast lives inside a human. When it overcomes a person, wild stories are happening in the world. Everyone of us is capable of stopping this beast.

    Featuring 124 Clips / 1612 minutes of video!

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    SILK and BLOOD

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      Dangerous forest

    Dangerous forest

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      Killing in my car

    Killing in my car

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      Delivery for journalist

    Delivery for journalist

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      Die for me

    Die for me

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      AURA the alien SPY

    AURA the alien SPY

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