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  • The Of A Rebel Soldier
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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    Clip Description

    Her ****** fought in the ranks of the rebels. Her ******* is fighting in the rebel ranks. She also wanted to go to the rebels. But she could not do it. She was captured.
    Now she is waiting for Hang1ng.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    avi189.42 MB

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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - The  Of A Rebel Soldier
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    Rebel Scout Hang1ng - Rebel Scout arrested.
Her fate, of course, is unenviable. After the interrogation, she is waiting for de@th by Hang1ng.

    Hang1ng Doctor - The G1rl is a doctor.
She treated the rebels. After she was captured by the military, she was transferred to counterintelligence. Here she meets her de@th by Hang1ng, without any trial.

    Blinded And  - In a faraway country's civil war...

Her want **** for helping the rebels.
But befor ******* her butchers wanna have fun.
Over her long mocked. In the beginning she had been *****. 
Then she was tied up and her eyes gouged out.

    The Executioner Was Distracted - The executioner was distracted. In just a few minutes.
The result was a surprise for him. The Gir1 managed to commit *******, which would avoid further suffering.

    Her Arested For Putting Up Flyers - Her arested for putting up flyers.

In the beginning she was beaten and then her brutally ********, and then she will be ******.

    The Last Suffering Of  - Her arested for putting up flyers.
In the beginning she was beaten and then her brutally ********, and then she will be ******.

    Hang1ng Gir1 Rebel - She did not betray fellow rebels.
Now her life is over. She will end it in a loop in the basement of counterintelligence.
The executioner knocks the chair out from under the feet of a miserable gir1 and she twitches dy1ng in the loop.

    Hang1ng Schoolteacher - Gir1- teacher told the children about the crimes of the regime.
The Gir1 was arrested and executed without trial.

    She Was Hnged Without Trial - She had the imprudence to express sympathy for the rebels.
At night she was ********* from her house. She was brought to the local branch of counterintelligence with the bag on her head. She was ****** to climb on a stool and put the noose around her neck. To make fun of it, the executioner knocked out a stool from under her feet, and she twitched in the loop.

    Electricity And Suff0ction - Nadia worked on the railway station. Once upon a time, at the station, in an atmosphere of secrecy, military echelon was loaded. The brigade of special ****** had to advance quickly to the suppression of rebel of  residents of one of the regions of the country, dissatisfied with the policy of social and national authorities. The train left the station, and on the first stretch crashed into a ditch. Insurgents blew it up underneath the railway track. One of the versions being explored counterintelligence was that the railway workers informed the rebels.
Dozens of people were caught up in the Counterintelligence they were severely ********, hoping to find an informant of rebels. They caught also Nadia.

    She And Seven Deths - She What does it mean, to be ****** many times in a row? Today, she finds out about this.
was arrested.

    Long Deth - She is a member of the rebel group.
She was arrested.
She dies in the 1oop. And the executioner tried but that it was a long de@th.

    Entertainment Executioner - Sometimes the executioner, also wants to have fun.

The joy of the executioner is the suffering of the ******.

She is ready to die in the loop.
But today, she would not die. She will not let die today.

    The Fate Of The G1rl Student - She was arrested during the night raid police on campus.
Despite the *******, she refused to sign a denunciation of the other students and teachers.
Investigator furious and Woman awaits death under *******.
The executioner beat her with a rubber baton. ****** with a plastic bag, and after that cinched around her neck nylon cord

    Last T0rture - She was t0rtured, but she said nothing.
First, the executi0ner beat her baton, and then str@ngled.

    She Was Arrested On Suspicion Of  - Also suspected aid to the rebels, the authorities against it or what was not.
However, she is still subjected to severe *******. Executioner crucified Gir1 between fortified wall rings and cut her body with a knife narrow. Failing or anything he ********* Gir1 nylon cord.

    Elsa Hates Them All Part Three - Elsa is sentenced to death by *******. 
They push her by kicking on a rusty barrel, throw the loop. These rough rope and red dress are the only things that putted on her – they’re her last clothes. Dark walls of the prison basement and the executioner laugh – there are only things that left to her before dying. 
She is so whacked that wants any death brings her out of this nightmare. Endless hours they rankled her with stiletto and metal tongs, battered with police baton. ***** runs down her feet on concrete floor. Her only remaining resource is constrained moan. 
The executioner pulls the barrel away from under feet of the condemned. She tries to hold on to the barrel by bare feet. burning shortage of oxygen squeezes her lungs. Elsa cannot scream, only constrained rales are hearded from pale lips. 
Last attempts to break forth and pangs of death are mixed. Tears are freesed on her distorted face, her mouth convulsively opens to find last jolt of air. But no quarter will be given, the sentence must be enforced. When the executioner is convinced in her death, Elsa’s bloody body is slowly moved down the floor. 
Her body along with other plagued ones will be hurried in a truck and taken out of a town, where they will be buried in nameless grave.

    Heavy Deth - She has difficult life. And her de@th was also severe.

She was not loyal to the regime and at times did not hide it.
She was not just kil1ed, and ******** to de@th.

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