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    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    Clip Description

    Political police investigators have come up with a new torture.

    This...non-lethal hanging...

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    mp4383.85 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD

    911 Entertainment Cruel World productions - New Torture Full HD
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The usual interrogation of a girl.
The usual pain and screams.....
Continuation of the suffering started at the previous interrogation...

View from 2 more CCTV cameras.

    Obstinate Girl Student 101 Full HD - The political police have a lot of means to force you to confess everything.

Don't you believe it?

Then watch....

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They found a makeshift gallows and decided to fool around a bit.

At that moment, the owner of the room came in...

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Her wish was fulfilled....

    Long A Waited Revenge Full HD - He returned from the war with a concussion and stuttering. 

Both his wife and his mistress rejected him.

But he joined the political police. ....It's been a long time, but he wanted to take revenge on both of them. And now the opportunity presented itself.

    Naive Girl Full HD - One day, schoolchildren came on an excursion to the reconstructed building of the city prison. And the most courageous and naive girl asked to show how wooden pads are used to hang prisoners by their feet.  The girl really liked it. And when the tour went on, she imperceptibly lagged behind everyone and returned to this prison cell again.  She decided to try hanging upside down on her own.

But accidentally dropped the handcuff keys.....

    A little entertainment 10 Full HD - Today maniac decided to experiment a little

    Medical Trash 3 Full HD - The patient girl should be prepared for an operation to take organs from her for transplantation to rich people....

However, the girl patient is against it.  But what does it matter?

But tomorrow her body can be called the term MEDICAL TRASH

    Missing Earrings Full HD - One day, the wife of a political police investigator could not find her earrings in the box where she usually put them away. She decided that the maid had stolen the earrings and asked her husband to help with the maid's interrogation.  The husband did not refuse his beloved wife and the maid was subjected to severe torture. 
However, an hour later my husband got a call and was informed that the earrings were found...

    Canceled Pardon Full HD - She was sure that the petition for clemency would be accepted by the court.

But the court approved the execution by hanging...

    New Torture 3 Full HD - The investigator of the political police uses a new torture -

non-lethal strangulation....

The video was shot simultaneously on 4 video cameras. You will see them all.

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    Obstinate Girl Student 90 Full HD - She was having a bad dream.....

She dreamed that she was in the torture chamber of the political police and was being brutally tortured.....
She woke up drenched in sweat.  
She didn't know that tomorrow it would all come true....

    A Little Entertainment 66 Full HD - Brutal strangulation of a girl.....

There are different ways, the girl is one...

    Obstinate Girl Student 81 Full HD - Electric torture is a favorite method of interrogation in the political police.

    Obstinate Girl Student 103 Full HD - She was arrested during a student rally. 
She was brought to the cell of the political police with a bag on her head.

She was scared.

But the worst was yet to come.

    The Rope Around Her Neck 29 Ful lHD - Etudes on the theme of strangulation. 
Taken by three video cameras simultaneously.  
It's worth a look.

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