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    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Clip Description

    3 lovely deaths...! A female assassin called "The Widow" is charged with killing a busty informant who is leaving the country. First, she finds the woman's roommate in the garage and stabs her multiple times with her ice pick. She likes the extra resistance she feels when it goes in. Then she finds Annette in the kitchen and tells her she's glad she's been given the ok to kill her. Widow stabs the big boobs again and again. Then she goes back to the garage and is surprised to see Dori trying to make a call on her cell phone. A surprising climax.

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4420.68 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer

    Black Nylons Films - The Ice Pick Killer
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    Her Last Puff - Vanessa has done the deed, but she knows too much.   

So, while she\'s smoking her cigarette and demanding her payment, her client is plotting her demise, showing up in Vanessa\'s bathroom with a very nasty knife!   

Vanessa smokes through the event, out of nervousness, obviously, as the knife slides into her soft body again and again.   Naked and exposed she lies bleeding on the shower floor as she takes her last drag....

    Call Girl Massacre - Melanie is running a call girl operation, and Carmen S wants to put her out of business.  So, she and Rose Marie burst in on the group as they get ready for an evening of entertaining.  Carmen wastes no time.   She and Rose shoot the first four quickly with silencers, then stand over the writing bodies and pour more bullets into them until they are dead, bleeding from the many holes.   Suddenly, Melanie shows up, and Carmen, Rose and Melanie trade shots, resulting in the three of them also being mortally wounded, grunting as each new bullet finds its home in their warm bodies.     The clip is short, but the shooting is basically non-stop, so you won't miss the usual long lead-in.

    Safe House  Rising from Dead - This is both parts (SAFE HOUSE and RISING FROM THE DEAD) at a $5 discount compared to the individual clips purchased separately.   They are meant to be seen as a continuum, so we hope you enjoy it...!

    A Dirty Slut - Whitney gets dressed up and has a glass of wine just so she can messy herself with cum once she sits down with the latest copy of "50 Shades of Grey."  

But her maniac neighbor spots her and comes to put the dirty slut down once and for all.   

He pumps a bullet into her belly, then another into her breast.  Finally, as she falls to the floor another to her chest, and finishes her off by emptying the clip in her.

    My Wifes Away - Marie comes home unexpectedly and interrupts a \"fun afternoon\" that Travis has organized with girlfriends, Hannah and Kat.   Marie snaps.  Next thing you know, bullets are flying and girls are dropping like flies.   Travis can\'t believe what a mess Marie has caused, and so he compounds his problems by grabbing the gun and shooting Marie a few times.  The bellies and boobs all take serious shots in this one, and Marie is undressed at the end as well.

    Deadly Politics - Lexi Luna is working undercover as a spy for the DNC.  But the opposition is onto her, and catches her in the office stealing secrets.  

On the other hand, Roxanna doesn\\\'t realize how fast with a gun Lexi is and catches one in the breast before she gets a shot off.  

Roxanna\\\'s partner has to put 3 bullets into Lexi to bring her down, and then gives her two more on the ground to kill her.  Which leaves the wounded Roxanna.  \\\"Can\\\'t take you with me, Babe,\\\" says her partner, as he puts 3 silenced rounds into the poor wounded girl...  Then we see them both naked, just for fun.

    I Want Them Dead - Mrs. Jones is tired of her husband\'s screwing around, so she hires a hitman to get rid of his two mistresses.  

Belle is first to go, thinking the nice young man at the door is there to help her pick out some new jewelry.  But it isn\'t gold he\'s offering, it\'s lead from a silencer...   

And then Hannah\'s getting ready for an evening of relaxing sex with the old man when suddenly this strange fellow appears in her kitchen.   \"Get out of my house!\" she cries as she grabs a butcher knife.  But they always say, \"don\'t take a knife to a gun fight...\"  


    You Cant Seduce Me - Drago is a black-haired assassin, but her days are numbered.  Her killer appears as she relaxes at home.  She has no options, so she tries to seduce him.  

He doesn't fall for it.  She is shot in the pussy, then the belly button, then the nipples, and again in the breasts, finally a head shot and two more pussy shots complete the job.   

Her death is an extended one.  She groans and moans from the pains of each shot, especially the pussy ones.   Finally she dies with trails of blood everywhere.  It's a short clip, but there isn't a lot of lead-up on this one.   Just the action.

    TwoFer - Two sexy assassins are set up by a conniving boss to kill each other!   At the same time!   

He figures it saves him the cost of two contracts.  And what a battle it is!   

Multiple gunshots hit each girl, including graphic pussy shots for a change  (email me for a picture).  And at the end, they still have enough energy, barely, to crawl to each other and make a final knife stab to finish the jobs.   Bloody agony, and great effects, if I do say so myself.

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