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    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Clip Description

    Savannah Costello and three other ladies take arrrows....!

    In the next installment of the crossbow hunter series, "Tender Prey," Savannah, Taylor Knight and Tara Devane are talking world economics when they are surprised by a masked guy with a crossbow.

    He proceeds to take them down one-by-one....

    First, Taylor tries to make him leave... Not a good idea....

    Then Tara calls him "crazy..." Another bad idea...

    Savannah just tries to shrink back into the couch and disappear. He gets her in the belly in what has to be a classic scene....

    Finally, Jemma picks the wrong time to come home and go to the bathroom. Her potty break is interrupted by a bolt in the neck....

    When it's all over, the bodies are disrobed for our pleasure...

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4457.1 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2

    Black Nylons Films - Tender Prey 2
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    Cat House Shootout - In the tradition of \"Lady Scarface\'s Last Stand!\"   Kat Kavannaugh wants to take over Jemma Jordan\'s and Jenna Dee\'s business, but the two girls won\'t hear of it.  Kat pulls a gun and shoots Jenna by surprise.  Jemma is quick to retaliate and the bullets fly, hitting their marks over and over again.

When it stops, all three are laid out bleeding, and gasp for their last breaths.  Great death scenes; beautiful bodies...   And then the dead bodies are disrobed for your viewing pleasure.

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