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Purity in Death SAVANNAH
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Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

Clip Description

The robed holy man continues his campaign to rid the world of impure people. This time he finds Savannah Costello in her bath. She struggles, but it's no use. He's got control of her body and her life.... She dies in water....

Clip Duration:      17 minutes
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wmv442.79 MB

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Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

Black Nylons Films - Purity in Death SAVANNAH

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Then Hannah comes in and is surprised to find a guy she knows in her house.  He wastes no time and plugs the voluptuous Hannah twice as well.  Hannah forgot to wear her panties, and as she bleeds out and dies, the scenery gets better and better.

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She struggles, then goes down.  Hank comes out of his hiding spot and pulls Tirrza's body over to begin disrobing her, then getting her ready to be suspended.  His hunt has been successful!

Trapped - Blonde and busty Taylor Knight loves the money, but she doesn't realize how paranoid Bill is about the possibility that she will fold under pressure from the cops and sing the whole song of their crimes...  "Trapped" is a long-time noir favorite with a cold-bloodly dramatic shooting of the girl who might talk.  But it was quick, and you didn't see much of the body afterward...  This brings the whole scene to life in a brand new way...

Savor all of the parts of this film as you see the scene from a number of different perspectives when Taylor's pink business suit and luscious body are penetrated by three bullets.  And then...

You Talked - Savannah Costello and Jessica Horobec go down in a hail of bullets because they made the mistake of betraying Taylor Knight.   No one gets away with that....

I the Jury - "The greatest detective novel," it's been called.  Mike Hammer is hard at work trying to find the killer of a beloved friend, a war vet who was murdered in a particularly painful way, shot in the stomach.   

Along the way, he spawns dead female bodies like leaves falling from a tree, killed because of their knowledge of the crime.  SAVANNAH COSTELLO, SAMANTHA FORD, and LACEY LANE play principal parts of the story, beautiful all...

And this is a true story, all 44 minutes of it, punctuated by the crimes, not just a wrapper around a dead body.   Enjoy it!

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