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    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Clip Description

    Savannah and Candle Boxx get ***** in the bar and pissed off at each other. So, since both of them aren't willing to forgive an insult, it's out to the street for a shootout showdown.

    Candle doesn't play quite fair. "One..." "Two..." "Oops, I shot a little early..." Savannah goes down with a bullet in the chest. The sheriff comes over at that point and tries to take Candle in. She's having none of that.

    So, two pretty young things in cowboy hats and boots go down in the dust, moaning and writhing and bleeding... Fun all around!

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
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    wmv445.43 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood

    Black Nylons Films - Gpf  Duel At Peckerwood
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    Quick Draw Poker Pt 2 - The story of Whiskey Gulch continues.  After a hard day of hangin' horse thieves, the cowgirls and cowboys celebrate at the saloon.  Unfortunately, when the townspeople get likkered up like that, bad things can happen.  The **** card dealers can get caught cheating and shot.  The saloon ***** can get caught in friendly crossfires as a couple of guys shoot it out.  Bullets can fly through floors and walls, nailing beautiful women in all sorts of activities.

In this second part of the saga, RyAnne Redd, Ada Johnson, Felicity Meadows, and Lacy Lane all go down in the shooting.  Terrible.  But then, there's always more wimmin coming into town...

    Counterfeiters - Introducing statuesque 36F Jemma Jordan and the naive, tender **** from New York, Jenna Dee...    Jenna is a runner for a counterfeit ring run by Jemma and her loser boyfriend, Elan.   Things have come to a head and Jemma decides that she has to kill Jenna because she keeps coming up short on her transfer runs.  Cold bloodedly, she tells Elan, "I'm going to kill her..."   And so when Jenna arrives, Jemma gets her silenced pistol from the night stand and comes into the living room as Elan is advising Jenna to watch herself.   Jenna shoots her in the belly.  Then in the chest.  Jenna's death throes with bullet holes bleeding down her back, are some of the sexiest around, at least in my humble opinion.   

When Jenna's dead, Jemma decides to ditch Elan too.  But he's a lot faster on the draw than she thinks, and when her first shot misses, he drives a slug of lead into one of Jemma's big breasts.   "Ohh, God..." she intones.  Elan's mad and shoots her again and down she goes.     Later, both of the ***** are undressed and the lovely busty bodies are rolled around to show the bullet holes....

    Gpf   Where Is The Money - The gang stole the money together, but there's a question about who's got it now...  So, obviously, they have to take off their clothes to show that they're "clean."   Unfortunately, all that does is get them started shooting at each other.    Shot by shot, RyAnne Redd, Savannah Costello, Tomiko, and Tirrza all fall to the gunfire.  A bunch of dead ladies litter the floor in short order...

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