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    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Clip Description

    Tall Bonita Bannock has decided to split from Velma Ridge and Kiki. Their partnership isn't providing the returns she wants. So she tells the ***** that she's going out on her own now. The other ***** get very upset at that, and next thing you know, one pulls a gun and every one's ducking for cover. But there isn't much, and in short order each of them takes a bullet or two. Sexy little Kiki is the first to get hit, a punch in her breast. She ultimately winds up on the fall crawling. Unfortunately, she forgot to wear her panties... Velma takes a couple of shots, but gets Bonita before she goes to the floor. Bonita struggles up, holding her wound and makes for the door. Then Velma marshals her strength and plugs Bonita one more time, in the back..

    At the end, my "magic glasses" give a good view of the victims all naked...

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4487.45 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own

    Black Nylons Films - Bnf   On Her Own
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