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    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Clip Description


    Savannah Costello is the mistress of the powerful Baron, but she is in great danger. His enemies want to eliminate him, and she is the clue. She can get them into his penthouse quietly and easily. As she prepares for her next date, an assassin sets up in her bedroom to demand the code to the suite. She is shocked, but fearful and quickly gives it up. She thinks it is over. But Taylor Knight is told to leave no witnesses. Savannah must die. Taylor ends it with a shot to the forehead, which is seen from four vantage points. Savannah slumps to the floor and dies twitching....

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    mp4280.31 MB

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    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web

    Black Nylons Films - Bn  Deadly Web
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