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    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Clip Description

    Another fabulous custom story that is right on the button, so to speak.... The author had specific instructions that the bullets, all six of them, were to visibly hit the navel and make sure the special effects were right on target. The story starts with Jemma giving herself a lotion rub when she has a daydream about being shot in the navel. It disturbs her a lot. Then she shrugs it off and heads for the shower. Just as she finishes, a hitwoman in black comes in a plugs her in the belly button. As she agonizes, she's shot again, and then again. Collapsing, she struggles. Her vagina opens as she is both excited and pained by the bullets, then she dies.

    Then Tara weaves and dances after a shower, moving her belly around seductively until she hears a noise. She calls out, then goes down the stairs to find the source. Suddenly a gun appears and shoots her in the belly. She's driven back into the wall as a second shot hits her in the navel again. Bleeding from her navel wound, she slides down the wall and breathes hard as blood flows. She raises her hands and a third shot rings out. It is too much. She slumps and takes her last breaths...

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes

    Black Nylons Films - Belly BullsEyes
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When it stops, all three are laid out bleeding, and gasp for their last breaths.  Great death scenes; beautiful bodies...   And then the dead bodies are disrobed for your viewing pleasure.

    The Danger of Envy - Ambitious Taylor Knight wants the top job and eliminates her rivals.  First, there is  the sexy shooting of Jessi in a scene reminiscent of the movie, "The Danger of Love."  As Taylor pulls the trigger, hole after hole appears in Jessi's blouse.  Her look of pain as she collapses to the floor is exquisite.  

Later, Taylor does her work with an automatic weapon for machine gun fans.  Poor Tara Devane is relaxing at home with a book when Taylor bursts in and fires a burst into Tara's rich body.   Thrown back on the bed, Tara tries to get up, but can't and then slowly gasps her life away.  Taylor cuts away the sexy white chemise, now filled with five red holes, and checks out the bullet wounds as she advises Tara that she "won't be a candidate for the top job after all...."

    I the Jury - "The greatest detective novel," it's been called.  Mike Hammer is hard at work trying to find the killer of a beloved friend, a war vet who was murdered in a particularly painful way, shot in the stomach.   

Along the way, he spawns dead female bodies like leaves falling from a tree, killed because of their knowledge of the crime.  SAVANNAH COSTELLO, SAMANTHA FORD, and LACEY LANE play principal parts of the story, beautiful all...

And this is a true story, all 44 minutes of it, punctuated by the crimes, not just a wrapper around a dead body.   Enjoy it!

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Pleased with herself, Cali then pleasures herself for a while but is shocked to find a killer in her bedroom, a killer commissioned by Bonita to get rid of HER!   How could it be.  Cali is stabbed a a few times and undressed, bleeding through her wounds on a white dress and then her tanned breasts...

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