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    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Clip Description

    We don't do much gun fun work, but this just happened to happen after a long day's shooting other work. It's a fun evening at the Peckerwood Saloon. All the bad ***** and guys are drinkin', laughin', whorin", gamblin' and just ******* out. But then robbers appear and everything goes to hell! Bullets flyin' and ***** droppin.' Then the undertaker has to organize some of the guys to carry the poor dead ***** over to his undertakin' parlour...

    The whole thing is done with a bit of tongue-in-cheek amusement, and it isn't the hard-hitting, *****-thirsty stuff that we usually do. But there's a lot of the personality of the cast, some bar-top dancing, and oh, there's shooting, and it's fun!

    Clip Duration:      37 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv625.54 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout

    Black Nylons Films -    Saloon Fun Shootout
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    The Hunt  Jane - The Grey Panthers team found a lovely young No Name Jane disrobing by a clear stream, planning to take a bath before retiring for a night of camping.  She didn't realize that Dick Danger was lurking about, looking for prey...

Dick catches Jane in the neck with a crossbow bolt as she is washing her sweet body and she goes down in the water, *******...  Dick drags her out of the water to the bank and she gasps her last breath.  Then he slices her to dress the body, carries her back to his barn and suspends her, planning to sell the meat.

The editing lacks the perfection of "Arrows for Hikers" and the later BLACK NYLONS productions, but the story is excellent, Ada is a great actress with a great body, and the hunting  elements make it a special piece for lovers of this genre.

    Gpf   Ritual Slaughter - Two ***** have traveled to Tel Adziz to study Ritual Slaughter, the killing of animals for meat in a religious ritual.  They are questioned as to whether the slitting of the throat in that fashion is humane...   "not sure.."  

But shortly after they leave the airport, they disappear.  We find them in a darkened room, naked, with one holding a razor to the throat of the other.  She shivers with fear...   And then, the throat is cut, the ****** falling to the ground.   The other **** meets the same fate....

    Gpf   Where Is The Money - The gang stole the money together, but there's a question about who's got it now...  So, obviously, they have to take off their clothes to show that they're "clean."   Unfortunately, all that does is get them started shooting at each other.    Shot by shot, RyAnne Redd, Savannah Costello, Tomiko, and Tirrza all fall to the gunfire.  A bunch of dead ladies litter the floor in short order...

    Lady Scarface Last Stand - Three cops bust in on Lady Scarface and two of her top gang members, Belle Fatale and Kiki.  They've known the cops were near, and they've been stoking their passions with coke, so they are ready to shoot it out with Rexx, RyAnne Redd, and Tessa.   

The gunfight is furious with tracer rounds and one by one they go down.  Machine gun fire punctuates the pitched battle and two of the ladies fall to Scarface's AK47.  

Then the scene starts over again, but this time there is more time given to each individual death...  Beautiful agonies again and again.

Once the battle is over, Rexx disrobes the bodies and pulls them into an orderly body pile.  It is quite a unique sight...

    Gpf  Raid On Whiskey Gulch - When a gang of rough women gunslingers decided to invade the town, they're in for a fight!   Candle Boxx, Karen Starr and Tessa take on Morris, Martin and the rest of the townsfolk.  Poor Felicity and Savannah are victims of the early shooting, but eventually the sharpshooting sheriff and deputies get a bead on the *****.  One by one, they go down in a hail of bullets...

    The Heist - Kiki Kristina and Cali Jane have planned a heist of the local rodeo office.  Cali is getting ready for a bath while Kiki carries out the last of their plant, but is surprised by an enforcer from the rodeo.  He proceeds to teach her a final lesson, with a bullet to the belly and two to the breasts.  She slumps into the bathtub with one leg and foot dangling over the edge as she expires.

Kiki comes in at last with the loot and plays with it, thinking that Cali is taking a bath.  The enforcer comes out at that point and confronts her.  Kiki tries to run for it but is stopped with two bullets to the back.  The effects and Kiki's acting in this sequence are incredibly good.  Kiki slumps and is rolled over as two more bullets are pumped into her now naked body...

    Telemarketers Dream - Three TELEMARKETERS shot down twice...!    

Busty RyAnne Redd has a dream while she's working at a call center.  The ladies are naked while they jabber away in their headsets.  A particularly nasty customer on one of her phone calls vows to put an end to the harassment.  And then he shows up at the call center..!   With a friend and machine guns...!   The two guys proceed to mow down Olive Glass, Tessa and RyAnne with no mercy.  The red stuff flows from the various holes in the luscious bodies and now there are no more annoying phone calls being made.  Then RyAnne wakes up, completely shattered by the dream!   The other ladies comfort her.

Then the guys actually show up again!   This time the women are riddled in their work clothes, down they go.  And the guys check out the victims, congratulating themselves on their fine work for humanity.    

So, you get six victims, three nude, then three not...  What more could you want?

    The Hunt  Zayda - The Hunt continues, first with Arrows, and now with Tranquilizing darts...  Zayda is wandering around when suddenly her full butt feels a sharp prick!   What was that?   Well, it was a dart, sweetheart...  Slowly, she loses consciousness and collapses.  When she ***** up, Dick Danger is on top of her with his big hunting knife.  He cuts her throat, and that's it for Zayda.  Nice full body, eh...?   

Dick undresses her, slices her, and then carries her back to the barn for suspension and ultimate sale.  More meat for the carnivores!

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