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    375ms Store - Willing Death

    Clip Description

    Elle decided to put an end to her life. She’s too scared to do it by herself, so she called her friend to help her out. He listens and he understands the need. The friend is here to help.
    As a tool for the killing Elle chose an MP7, an automatic submachine gun. It will be painful though, as the friend acknowledges her- automatic means a lot of bullets will pierce Elle’s lovely body.
    Elle agrees. She removes her top only to stay in a bra, a skirt and high heels. She turns around and confirms, that she wants to be shot to the back, because she doesn’t want to watch. Well, if lady wants, lady gets.
    A burst of hot lead drops Elle to the couch, moaning and twitching in pain. She feels the end get closer, but she’s not there yet.
    The friend closes in and turns grunting Elle to face him, and calmly says that it will over soon. Then he takes a couple of steps back and sends another burst of bullets through Elle’s stomach to the chest. Elle is dropped backwards, convulsing in the last seconds of her life. Finally, she’s dead.

    Includes: shots to back, shots to stomach, shots to chest.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4196.17 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    375ms Store - Willing Death

    375ms Store - Willing Death

    375ms Store - Willing Death

    375ms Store - Willing Death

    375ms Store - Willing Death

    375ms Store - Willing Death
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