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    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    Clip Description

    Celine invited one of the assassins working for her to tell him he’s fired. She didn’t think that it might be a bad idea. Or in this case, her last bad idea.
    When she tells the killer she won’t need his services anymore, he gets upset- he’s sure that he was the best killer Celine had, and it’s not fair. Luckily for him, he has his silenced pistol. And when Celine decides that the conversation is over, and turns her back, the assassin shoots her through the back of the chair 3 times.
    Celine didn’t expect that. While she’s twitching in pain, the killer turns the chair to face him, checks the bullet holes in Celine’s back. When he’s done checking, he assures Celine that even if she would live on (obviously, she won’t), she wouldn’t find anyone better than him. But it doesn’t matter anymore. The killer then shoots again, this time a bullet to each breast. Then, after watching Celine dying for some time, he checks the pulse, and puts another piece of lead in the middle of Celine’s chest. Now she’s definitely dead.

    Includes: shots in the back, shots in the chest, shots in the breasts.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4182.03 MB

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    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    375ms Store - The Best You Have

    375ms Store - The Best You Have
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