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    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    Clip Description

    Elles stole money from the wrong people. Now she has no choice but to escape. She kept the money at the secured cell at Central Bank, and she hopes to get it on her way. But as she rushes to get her bag, she’s knocked out buy a killer with gun’s grip to the head. Elle ***** up tied to the chair, still at her apartment. The killer sits next to her, connecting the silencer to his pistol. He asks Elle where is she going. Elle denies that she was leaving. She now understands that her only chance is to deny everything, so that the “wrong people” will have no doubts that she didn’t take the money. But when the killer asks for the number of the cell at Central Bank, Elle understands that she’s f*cked. She still tries to deny and tell that she has no idea what the killer is talking about. The killer opens up her shirt, so that she faces him in her bra, and gives her last chance to tell the truth. Elle is still denying, but then the killer looses it and shoots twice in to Elles lovely stomach, one near the belly, one slightly above. Elle’s in pain, twitching. Now she finally understands that this guy is not fooling around. She tells the number now, when the killer asks. The killer repeats the number to remember it, and thanks Elle for the information. A slight spark of hope passes through Elle’s mind that maybe she will be free, and get to the hospital. But the killer aims the silenced pistol and puts 2 hot lead bullets in Elle’s chest. She gasps and twitches, as the life leaves her. Finally Elle is dead.

    Includes: shots to the stomach, shots to the chest.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    mp4196.5 MB

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    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead

    375ms Store - Stunned And Dead
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