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    375ms Store - Protection Failed

    Clip Description

    The Cop explains Foxxy that she is now under the Witness Protection program. Police will protect her as long as she cooperates and tells police everything she knows. She’ll be kept in a secret apartment, with cops patrolling outside.
    Foxxy agrees, and thanks the Cop, but when she accidently stands in front of the large window, three bullets hit her from the outside, in the stomach and the chest.
    The Cop jumps to catch her, but she’s already hit. While he holds Foxxy from behind, Foxxy twitches another three times, while more bullets hit her lovely body in the stomach and the chest. She slides down, moaning and groaning in pain, while the Cop holds her. He talks to her, tells her to **** on and calls for reinforcement… May be they’ll get here in time and save her…
    But it’s not gonna happen. Last three bullets hit Foxxy’s already riddled body. She twitches for some more time, while the life lives her… And then dies. No more witnesses. The protection has failed.

    Includes: shots in the stomach, shots in the chest

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4148.76 MB

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    375ms Store - Protection Failed

    375ms Store - Protection Failed

    375ms Store - Protection Failed

    375ms Store - Protection Failed

    375ms Store - Protection Failed

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