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    375ms Store - Failed Attack

    Clip Description

    Elle is in the room, preparing to take a nap. Suddenly, when she takes her topless shirt off, she hears that someone is in her apartment. She takes the shirt at both hands and walks our quietly to attack the intruder.
    The intruder is in her apartment indeed. But what Elle doesn’t know is that he has a gun in his coat.
    While the intruder examines the papers he found, Elle attacks him from behind, trying to ******** with her shirt. They struggle for a second, but then the intruder manages to get the gun, and shoots Elle at the stomach twice.
    Elle falls to the couch, twitching in pain, surprised. The intruder is also surprised, he wasn’t expecting that someone is in the apartment.
    While Elle moans, the intruder explains her that he has another clip for the pistol, and he can make Elle’s death long and painful. Or she can tell him where the money is, and her death will be quick. When Elle refuses to talk, the intruder shoots her twice in the belly.
    The pain and the lack of hope to survive lead Elle to change her mind. He points to where the money is, while she agonizes, groans… The intruder finds the money, and completes his part of the deal by finishing Elle’s suffering with two shots to the chest.

    Includes: shots to the belly, shots to the chest.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4227.19 MB

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    375ms Store - Failed Attack

    375ms Store - Failed Attack

    375ms Store - Failed Attack

    375ms Store - Failed Attack

    375ms Store - Failed Attack

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    Death Book - Based on the anime series “Death Note”. The clones elimination saga continues.

Sandra 22 decides to get rid of Sandra 14, Sandra 51 and Sandra 21 by writing their names in to a Death Book. The one who possesses a Death Book can write the name, the time and the method of death of human beings, and it fulfills the wish. The problem is, that Sandra 22 mistakenly calls Sandra 21 with her own number. There were more than a hundred clones, who remembers now? Then, she fells ****** calmly.

Ans so it comes to be. The assassin enters the room where the clones number 14 and 51 are, shoots them in the chest with a silenced pistol twice each, and finishes them off with another bullet in the chest. Sandra 14 lays dead on a couch, Sandra 51 slides down the wall, and sits dead quiet.

Now it’s Sandra 22’s turn. Death Book makes no mistakes.

Sandra 22 ****** calmly on her bed. The killer enters quietly, and shoots the poor clone 6 times in her lovely back. She’s dead, but the killer knows the rule- always check the body. After the check he leaves.

Includes: shots in chest, shots in back.

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