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    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    Clip Description

    Celine is at home, sitting on a couch, preparing for the party.
    Alice comes out suddenly, with a silenced pistol in her hand. Celine stands up, surprised by Alice’s appearance. “Turn around”, says Alice. Celine turns. “On your knees”, orders Alice then. Celine doesn’t understands what is going on. She asks “What?”. Alice repeats her order, and Celine has nothing to do but to obey. She gets on her knees, slowly, with a back towards Alice. Once she’s on her knees, Alice shoots her 3 times.
    Celine’s torso is pushed towards the couch with each hit. She twitches in pain. Alice watches Celine agonizing for some time, then closes in. She turns Celine over, with a front towards Alice, then sits in front of her while Celine still grunts a bit. Finally Alice raises a gun again and puts a bullet between Celine’s lovely breasts.
    Now Celine is dead, hands spread on a couch, executed for no reason.

    Includes: shots in the back, shot in the chest.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4160.72 MB

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    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason

    375ms Store - Executed For No Reason
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