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  • Crime Scene Smoke
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    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    Clip Description

    Detective comes to an apartment, where a female body is located. He investigates the bullet wounds on the ****’s back, then on her chest, and now can reconstruct the events.
    Sandra was smoking, while sitting on a couch. When the killer comes in, she drops the cigaret and jumps on her feet. The killer shoots her twice in the chest. The impact of the bullets turns Sandra around, and the killer puts another three bullets in her back. She falls on the floor, leaning on a couch. This is how the detective finds her.

    Includes: shots in the chest, shots in the back, smoking.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    mp4166.32 MB

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    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke

    375ms Store - Crime Scene Smoke
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    Clones Tripple Shot - Clones Elimination Series continues.

Sandra 18, Sandra 19 and Sandra 20 decided that living together is safer and would be easier to protect themselves from the assassins. Today they plan to go to a club to relax a bit. While Sandra 19 and Sandra 20 are preparing, Sandra 18 talks on the phone to their friend, saying they’ll soon be there. Tragically, it would never happen. As soon as Sandra 18 ***** up the call, the killer breaks in the apartment. Sandra 18 jumps off the couch and want to scream, but the killer stops her cry with a silenced shot to the lower part of the throat, and she falls back to the couch.

Sandra 20, preparing in another room, though that she heard something, but considers it nothing.

In the meantime, Sandra 18 is twitching and coughing on a couch, unable to make any other sound because of the lead stuck in her throat. The killer then covers her mouth, puts a silenced gun to her chest and plugs another 3 bullets in her. Now Sandra 18 is finally dead. Two to go. The killer proceeds to the next room, where Sandra 19 brushes her hair, wearing high heels, tight pants and a corset. He breaks in the room and puts a bullet in Sandra 19’s right chest. She looks at the killer with an astonishment in her eyes, but the killer has no mercy and finishes Sandra 19 with a bullet in the middle of forehead.

Sandra 20 now sure she heard some sound. She puts her lipstick down and comes to her room’s closed door to try to silently listen what’s going on in the apartment.

Meanwhile, the killer checks his bullets and he has an empty clip. He needs another gun. He sits on a bed, near Sandra 19’th gorgeous dead body and searches the stand. There he finds an automatic Glock 17. Good replacement, he thinks. Sandra 20 understands that something bad is happening, but she still doesn’t understand what. She listens to the sounds through the door, and starts slowly to retreat from it, but it’s too late and she has nowhere to run. The killer breaks through the door, and Sandra 20 doesn’t even manages to make a sound before 4 bullets from the automatic pistol hits her in the stomach and chest. She slides down the wall, face is in pain, and dies sitting on the floor. The killer then puts another bullet to her abdomen, just for the fun of it, and leaves. All tree clones are dead now.

Includes: Shots in the chest, shots in the stomach, shot in the head, 3 kills

    Set Up Gone Wrong - Elle works undercover to set up a Guy and make some money from it. She disguises herself as an escort ****, that the Guy orders. After Elle dances for him for a bit to show her skills, the Guy interrupts her. He gives her some cash and tells to stay and wait for him. When the guy leaves the room, Elle calls her boss to let him know, that the “client” is hooked. She’s sure the Guy doesn’t suspect a thing. But she’s very wrong. The Guy rushes in the room with a gun, and starts yelling at Elle. He tells that he heard her talking to someone, and demands to know who is she working for. Elle understands that she needs to deny it at all cost, otherwise she won’t make it alive. She is wrong once again. When she keeps denying and begging, the Guy decides he had enough of it and shoots Elle in the chest. Shocked and with a pain in her eyes, Elle drops to her knees. Then the Guy shoots her two more times in the stomach, and another time in the chest. Elle drops back, twitches for a bit, and dies. The Guy kneels down to her, pulls up her strapless top to reveal wounds on the chest and the belly, and leaves her.

Includes: shots in the chest, shots in the stomach.

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