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    375ms Store - Card Game

    Clip Description

    Alice and Celine are playing poker. Some one can become rich today. Making money without killing is good, but especially good if you are an assassin. And both ***** are…
    Suddenly, they both have an sms incoming. Celine is surprised. “I got you on the killing list”, she says to Alice, surprised. “And I got you on mine”, Alice replies. Celine understands, that it’s not a game anymore, Her life is a bet now. She drops the cards and grabs her gun. Alice does the same. The point the guns on each other for a second, and then Celine pulls the trigger.
    But nothing happens. Alice shows Celine the clip, that was supposed to be in Celine’s gun. “I got you on my list yesterday”, Alice says, and shoots Celine twice in a chest.
    Celine drops on a chair, twitching and groaning.
    Alice waits a bit, hoping that Celine will die quickly. But 2 bullets are probably not enough for her. So Alice shoots Celine 3 more times, 2 in the stomach and 1 in between the boobs.
    Now Celine is dead. Alice checks her pulse, looks in her “hand”. Not impressive. Then she leaves.

    Includes: shots in chest, shots in stomach

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4135.26 MB

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    375ms Store - Card Game

    375ms Store - Card Game

    375ms Store - Card Game

    375ms Store - Card Game

    375ms Store - Card Game

    375ms Store - Card Game
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