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    Clip Description

    A policeman instructs Sammy, after arriving at the hideout apartment. Sammy needs to testify against criminals, so they will probably try to kill her. So no phones, no internet for Sammy. She’s a smart **** and understands all the reasons. But what Sammy doesn’t know is that the “cop” is also a member of the gang that Sammy needs to testify against. When asked if she said something to police already, she answers that the interrogation is scheduled for tomorrow. Which is very good for the “cop”, because Sammy would be dead long before that.
    The “cop” stands up, pulls out a pistol and shoots Sammy in the chest. She’s shocked- how can cop shoot her? Why?
    The “cop” sits near her and asks if she really thought that they won’t find her. They always find those who against them. With those words the “cop” puts a gun to Sammy’s chest and shoots 3 times in her belly. Sammy falls down, clutching her belly in pain. She grunts, moans and twitches for a long time. Wounds in the stomach are painful, and Sammy’s life floating out with each drop of *****. The “cop” enjoys Sammy’s twitching, but finally decides to end this show. He shoots in Sammy’s left breast twice. After a couple of seconds of twitching Sammy is finally dead.

    Includes: shots to the chest, shots to the belly.

    Clip Duration:      4 minutes
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    mp4194.96 MB

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    375ms Store - Can39t Hide

    375ms Store - Can39t Hide

    375ms Store - Can39t Hide

    375ms Store - Can39t Hide

    375ms Store - Can39t Hide

    375ms Store - Can39t Hide
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