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    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    Clip Description

    Foxxy volunteered to be a test subject for an ammo check. She arrives to sign the final papers and finally, to get shot.
    First she is shot with 9mm Colt pistol to the upper chest area. The tester checks her pulse and general condition. Foxxy is in pain, but alive and ready to take some more lead.
    Next Foxxy is shot with 9mm Glock in the upper stomach. She is still alive, but twitches in pain, while the tester examines her condition. She needs to take as many bullets as possible.
    Then the tester pulls out the MP7 sub-machine gun and shoots a bullet exactly to her belly button. Foxxy starts to loose her life, but she still agonizing and alive. The tester knows that it will be over soon, and he tells Foxxy that.
    Finally he gets his hands on the M4 assault rifle and shoots a short burst, piercing Foxxy’s chest with 3 holes.
    Foxxy’s twitching violently when the bullets strike her lovely chest. She agonizes and groans, while her life leaves her slowly. Finally she’s calm and dead. The tester checks her once more, makes some final notes and leaves.

    Includes: shot in the upper chest, shots in the chest, shot in the stomach, shot in the belly.

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4314.27 MB

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    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    375ms Store - Ammo Check

    375ms Store - Ammo Check
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Includes: shots in the chest, shots in the stomach.

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