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    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    Clip Description

    Jogging is a healthy lifestyle. But jogging alone can also be hazardous
    to yourself, as
    this young female is about to find out. A sexual pervert is lurking in the woods, and is
    ready to pounce and strike his prey. She won't know what hit her. Once he has her,
    he will drag her into a wooded area and begin to molest her. Ripping off her panties
    and savagely finger fucks her, as not to leave any DNA evidence behind. He then
    ********* her to death with her blouse.

    Content: Death By *************, Vagina Finger Fucking, Death Stare

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv84.7 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - The Jogger Full Movie
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***** Jed takes her to find her *****, but little dose she know he is taking her deeper into the tunnels. She is then bashed on the head and knocked out. And when she comes to, ***** Jed has her tied to a bench her legs spread apart. He then begins to **** her, forcing his big cock into her little pussy. And then he shot his cum all over her cute little Cunt. But now she will not be able to leave the mine. She may tell someone what ***** Jed has done to her. So It's lights out for Elie May
As he bashes her head in with the miners pick.

Contains: Bondage Sex, Death By *************, Death Stare
This is a Tony Sinclair Production, so you know it's good.

    Pet Cemetery Full Movie - Poor doggy needs some surgery on her forearm, and Elmer believes that she has also swallowed
his favorite toy. So Elmer will have to perform some surgery. After trying his best, he thinks it
will be better to euthanize her by clubbing her to death. Elmer is also amused when he
presses down on her stomach, that pee squirts from her pussy. This is great fun for him, until he
remembers that his favorite radio show is on. So it's off for some R&R for Elmer.

This movie contains Head Bashing / Corpse Peeing / Gut Wrenching / Amputation / Cannibalistic Tendencies / Lots Of Bleed Out


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