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    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    Clip Description

    Feona's new book is about to be published. But her editor suggests that she find a new ending for the story in [chapter four].
    So Feona gets to work right away.
    We now get to see inside the mind of Feona, as she takes us to the dark side of her imagination.

    Murder By The Book SLAUGHTER HOUSE
    Feona's imagination runs wild when it comes to horror. She visualizes the masked maniac
    chasing her, capturing her, sexually abusing her, and last but not least, slitting her throat
    and then applies pussy mutilation

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv74.96 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Slaughter House
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entices sweet, young wannabes to his studio for a screen test, but it's not what the
this young lady had in mind. This producer uses  chloroformm to subdue his victimm. She
is then awakened to her worst nightmare.

Content: Chloroforming, Face Punching, Foot Mutilation

    Butchered Alive Full Movie - After kidnapping his ******, he takes her back to his butcher shop. She is then tied to the
meat rack, and ready for processing alive. Only the best and tender meat
will do for his customers.

Content: Drilling Out Her Nipple, Gutting Knife In Chest, Butchering Axe In Stomach,
Filleting The Pussy, and Finally Her Neck Is Broken For A Quick Death

    Blloodbath - After Bill Watts discovers his wife has transferred $420,000.00 from his account to hers,
he is furious . She has no idea that her husband is on the phone with the bank. She is
taking a bath, but when the bathroom door flies open, it's all over for her. He shoots
her 3 times, and then books a flight to Rio de Janeiro.

Content: Death By Shooting, Death Stare, Death Pose, *****

    Slash The Cunt - Dirty old disfigured serial killer has a new ****** at his mercy. She has no idea what he has in store for her, but she won't have to wait too long, as he decides which knife to thrust into her cunt. She screams in pain and this excites this crazy killer. He will now begin the ********** until she is dead.

    My Love Slave - OLD BONDAGE CLIP

    Forbidden Restraints - Forbidden Restraints Chanel struggles to find peace while suffering through an intense nightmare. See her voluptuous body reveled beyond your wildest imagination. Thrill to one of the most amazing restraint scenes ever filmed. You won't believe the positions her body is in

    Goldies Intruder Full Movie - GOLDIES INTRUDER Goldie found a bag of money and took it home with her. But little did she know, that the money was stolen by bank robbers, who saw her pick it up. Now one of the robbers entered her home and wants the money back, but Goldie says she knows nothing. So he ties her up and ransacks the house, and then his partner in crime wants her disposed of while he is listening on the phone

    The Clinic - This young lady has got herself into some trouble, and she has found a back street
doctor, to preform his dirty deed for the price of $1,000.00. but like the saying goes,
you only get what you pay for. This young lady will check in, but won't check out.
This dirty doctor has no idea what he is doing, and once his ****** is under the
influence of chloroformm, and put to *****, he now starts by inserting a suction pump
into her vagina, and fondling her breasts, and licks her pussy. He is very excited
but when things go wrong and ***** starts flowing from her vagina, he panics, and
to make things worse, the patient is waking up so he must silence her by stabbingg
her in the chest. And when that doesn't work, he then strangless her to death.

Content: Chloroformm, Vagina Mutilation, Death By Stabbingg, Deathh Stare, Bleed Out


    Lenny The Butcher - If you are a young lady looking for a job beware of the wanted adds in the newspaper. You may find yourself bound to Lenny's Butcher Bench. Lenny the Butcher is a vagina slasher, and he takes his work very seriously. But when he has finished his work, he will ******** his ****** to death with his belt.

Content: Bondage, Vaginal mutilation,***** & Gore, Death By Belt *************, Death Stare, Her Cunt cut open

    The Room Two Full Movie - Description: The room is no place for a young lady. It's dark, dingy, and smelly. This dirty old man lures 

young ladies to his house for some bondage sessions. She is tied and ****** for days. Her eyes show 

the terror she is about to endure.

This young lady has no idea that she is about to become a ****** of *******, pain, and death.

Bound to his rack, he inserts the pump gag. He then inserts the vaginal pump, and then it's playtime. 

But when he produces the plastic head bag, it's time for her to die.

She tries to fight back, but it's too late. She has drawn her last breath.

Contains: Explicit Sexual Content, Heels, Stockings, Bondage, Masturbation, Head bagging. Fondling, 

Death By ************

    Pain In The Ass Full Movie - Yes this is a pain in the ass for this young lady Not to mention death by strangulationn

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