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    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    Clip Description

    Batman is now in the clutches of "Super Slut" the Gotham City whore. For many years she has been stalking him, but Batwoman was always was always in the way. But today she saw her chance and took it. Slipping a pill into Batman's *****, and when he awoke, found himself bound in an old abandon warehouse, and penis exposed. Super Slut wastes no time in leaping into action. He tries his best to fight back by thrusting his cock down her throat trying to ***** her, but it's no good she can handle that. Batman then shoots his cum all over Super Slut's face, in the hopes of ******** her, but it does not work. She now takes her final revenge by shooting Batman. If Super Slut can not have him, no one will

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv97.59 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie

    A FEONAS FANTASYS - Milking Batman Full Movie
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This movie begins with Julia calling the handy man Tim, but little dose Tim know but he is first on Julia's list for revenge. He is lured to her home were she awaits his arrival. This movie contains anal penetration, masturbation, humiliation, penis mutilation and severed penis. She will keep his penis in a box as a keepsake.

    Abbey of Redemption FULL MOVIE - Father Francis is an old pitiful Monk of the Monastery. He has been flashing himself to the Sisters. This is not the first time, he is a repeat offender, and Sister Sara is not amused this time. In order to fix this problem with Father Francis, he must be chastised. A strict order of punishment is what Sister Sara recommends. She will begin with a hand spanking on his bare bottom, followed by cock sucking to get him hard and then she will administer a cock caning. He will then be taken to the Breakfast Room for some cock masturbation and Sister Sara's special ejaculation technique.Death by suffocation.

    Granny Kills The Plumber Full Movie - Jerry the Handyman gets more than he bargained for when he gets to little old Grannys house, to fix her drip. On close inspection, he sees no drip, but Granny has something sinister in store for Jerry. After bashing him on the head with a hammer and rendering him ***********, she begins her perverted sexual games. Stripping off his clothes and playing with his cock, Grannys having a nice day, more than can be said for Jerry. Every time he awakes, she bashes him again. Next time he awakes he is bound and spanked, and then Granny begins to Milk him over and over until she cannot Milk him no more. But she cannot let him go, so he is stabbed in the head with his own screw driver. Now Jerry is dead. She must dispose of his body. He will be buried in the back garden with the rest of her victims.

 Contains: Bondage, Cock Sucking, Masturbation, Milking, Ball Pumping, Death By Screw Driver To Head, Death Stare

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