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    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    Clip Description

    Contains: ******** via **********, Violence, ******, Knock Out, Nudity, Eye Check, Mouth Check, Limb Play, Multiple Angle Scenes, Ragdolling, Post Mortem, Breast Play.

    It is summer and love is in the air! As part of an annual festival, young and naÔve hippies flock to the northwest to indulge in a bit of sun and free love. Two such young ladies have met Yogi Babarama, an "ethereal and spirited man" with a sordid past unknown to the two silly and overly trusting *****. He preaches to them the virtues of free love and lightness; they are so caught up in his "teachings" that they barely notice his crossing into forbidden territory - he preaches that only through sexual expression can they be truly enlightened. He "helps" them by removing their clothing..

    One of the ***** finally realizes what a douche he is, but it is too late..he punches her square in the jaw and she is knocked out cold.

    He moves to the other stupid hippie and asks her is she still believes as he pulls of his wig, revealing his hidden identity! Before she can say anything, he attacks her and ********* her mercilessly in the daylight! She fights and struggles to be free, but her weak mind coupled with her weak body betray her and she cannot match his strength. Her neck turns various shades of purple and blue from the pressure of his fingers until she finally succumbs to his violent onslaught.

    He plays with her dead body for awhile then moves to his next ******.

    He flops the *********** **** around and manipulates her body while having his way with her pliable titties. She awakens just as he is wrapping his long fingers around her neck. He shakes her violently, her head bobbing around on her neck, almost ripping off from the ***** of his rattling of her. He pulls her to her feet by her neck, and applies a final amount of iron fisted pressure until she collapses.

    He picks up her limp body after checking her for any signs of life, then drops her onto her dumb hippie friend.

    He finds his wig, gets back into character and makes his way back to the festival. Plenty of love sick idiots dressed up like fairies to kill.

    Clip Duration:      1 minute
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    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks

    HorrorGasm - Sweet Hippie Chicks
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    Comedienne Killer - Contains: XXX, blowjob, ********** by chain, explicit nudity, tongue, thrashing, voyeur fetish

Candy is a porn comedienne and does stand up shows. Santiago decides to hot a strip club before he heads to one of his bitches houses for a fucking good time. So why isn't this bitch getting undressed? Some dorky guy is there laughing it up and flattering her, and Santiago ain't having none of it.

He leaves in frustration after hearing enough of her stupid jokes. Grateful, she pulls the dork on stage and drops to her knees and starts blowing him. He's surprised but into it. They are cheered by the crowd in the club and start fucking on stage.

Santiago, deciding he spent $60 bucks and is getting his moneys worth, heads back into the club in time to find this jackass fucking the hot chick on stage.

This sends him into a rage and he jumps on the stage, chasing away the loser and demanding he get his money out of her. She tries to get him off the stage and mocks him. This angers him even further and he grabs his wallet chain and whips it around her neck. Surprised, she begins to struggle, trying to get away from him.

She has no luck. He tosses her around like a ragdoll, digging the chain more and more into her neck. He flails and tries to get away, but it's no use. As the crowd boos him, he keeps ******* her violently.

Finally she falls to the ground. Deciding he still hasn't gotten his moneys worth, he molests her body. She is hot, afterall...

Eventually he flips off the crowd and heads out the door. Hey, they did nothing, so they are all accomplices.

    Deadly Stone - Mark knows everything about this **** called sandra. He knows where she lives, where she works, and also what she does on the side to earn money... Much money. For months he has been watching her, so he knows she sells *****, which allows her to have a beautiful house, a sports car, to go off for trip very often. Then he succeeded in approaching her, luring her and getting her trust. He find her very attractive and would like to have a good time with her, but he also wants her *****. So he has a plan for her, and that day is the d one. Everything is ready. He invites sandra at home for a dinner. The unfortunate **** doesn't know what his real intentions are. 

sandra is unaware mark knows about her peddling and she doesn't know anything about his pervert and sadistic tendencies. She only thinks of spending a pleasant evening with him. She comes in, mark offers her a *****, but very soon she begins to go to *****. The ******** **** he added in her glass had its effect. Quickly he takes her clothes off, leaving her in bra and panties. He carries the ******** body to his den, lies her on a table and ties with ropes her wrists and feet solidly to the legs of the table. Then he gives some slaps on her cheek and she ***** up. 

till now, sandra hadn't paid attention to that bag suspended very high above her head by a tensed rope passing over a beam, while the other end of the rope is made fast lower down to the wall. Mark is getting more and more excited looking at the helpless ****. He rolls up sandra's bra above her breast, fondles and kisses her big tits a brief instant while she's protesting again. 

a short instant later, mark sets a candle that he puts just below the rope, near the wall. He lights it. Mark takes a lot of pleasure looking at sandra sweating, squirming and struggling desperately with her bonds. The fear is growing dreadful. Sandra sweats more and more, she still resists some seconds, but soon the terror is stronger and suddenly she gives up. But mark stays inflexible. His excitement reaches its paroxysm while sandra desperately tries to blow once as strongly as she can... But the candle is too much far from her. 

she screams strongly when she can see the rope is just about to break, and again while the bag is suddenly falling down. The stone violently strikes her head, stopping dead her strident scream of terror. A deadly wound marks her forehead, just above her disturbing death stare. Her mouth stays open as if she was still screaming... 

but of course mark can't help having some fun with the corpse before. He pounces on the poor ****'s dead body...

    With This Ring - When you spend 6 months salary buying your **** an engagement ring, and she tosses it in your face, saying you are a cheap bastard...

***** your cock down her throat. ***** her while you fuck the **** out of her.... Then let your rage loose.

    Good  Violated - Contains: ********, Slapping, Nudity, Violence, Ragdolling, Eye Check,Mouth Check, Protruding Tongue, Dragging, Gun Threat, Sexual Situations

Suzanne is an avid bird watcher. She is out in the woods enjoying nature. Suddenly she hears a woman screaming and ducks into a ditch to hide. She peeks up over the embankment to see a man in a dirty mechanic's suit dragging a pretty redhead by her hair to a clearing in the forest. He brandishes a gun and tell her to do what he tells her to. She fights him but he ends up winning and takes her forcefully. Suzanne watches in horror trying to find an escape route out of the ditch and the forest.

Once finished with her, the redhead begs him to let her go and promises not to tell as she is a good ****. To that he replies "Yes, you are. My ***** told me two things about women, you see. Nice ***** go out on dates, go home and go to bed. Good ***** go out on a date, go to bed and then go home -- but yur not going home, missy!" He wraps his hands around her neck and squeezes tightly. Her tongue pops out and her face bulges with the pressure of his hands. Her face turns purple and her eyes pop out. Suzanne watches, ****** and terrified.

When the redhead is dead, the killer gets up and puts his coveralls back on. He hears snapping branches, and leaves the corpse of the **** to investigate.

Thinking the killer is gone, Suzanne makes her way out of the ditch and to the woman on the ground, trying to shake her awake. She doesn't realize is the killer has found her bird watching book in the ditch and realizes he has a witness to take care of. He sneaks up behind her and gets her in a ***** hold.

She gets away from him only for a second before he catches her again. Suzanne fights, but loses the battle. He ****** the life from her.

With the witness dead, he makes one final round to the bodies, and unloads his gun into them -- just to make sure.

    Red Rock Killer - He lurks in the crevices of the Red Rock Canyon. He catches lone female hikers as they explore the wilderness. Bodies are strewn everywhere, yet the authorities cannot seem to find him. But HE finds THEM. Pretty young women tired from the heat and sun. They are easy prey.

He slowly ****** them with his garrotte, subduing them into submission. He peels away their sweaty clothing, revealing young fresh skin, his for the taking. 

He controls their bodies as he sees fit, then leaves them in the desert and goes back on the hunt....

    Death By Cock - Poor woman at home alone, and a stranger comes knocking. He slyly makes his way into her home to show her the "latest product"....a dildo with an obscene set up upgrades. She is horrified by what he is telling her it can do. When he offers to fuck her with it...em, "give her a demonstration", she tells him to leave now.

Little does she know the dildo is also a than can inflict mortal wounds, especially to her most private parts.

He shoots her multiple times and watches her die slowly. He takes of her jeans revealing a sexy little body...and proceeds to fuck the hell out of her still warm pussy. Her dead body shakes with the violent vibrations. 

Once done, he pulls out the monsterous cock and packs it away. On to the next house.

He loves his job.

    Mania - 4 incredible scenes of beautiful death, ********* and cut throats, gasping for air and general mayhem! Watch as gia divine, lissa, aspen struggle for life, win at death and all the while with bouncing tits, screeches, slobbering and bulging necks, impaled tummys and gooshing wounds!

    Deadly Intruder - She has ben lured by him to his hotel room. It's enticing to think about, but to do it is something totally different. He shows her no mercy...why would he?

She begs him to go easy on her, cries she'll do anything as long as she gets out alive.

He takes her on a journey or torment and sexual explosion... needs to end. And it does..with a tight ligature around her neck.

    Hold Up - Contains: violent ****/**** fighting, *****, explicit nudity, gang and robbery themes, cat fighting

dedra is working the closing shift at the car audio store when, just before she gets ready to lock the door, a blond in gang clothes comes in and asks for a stereo. It doesn't take long for the blond to pull a gun and ask for the money in the safe. She ****** the night clerk, a pretty young brunette, into the work garage. Dedra, the brunette, denies knowing where anything is and gets mouthy, which pisses off the gansta chick and they start fist-fighting. ***** Spews from their mouths and bruises start to show from the blunt ***** trauma they are inflicting on one another. 

screaming and yelling at each other, they rip hair and tear clothing until they are both naked, bloody and bruised. Finally the blond gets the upper hand and pistol whips the brunette to death. After playfully examining her kill, she drags the body to the dirty bathroom and leaves it there. Time to find the money!

    Mania  The Next Chapter - 4 more incredible scenes of beautiful death, ********* and cut throats, gasping for air and general mayhem! Watch as gia divine, lissa, aspen struggle for life, win at death and all the while with bouncing tits, screeches, slobbering and bulging necks!

    Axis Of Evil 3 Spys - He's caught them red handed. Again. This time he will get what he wants out of them. He suffocates them both almost to death to get a confession. One bites his lip and and draws *****. He lets them watch each other be slowly *********. What else does he have in store for them?

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