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    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    Clip Description

    Zeyda is a home owner acting as her own agent. She has a place she needs to rent out or she'll lose it. She's pretty desperate to get it out of her hands. Unknown to her, the latest prospective tenant has been watching her for a while and has his own plans when he sets up a meeting with her at the place. Before she arrives, he lets himself in and busies himself setting up a nice surprise for zeyda in the garage -- a rope with a noose at the end.

    he finishes his prep and goes to wait for zeyda. She arrives and meets him out front. They greet and introduce and go inside. He suggests before they tour the place that she tell him about it. Zeyda gets them a ***** from the fridge -- trying to loosen him up so he'll take the place -- and they sit on the couch. As they start talking, he comments about her tongue being blue. Zeyda sticks out her tongue, showing it to him, and suggests that maybe he could help her with that. He asks what that's about, and she leans forward, touching his thigh, and tells him she really, really needs this place off her hands. Curious, despite his intent to **** her, he asks what she means. She starts to suck her candy suggestively and says she'll suck his cock until he cums and gets her tongue all white. She squeezes the inside of his thigh. He tells her that sounds real nice. So zeyda takes the candy out of her mouth and then leans into him for some kissing. While she is doing that, her hand goes down to his pants and she undoes them. Then zeyda smiles and gets on her knees in front of him and gives him a nice, slow blowjob. He watches her with open-mouthed fascination and ecstacy, unable to believe his luck, until it bursts. Zeyda frowns at the mess and says she'll go get something to clean it up. She smoothes her jacket, then disappears. He gets himself together. She gets herself together too, straightening her shirt collar a little and her pony tail. She makes a yucky face. She can't believe she just did that and she grabs a rag to clean up the sticky mess before going back in. He's ready for the tour as she blots up his jizz.

    she tells him paperwork first and as they start she walks in on the stool under the noose in the other room. She asks what's the hell, and since her back is turned, he takes out his rag and puts it over her face from behind and drags her back out of the room. Zeyda struggles, but the ********** powerful stuff and she doesn't struggle long. Once she goes limp, he lets her drop. The stuff won't last long so he works quickly, rolling her onto her front and tying her hands behind her back with a cord. He pulls her head up and back and sees that she's not totally out. He needs to get on with it, so he pulls her up and she groans in protest. Half-conscious, she clumsily moves forward as he pushes her back into the room.

    they find themselves going to the stool. Zeyda is still out of it as he gets her in there, but she's coming around. He reaches for the rope and pulls the noose over zeyda's head and she makes a groggy face as he tightens it around her neck. He grabs the other end and pulls hard on it. Zeyda snaps out of it as the rope tightens and she is ****** to step onto the stool to avoid being suspended by the neck. She gags and ****** as he pulls the rope taut above her head and secures the rope. On her toes on the stool, zeyda can hardly protest, but she tries anyway as he goes down to her feet and ties them together, too. "what are you doing?" she manages as he does this, but once he's done, he looks her over -- her head slightly tilted to one side, her back a little arched because her hands are tied tightly behind her -- and he unceremoniously kicks the stool away.

    zeyda's tongue protrudes at the end of the drop as the noose tightens. She squirms and wiggles, trying to free her hands and kick her legs, but she is just wiggling at the end of the rope, **********. He lets her swing like that for a minute or so, all tied up, then decides he wants to see her kick, so he reaches down and undoes the bond holding her legs. Zeyda kicks and twists, her tongue out, her eyes wide, but it's a useless struggle as her own body weight pulls the rope steadily tighter around her neck. Something is still missing, so he goes up behind her, and lifts her up, momentarily stopping the ever-tightening rope. Zeyda gasps for breath at the reprieve, but he's just being cruel, undoing the buttons on her jacket. Now he can see her tits bouncing beneath her soft shirt. He waits until her struggling slows, zeyda staring blankly and mostly death twitches, before finishing his "picture" by untying her hands, taking off her jacket, and unbuttoning her blouse to watch her tits jiggle as she jerks, then dies. He takes her down and leaves her dead in the house, her blouse undone.

    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
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    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing

    HorrorGasm - Now Leasing
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he decides to take matters into his own hands.Since she never asked for the key back, he lets himself in and hides. After some time she plants herself on the couch and calls a friend -- again spilling the beans about zak and her disdain for him. That is what he wanted to hear. He rushes out to confront her, gun drawn.Startled, then frightened, she begs him to go away. When he confronts her on what he heard, she tries to tell him she didn't mean any of it; that it was just talk. He refuses to believe her lies any longer.

he pushes her onto the chair and rips her clothes off. He stuffs the underwear he bought her into her mouth, and ties her hands. He pushes her onto her back and ****** himself into her mouth. He thrusts aggressively while she tells him fuck off as best she can. He yells at her to shut up. 

he gets even more pissed off and tosses her on to an ottoman and pushes himself into her. She begs and pleads with his to stop, but he just belittles her and keeps going.His rage keeps building until he can only think of one thing: ending it all for her. She has ********** him one too many times. He pulls a cord from his pocket and wraps it around her neck. 

he yanks her backwards and pulls tight. She no longer has anything smart mouthed to say. He ****** her senseless until there is not one breath left in her lungs. Her eyes pop out, her tongue protrudes and her body twitches as he squeezes the remaining life from her. 

she slumps over dead.He drops her to the floor and leaves her there, staring into nothingness.

    Stripper Killer - Contains: Hand ******** (2), Sexual situations, Explicit Nudity, Violence, Rag Dolling, Tongue Protrusion, Eyes open death

Two ladies of the night are called to the residence of Michael, a man on a mission. He wants pussy; good pussy. He calls a friend who sends over two very hot blondes with the guarantee that they will deliver. They arrive and he gets right to business, asking them to do things neither of them are prepared to do. He tossed a wad of large bills and tells them again what he wants. They say no, that he is sick. They decide to leave, and as the shorter blond walks away he smacks the other blond in the face, knocking her out. He jumps up and grabs the other one, pulling her back to the couch and bending her over the arm of it.

Given his size, it doesn't take him long to overpower her and take her as he pleases. She screams and begs for mercy, but he does not hear her pleas. He flips her onto his lap and keeps pounding into her tightness, all the while holding her tightly against him so she can't squirm away. They topple onto the ********** **** and, tired of her whining, he decides he can't leave her alive to report the crime. Who would believe a stupid stripper anyway? Well, he wanted to make sure she wouldn't squeal. As he crushes the air from her windpipe the other **** ***** up. She screams at him to get off of her, to stop what he is doing. He laughs and tells her to shut up. She finally only can mutter "oh my god" as she watches the other **** die on her lap.

He tosses the smaller blond aside to get his hands around the taller one. She doesn't have a chance. By now he is caught in a crazed rage and only out to save his own murderous, sleazy ass. He pushes her onto the table and squeezes tightly around her neck. All she can do is gurgle. Her tongue protrudes grotesquely out of her mouth and she can only kick in protest. Eventually she loses and her body goes limp.

He undresses her to check out the merchandise he didn't have to pay for nor got a piece of, but hey, you can't have it all. He dumps her on the couch. As a souvenir he snips some pubic hair from the shorter blond before calling one of his buddies. He has to get rid of these two fast.

    Flirting With Danger - When a **** gets set aside for work, she heads out to the club for a party. Thats just the way it is..make the guy jealous.

Well, Julie comes home **** faced and **********. Her boyfriend returns home to find her out cold on the bed, scantily dressed and in the middle of a sexy dream. He fully takes advantage of the situation and undresses her slowly, making sure to play with every part of her body.

She moans with pleasure...he sticks a dildo in her mouth, plays with her tits and gets her close to naked, hen sits her up....

As she sways half ****** before him,  he wraps a ligature around her neck...and pulls tightly. She awakens violently and tries to fight.

No luck. His grip is tight.

Never flirt with danger. It just might kill you.

    Sun God Sacrifice - Contains: Explicit Nudity, Ritualistic Sacrifice Themes, Belly Stabbing, XXX Sexual Situations, Throat Slashing

Sunny and Tasha star as two worshippers of the sun God Ra. They have come out to this isolated place to offer themselves to this unseen God. Sunny rubs and fondles the willing and ethereal Tasha, speaking up to the God as she prepares her friend for offering. Tasha prays and begs to be offered, exposing her tight body to her ****** and to the sun God. Finally she thrusts her belly up to the sky and Sunny impales her soft stomach with a huge knife, cutting deep into her abdomen.Tasha groans in ecstasy as the ***** spills from her belly. Sunny pulls the knife from her sun-worshipping ****** with a loud splash and rubs her body lustily, hoping to please their sun God.

As her life's ***** pours from her, Tasha continues to groan in pleasure, asking to be taken. She is finally granted her wish. She lays softly on the ground and expires.Sunny stands to celebrate the offering of her friend, asking for love, fertility, and lots of sex, plus unending sunlight. She dances in abandon.Soon a booming voice shouts down over her, thanking her for her offering. She looks and her sun God appears before her. She laughs in giddy worship. His form is perfect. Muscular and large in all the right places. She thanks him for gracing her with his presence. He instructs her to show him what she has offered to him, which she does. They dance around the corpse of her beautiful friend.

He then asks her to offer herself to him. She says anything he wants he can have. He grants her the wish of lots of sex. They fuck. They dance and pray more as she celebrates this incredible gift. He asks her to dance for him, he wants to watch her lovely soft form.He asks her if she is still his willing disciple. She says yes, he can have anything of her. He takes her into his arms and slashes her across the throat with the same knife she used to killed her friend. ***** sprays from her neck as he watches in delight. Soon she falls to her knees, then to the ground, writhing around, ******* and struggling to breathe. Her lungs fill with *****, and her sun God demands her soul. She finally gives in. She fades from existence, and her sun God, satisfied with their sacrifice, does the same.

He leaves their beautiful bodies to lay in the sun, and takes their spirits back to his world.

    Wednesday Harringtons Foot Fetish Hitman - He likes feet. He likes necks. She is next..

    Accidental Murderer - All three had come out for a bit of fun and to **** out. What was the innocent one, at least at first. The ***** like to bring out goody two shoes guys and then get them into trouble. The ***** played around a bit, trying to get him riled up and turned on...he resisted at first, then engaged them just a little. 

He soon realized they were just playing him, ESPECIALLY AFTER THEY MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR HAVING A LITTLE DICK... and he pushed one of them away in fit of rage. He hit her so hard he snapped her shock the other one started to attack him. Enraged, he cut loose and started to smother her viciously. 

Lifting her off her feet he throttles her mercilessly. She shakes in terror while trying to get a breath. He is too strong, and her naked body shakes its last before her untimely demise.

Realizing what he had done, he wraps them both in the blanket he brought and hauls them off to be buried.

    Neck Attack - Xxx hardcore version

she ******. He is hiding behind her couch. He overtakes her, ********** her within an inch of her life. She **********, tongue ******* limply, body draped over the couch. He ***** fucks her, she awakens to find him fucking her pussy.

once he cums all over her he decides he cannot let her live. Her cum soaked chest heaves with terror. He makes it slow and painful. Her tongue flops wildly.

    Trapped - This time he's got it all worked out. His ****** is a woman he knows is looking for a room to rent. He lies to her, telling her that his roommate's room is up for rent, that he'd be moving out. He convinces her to come with him to the house, so no one knows she's there. 

She's hesitant, naturally, going to this guy's house. But she then seems interested in the location, seems interested in the room. He tells her about the amazing view from his room, which again, makes her hesitate, but she eventually relents to see. She's also complaining about time -- gotta get back. She probably realizes she shouldn't have come alone but she isn't the brightest person. Eventually, after brief discussion about price and timing, she wants to go. That's when he attacks. 

He's so confident he wrestles her to the bed and takes her. She so shocked that she doesn't resist when he removes her clothes afterwards and cuffs her, the way she'll stay the rest of her life. He's got her trapped and now is able to realize his fantasies. He's able to lube her bottom and makes her pay, reminding her of the time she drunkenly told him and some friends that she'd never let a guy in her ass. Eventually it's time for the kill. He leads her toward the bathroom, easier to clean up if she pees. 

On the way though she's begging and trying to go limp, not wanting to participate in this death march. He's so turned on by everything culminating the way he's always hoped, down to having her pleading for her life that he does her one more time. Lastly, he asks her gently to sit down in the bathtub. When she asks why he assures her everything will be okay. When she finally does, he ********* her with a rope. 

He takes his time with the kill, realizing how much he enjoyed the two previous murders. After she's gone, he unleashes her, telling her body that he's got a spot all prepared for her.

    The Dangers Of Hitchhikers - Two ***** driving through the country side. They pick up a hitchhiker who is traveling their way. Little do the ***** know he is a crazed murderer. The younger **** decides she wants a little action and tells him to fuck her, which he happily does after the blond driver pulls over and exits the car. During the act he starts to ******** her until he cums just as she breathes her last breath.

He gets out of the car and tries to make moves on the blond, who is having none of it. Once she realizes her best friend is dead she makes a run for it, but he is faster. 

He ends her just the same as he did the pretty brunette. Once they are both dead, he makes his way down the road again. It's only a matter of time before the next car comes along...

    Mania - Welcome to necrobabes! 

4 incredible scenes of beautiful death, ********* and cut throats, gasping for air and general mayhem! Watch as gia divine, lissa, aspen struggle for life, win at death and all the while with bouncing tits, screeches, slobbering and bulging necks!

    Beauty In Mind - He comes in the night, he comes by day. He finds pretty young women to garrotte, ********* by bagging and ***** to death. He loves it. Maybe they do to?

    Wednesday Harrington is a Mob Boss Capped - She's so bad. He's going to make her pay.

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