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    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    Clip Description

    Contains: high heel fetish, big butt, cock sucking, finger banging, squirting, xxx, frothy mouth, *******, clothes ripping, restraint, verbal jousting, mental *******, ***********, big breasts, lingerie tearing, hair pulling, extreme gagging, ambush, *****

    angela is at the home of her nemesis, the ceo of her company. She is determined to get his job, and she will stop at nothing. She breaks into his house and searches until she finds his dungeon.

    she takes pictures of his kink den, accusing him of stealing company money to finance his sick lifestyle.

    she slowly approaches her from behind and softly speaks her name. She jumps but quickly composes herself, not letting on that he startled her.

    she tells him of her plans to over throw her, and he in return decides to black mail her into fucking him, or else he will call the police and have her arrested for trespassing.

    she decides to fuck him, and maybe she might even have a good time. Anyone with these many kinky items must know how to fuck. She goads him the entire time, *********** him but still fucking him. He grabs her by the hair and ****** his cock in her mouth, which she laughs at but still sucks hard. They fuck and he cums inside of her, but she demands that he make her cum.

    he finger bangs her hard, and after working her cunt she cums and hoses his face down, covering his entire body with her cum in a giant fountain.

    she won't back down, and tells him despite being a good fuck that she is going to have his job. He tells her that won't be happening, and when she asks him how in the world does he think he is going to stop her, he answers her by ********** her. She is surprised by his onslaught of violence and can only gag in the extreme in response.

    he is stronger than she thought. He admits the company knows what he does, and uses his exploits for their own pleasure. It's the perfect blackmailing system, and he wins.

    she slowly takes her last breath and dies. His final words to her:

    "i'm glad you enjoyed yourself, angela."

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
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    wmv501.18 MB

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    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment

    HorrorGasm - Corporate Punishment
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he fucks her hard and fast, and she gets more and more angry until she reveals her and her secretary have emptied his bank accounts. In a fit of rage and lust, he fucks her into oblivion. She gasps, gags, ****** and drools everywhere as she inhales her last breath. 

once he fills her with cum he releases her and she falls to the floor. He kicks the body a few times before realizing he has another mess to clean up. 

he grabs her by her sexy ankles and drags her out the door to his big car. She should fit in the trunk nicely.

    Final Workout - First original clip for necrobabes since 2007! We are back!

alura is a physical trainer with a mean streak. Clark is coming to her for some fitness training. His muscles are tight and he needs a good stretch. She puts him through the paces but is such a total bitch to him that he starts fighting back, eventually fighting her physically. He could have been turned on by her but her shitty attitude simply makes him mad.

they continue to tussle until he gives in and she tells him exactly what it is that she wants....His cock. She pulls it from his shorts and climbs on. She gets in to fucking him so much that she starts to have a heart attack. He doesn't take notice and keep fucking her.

she collapses in a heap. He thinks she tired from screwing, but soon discovers she is dead. He tries to revive her but fails, and moves her body this way and that attempting to get a reaction from her. After some body play he drags her from the room....

    Agent Bunny - Contains: poisoning, death stare, nudity, carry and lots of necro play.

she has come to investigate a crime. She thinks this man has some valuable leads, and decides to take him up on his offer for a meal and a discussion. What she doesn't know is that he is the killer himself.

he serves her her food and she takes a few bites. She feel odd but tries to be cordial. Suddenly her head flops in her food. She's dead.

he picks her up and checks her life signs. Nothing. He plays with her by dressing and undressing her. As rigor mortis sets in, he can pose her stiffening limbs and al sorts of ways and have her do as he pleases.

he's loving his new dead toy.

    Dead Call  - Contains: extended necro scenes, ragdolling, neckbreak, sexual situations, explicit nudity.

a frisky and unconventional couple have decided they are going to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in a very special way. For the past four years they have had "ladies of the night" come to their home for a bit of fun. A couple of years ago, however, things got a bit out of hand and the call **** died. As unfortunate as this was, they found playing with a dead call **** was, well -- hot!

this year is a special year! Ten years! This time it is deliberate. They looked and looked until they found a service with the perfect young blond ****.After discussing the set up, they wait, giddy as children. The call ****, anna, shows up right on time. The wife (tristen dayne) plays the ditzy blond who has "never done this before," which, of course, makes the call **** quite comfortable and gives her the feeling of being in control. While anna is distracted, the husband (jeremy thunder) reaches around the call ****'s face and spins her head with ease, cracking her neck loudly. Anna slumps to the couch. Now the fun begins!

this film has extended necro scenes -- dancing, ragdolling, facial manipulation, titty grabbing, pussy exposure, bondage, and many other fetish themes. Plus, our favorite couple gets busy right on top of the body, and go at it so vigorously they break the table the call **** is laying on!

    Curiosity Kills - Contains: ********, necro, post mortem, explicit nudity, ragdolling

dick has picked up angela at a local bar. He brings her back to his bachelor pad and makes his move. He attempts to sweet talk her into a relationship, but she doesn't need any of that. She just wants a good humping. She has a secret plan of her own. Being an immigrant from the philippines, she has to do what she can to make her way in the usa, mostly by preying on wealthy american men. This guy is no exception. Neither of them are there with honest intentions. His plans, however, are much darker.

she excuses herself to freshen up and ransacks his room. She finds some gold, but not much else. Upon opening the door to a closet, the dead body of a blond stripper falls out at her and lands with a thud on the floor. Angela stands there ******.

dick is done waiting and goes to see what is keeping his conquest. Soon he finds out. No sense in pretending now. He carelessly steps over the body of the stripper and yanks angela to the bed. There he strips her violently and pins her down. She whimpers and mutters in her native language but is too small to fight him at all. He decides the moment is right and ********* her with his big muscular hands. She gurgles and gasps but cannot get out of his tight grip. He crushes her windpipe.Her body shakes and twitches as she dies. Her tits shake and jiggle.Once dead, dick undresses her the rest of the way and plays with her cooling body. He moves her this way and that, then positions her just right on the bed before getting the blond.

he lays the blond on top of angela. What a perfect pair. Dark haired and light, both beautiful. After carefully posing them just so, he gets up and closes the door...

    Break Up Rage - Laurie has broken up with zak. Since she was only dating him for his money; it wasn't a big deal really. She hasn't been quiet about her reasons for breaking up with him, and it has gotten back to zak. Being a proud guy, he flies in to a rage at her lack of discretion and her lying ways. 

he decides to take matters into his own hands.Since she never asked for the key back, he lets himself in and hides. After some time she plants herself on the couch and calls a friend -- again spilling the beans about zak and her disdain for him. That is what he wanted to hear. He rushes out to confront her, gun drawn.Startled, then frightened, she begs him to go away. When he confronts her on what he heard, she tries to tell him she didn't mean any of it; that it was just talk. He refuses to believe her lies any longer.

he pushes her onto the chair and rips her clothes off. He stuffs the underwear he bought her into her mouth, and ties her hands. He pushes her onto her back and ****** himself into her mouth. He thrusts aggressively while she tells him fuck off as best she can. He yells at her to shut up. 

he gets even more pissed off and tosses her on to an ottoman and pushes himself into her. She begs and pleads with his to stop, but he just belittles her and keeps going.His rage keeps building until he can only think of one thing: ending it all for her. She has ********** him one too many times. He pulls a cord from his pocket and wraps it around her neck. 

he yanks her backwards and pulls tight. She no longer has anything smart mouthed to say. He ****** her senseless until there is not one breath left in her lungs. Her eyes pop out, her tongue protrudes and her body twitches as he squeezes the remaining life from her. 

she slumps over dead.He drops her to the floor and leaves her there, staring into nothingness.

    Her Pretty Neck - Tristen is in her car, front of a house. She looks stunning! Tight, short skirt and a tight top, cute heels. Tristen opens her notebook to check her information. "this must be the address!" says tristen. Grabbing her lipstick from her purse, tristen looks in the rear-view mirror and glosses over her luscious lips. "yup!" tristen says, "i hope the therapist is good. My neck is killing me!" she knocks on the door and a beautiful female answers. "hi!""i'm here for the neck massage." "oh, yes, please come in," says the therapist. "glad you could make it."

the ***** are seated and therapist proceeds to explain to tristen about the therapy procedure. Tristen explains that she does a lot of pole dancing and her neck has been strained as a result. Therapist tells her she has nothing to worry about and that she has a lovely neck. Tristen blushes and slightly squirms at the compliment. Therapist asks her to follow her into another room. "oh my," blushes tristen. "i... I'm not sure I can do this. I've never had a neck massage!" therapist explains there shouldn't be any worry. "why don't you sit down in the chair and relax. I can tell you're a little nervous. Would you like a *****?" tristen agrees. Therapist goes into the kitchen and secretly spikes tristen's ***** with some powder. Then ***** have a ***** together. Soon, therapist begins to gently rub tristan's neck, ever so softly. She runs her fingers behind the back of her neck, the sides of the neck up to her hairline. "wow!" exclaims the therapist. "your neck is truly beautiful!" tristen, still trying to relax, soon becomes limp with the intoxicating feeling of a deep neck massage. The massaging continues, gradually becoming more vigorous. 

after a few moments, tristen looks as if she is ******. Her breathing has slowed her breasts heaving up and down very slowly. The therapist's hands are deeply rubbing and caressing tristen's neck as though she is up to something. The expression slightly changes with and the therapist's hand now wrap lightly around tristen's neck, then slide back into a massage. She repeats this, occasionally clamping her hands around the throat, then returning to a neck massage."hey," moans tristen, half ******, "you almost ****** me." "oh, sorry." but the therapist continues. Soon, standing behind the seated tristen, the therapist clamps her hands around her throat. Tristen remains ****** now due to the ******* *****. The therapist is enjoying the **********. Although tristen is ***********, she gurgles and cannot talk. Her arms and legs start to wail! 

as therapist aggressively bears down on her ******'s neck. Her hands have a vice-like grip around her throat. After a while, tristen begins to slump in the chair, allowing her head to fall backwards. She has stopped breathing. The therapist continues ******* her for several moments. Then stops and looks down at tristen. Her work is done. Now the therapist enjoys the ragdoll effect of tristen while fondling her head, neck, and face in different poses.

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