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  • The Dangers Of
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     Dark Elf Demon Lord
    16 minutes

      Dark Elf Demon Lord - She floats on a sea of light seeking her nemesis. She is sent from the Elven world to destroy the Demon Lord once and for all.

Through out the fight, she cuts him mercilessly, until he gets his chance. He slices her breast; she bleeds profusely. Finally he delivers his death blow to her beating heart.

She screams as he burns her alive.  Bitchy Model
    13 minutes

      Bitchy Model - Tristen is a photographer living in rural Oregon.
Holly is a bratty model used to having everything go her way.
This is gonna get ugly.

We have all dealt with difficult characters before and Holly is as infuriating as any of them! Even the most basic requests of a model are obnoxiously scorned and denied. How did she even come to be in this industry? How many people has she walked over without a second thought? Who is going to put an end to her self-serving ways? Tristen will!

Tristen is patient at first but as the shoot goes on she realizes that Holly is gonna need to have the sass smacked out of her. AND SHE IS JUST THE WOMAN TO DO IT!

The fight rages on and the girls get bruised and beaten.But Tristen gets the upper hand and drives Holly’s head into a tree; her body goes limp. Sprawled across the empty road Tristen will have to drag and carry Holly’s corpse deep into the woods to dispose of the body.
     Property Sex
    37 minutes

      Property Sex - Contains: XXX, Oral, Cunt play, Humiliation, Sex for Sale, Asphyxia, Tongue Swelling, Eye Rolls, Dead Pan, Hand Strangle

Miss Chambers is a woman without a clue...or cash to pay her rent with. She's an entitled brat who likes to have teenage boys over to her house for orgies and drug fueled parties. She has no scruples and no morals...just an overestimated sense of privilege.

Her landlord has had enough. He decides to kick her out if she doesn't pay. He tours the house and notices all the damage she's done to it. He tells her enough is enough. Pay for the damages and the rent or get out. She decides on another deal.

She tells him she can pay another way, and starts sucking his dick. Being a red blooded male he doesn't say no. As a fuck she is uninspiring. Again, being an entitled brat, she think her pussy is enough to sway him. She practically lays there.

Once he cums she says great the rent is paid, see you next month. He's having none of this and say no pay the fuck up. She says no I just did, you fucked me. Well, this time he's had enough.

He attacks for with full force, nearly breaking her neck when he grabs her. She tries to fight back but is weak and ineffectual, instead kicking at him limply as he strangles her.

After a long struggle her eyes start to roll back in her head and her tongue swells out of her mouth. With death near, the landlord goes in for the final squeeze but doesn't let go until he's shaking her by the throat a few times to make sure she is dead.

After he leaves her cooling body, he notices she even had a big screen TV and cable. He's glad he killed her. Stupid stuck up dead lay bitch.  Tormenting Rapture Alice
    9 minutes

      Tormenting Rapture  Alice - CONTAINS: Explicit nudity, BELLYBUTT, tit cut, knife wound to the cunt, neck slice

His flashbacks are always the same...remembering the slow drawn out process he used to cut her skin. One cut landing in her belly button and slicing a hole through in her tit, which almost made it look more plump and firm, one in her lower belly right above her cunt. 

As she writhed on the floor in agony/excitement/fear, he slowly moved right to the opening of her pussy, slowly moved the blade of the knife to her opening, and sliced....but all the while he can hear her in his head...I'm not dead yet, you can't have me"..
     Sinking Feeling
    26 minutes

      Sinking Feeling - Ive been working here for years and years. Everyday come in and clean the strip club. I wouldn’t mind it much but nothing ever seems to change. Its just me and these nasty urinals. I shouldn’t complain its good that I have an uncle that is willing to keep me around. Im not really quick about cleaning or anything else, actually. Ive been pretty happy to take things slow but its been so long since anything happened. I just come in and grab my rags and shine the fixtures. There’s so many beautiful women that come though here you would think I would have met at least one.

Huh, seems this sink is broken. It has water dripping into the bowl and the bowl isn’t draining. It just keeps on going. Kinda like me I suppose. Drip. Drip. Drip. On and on, never stopping. Never stopping. Never…

Oh dear, there’s someone here! 

“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you”

“Hi, uh the bathroom is almost ready!”

“Hi, are you okay? You been standing here long?”

She is looking at the sink, now its full of water. “Uh oh, huh. Yeah, I don’t really remember, but I guess I have been here for a while.” Fuck, did I fall asleep? How long have I been here? “I guess I just been thinking… a lot”

You must have a lot on your mind

Oh, yeah Ive been thinking about things

“Oh what you been thinking about?”

Oh damn, this girl is beautiful and is asking me questions. That’s so cool! “Oh, ya know, just what I’m gonna do next. Ive been here a while, and I see a lot of pretty girls and I don’t talk to em.”

“Oh well Id be happy to talk to you.”

“Really? Oh! Well that’d be sweet. I’m kinda, supposta be cleaning up”

“Well it looks pretty clean to me. I think you’ve done a lovely job and you deserve a little break”

\" Ya? think so? Whats your name?\"

“Im Kassandra. And you are?”

\"My name, my name is Lemmy Jenkins\"

\"Nice to meet you Lemmy\"

\"Nice to meet you too Kasanda\"

\"Jenkins? isn’t that the owner of the club\"

\"Heh, well nah that aint me, thats my uncle, grandpa-uncle. he’s not always so friendly\"

\"Sorry to hear that.\"

\"Yeah, well\"

\"Poor guy, that must be tough on you\"

\"Heh, well most of the girls aren’t as friendly as you\"

\"Well thats too bad they should be.\"

\"I thought so too. i mean you are also so pretty\"

\"You think so\"

\"i do and you have a really pretty outfit. I bet you make all sorts of money and have lots of handsome guys trying to talk to ya\"

\"its okay you don’t have to be shy\"

\"well i just uh, i never uh, spent much time with the ladies so to speak, but I see you sometimes.\"

\"puts my hand on her boob\"

\"oh my\"

\"you like that\"

\"oh yeah…\"

\"a nice boy like you deserves a sweet girl\"

\"oh… are… are you a sweet girl?\"

\"well of course i am\"

\"my momma said i should find a sweet girl\"

\"and she was right!\"

\"oh that’d be nice is this okay that I’m touching you?\"

\"yes it is!\"

Then we had our first kiss! Wow! Its like I’m floating. she puts my hands all over her, like she can’t get enough of my touching her. her skin is so soft and smooth. 

she takes me to the bench in the ladies room and starts to give me a lap dance and then she puts my face in her breasts. oh my what a smell. she is so hot and alive. she takes her bra off and I think i don’t care if i get caught it will be worth it!

I pull her close and lock my mouth on her nipple. I hear her softly whimper and i lick and suck and biter her perky breasts.

she stands up for a min and pulls her panties down. she is completely naked! and she is coming back for me! Me! Lemmy Jenkins! She puts her hands on me and I feel a rush going all over my body. 

“wow let me wet your fingers “ and puts most of my hand in her mouth. the licking and sucking and moaning make my mind reel in excitement. She takes my wet fingers and places them inside her. So hot and wet! 

She is not done sucking yet. She unzips my jumpsuit and pulls my cock out. She starts to kiss it and lick it and suck on it and  ooh…. Oh what a feeling, i thought i was going to burst! 

“Why don’t you take off the rest of your clothes?” 

Oh jeez really? Well fuck it, I don’t care if my uncle walks in and fires me or kills me!  I can’t wait to feel more of her against my skin. She bends over and looks over her shoulder. I guess I had better get to work behind her.

Oh that sensation. Touching a beautiful woman and feeling her moan and kick back against me!

Then she is riding me and I can’t help but feel like she is sucking up my entire body. We are both breathing so hard and moaning and yelling and oh my gawk. Its so amazing, I started twitching and then I kinda lost conciousness for a little while. But when I woke up she was still there!

“Yup I’m here”

“I just imagined that i dreamed it all”

“Nope I’m a real person”

“My mom will  be so happy i met a nice girl”

“She’s got nothing to worry about!”

“I’m so excited, so happy!”

“Alright you, I’m gonna go use the little girls room”

“Okay, i just cleaned it, it is really clean.”

But then I heard her talking on the phone. I didn’t know why she would be calling someone but I wanted to learn more about what was happening. Then I heard her talking about me. She was not saying nice things. She was not a sweet girl. She was another mean person and she was just trying to cheat me.

When she came out of the stall I was so mad; I grabbed her and walked her over to the sink. That sink that was full of water. That was where all this started. So that was where all this would end.

She choked and gasped and gurgled. But she had made it happen. All because she was trying to convince me that she was a sweet girl.

She stopped moving. And now I got more work to clean up the bathroom.

SHE SHOULDA BEEN A SWEET GIRL!  Flexible as a Plastic Bag
    25 minutes

      Flexible as a Plastic Bag - Contains: XXX, asphyxiation, bagging, suffocation, gaping mouth, gasping, struggle, 

Kassandra, a young red-headed yoga instructor, is lead onto an expansive rooftop balcony by Gasper Johnson. They share the view for a moment and he expresses his desire to regain the lost flexibility in his legs. They lay out their mats in the bright Las Vegas noon sun while he sheepishly admits his ignorance with this brand new yoga mat he has pulled out of a fresh plastic bag. 

As she bends over her loose top slips, showing her perky boobs in one pose and her animal print tights hug her legs and ass in the next pose. Soon she suggests they sit to work on Gasper’s tight groin muscles. She casually shows where on the inside of his thighs he should be feeling the stretch, but then her hands linger and dance about. Her graceful fingers brushing gently across his crotch before squeezing the other side of his thigh.

“How is that feeling?” She asks innocently. 
Gasper, a bit caught off guard, replies matter of factly as possible “Some parts are getting looser and some parts are getting tighter!”
She admits to being skilled at massage, should he desire more rubbing, meanwhile she deftly rubs her hands back and forth along the obvious budge that has appeared in Gasper’s loose nylon shorts. She moves ever closer and soon their lips meet. Kisses lead to licking, sucking and bitting of her erect nipples. She lays down on the mat to reveal her purple lacy panties. Rather glamorous for yoga! Gasper teases this sly sexpot by rubbing and kissing her thighs before moving to her clit. As he probes and prods Kassandra she becomes visibly more wet.

She grabs his head and pulls him in for a kiss so that she can taste her cunt on his lips. A moment later he starts to pull away but she grabs him again for more! Urning to try Gasper’s johnson, she stands him up on and pulls out his hard cock. She luxuriously begins kissing and lapping and caressing and sucking him with the Las Vegas Strip gleaming in the background. Her hunger coaxes more and more of him into her mouth and he is happy to oblige her in driving his rod down her throat. She gags and pulls his cock out, a sly smile and a long line of spit and pre-cum dribbling down her chin and onto her body and also his new Yoga mat. Oh well, I guess there’s no returning that to the store now.

Gasper guides her down off his dick and Kassandra gets on all fours. Gasper starts to spank her young, lily-white flesh causing a series of yelps and moans of pleasure. She rubs herself with anticipation and looks back upon him excitedly. The not-so-innocent redhead desires a more through stretch! Upon entering her Kassandra bounces her ass back into Gasper in order to get more cock. He takes a handful of her hear and guides her body forward and back to an increasing rhythm. The scattered clouds across the Nevada blue sky are the only witnesses to these two hot bodies slapping into each other, doggie-style.

Her squeals and yelps of joy and surprise punctuate the serenity of the balcony as he twists and contorts her flexible body. Kassandra’s legs are high in the air in one moment, and then her entire body is raised into the air to meet Gasper’s hungry mouth. Her head left is left dangling inches above the terrace gasping in sweet torment. Once again she is laid on her back as he takers her missionary style. Grinding and thrusting madly, he finishes her off to a torrent of screams of pleasure.


Alas, the tranquility of the moment doesn’t last as Kassandra says that they have done enough yoga and requests 10-times their agreed workout price.
“We didn’t agree to having sex,” she said matter of factly.
Gasper  is beside himself in disbelief, “My bank account is not like my body, you can’t just expect it to stretch like that!” 
Just then Kassandra reveals her ulterior motive, “Uh, yeah I can. And if you don’t pay me what I want I’ll tell everyone that you rapped me… your choice, whatever you prefer.”

Gasper understands now that this was a setup from the beginning, his part time yoga instructor is a full time  extortionist! She has his jazz all over her body and he sure left some visible marks on her legs, ass and throat. His mind races but he is starting to feel like a trapped animal. He stalls for time as he looks around and as luck would have it he finds the plastic bag he brought his yoga mat in!

“What are you doing with that?” She asks impatiently as he fiddles with the plastic bag. “I don’t want any drugs; I want some fucking cash! Now.”
“Uh, yeah, uh… just let me figure this out,” said Gasper as he makes his way behind her.
“And hurry it up, I gotta go home and I ain’t got time for this shi…”

She isn’t able to finish speaking her sentence as Gasper has quickly slipped the plastic bag over her head. She is immediately confused and begins to hyperventilate, using any of the available oxygen available in the bag. She begins to frail and lash out and manages to slap Gasper’s trademark pink glasses off his face. Yet he is undeterred. He holds the bag tight to Kassandra’s face and meanwhile places her in a a full nelson headlock. Her gasps sound more desperate than before as she is quickly running out of air. 

As Gasper continues to hold her down he lets her know,“These little bitches think they can extort money from me?!? Hell no.” After a bit more struggling and gasping she begins to slouch more and her attempts to save herself by reaching out become slower and weaker. From between her legs we can see her fire red cunt still pouting from its fresh pounding as the lips on her head push against the clear plastic bag that is preventing her from taking another breath. 

“You made me stretch 10 whole seconds!” Gasper barks down at her. Incredulous that she has done this when he only wanted to heal his body, but now to avoid being persecuted for a phony rape charge he is going to have to kill this young girl.  He lets her know the gravity of her mistake “You try to take a thousand dollars from me? I’ll take your life!”

Her eyes budge from being denied oxygen for so long. Laying on her back, once again for the last time in her life she tries to eek out just a bit of air but is denied. Her body twitches as he continually yells at his would be accuser of sexual assualt to “Just work on your breathing! Work on your breathing! Work on your breathing! 

… You yoga teachers are all the same. ”

He holds the bag still for another moment. He needs to make sure she wont wake up and run off to the cops. But it’s been a while since she moved. 

He stands, the plastic bag keeping a grip on his sweaty palm. He tries to shake it off but it holds tight. He yells in frustration. Now he is going to have to figure out a plan to deal with the body.”And my groin is still fucking tight! Ugh!”
     Back to Fucked
    18 minutes

      Back to Fucked - Contains: XXX, Rock to the head, Blunt Force Trauma, Extended Necroplay, body dragging, flopping, arm and leg play.

Doctor Gasper Brown has returned from the year 2035 where the world has become a  nightmarish hell full of drones and environmental ruin. He has returned in a last ditch attempt to alter the future of humanity. On this day, October 21st 2015 Doc finds Martha McFly hiking alone though the desert, joyfully taking in some sun and feeling a little lonely. 

Impressing upon her the dire states that are to come if she bears any children he pleads with her to cool her insatiable appetite for throbbing cock. Her offspring will go on to bring forth the destruction of our species and he must convince her to stop fucking! Alas rather than being concerned about her womb being the origin of mankind’s downfall she is rather curious about grinding up on this short-short wearing time traveler. Her allure and desire are too powerful for him to resist and soon he finds himself overcome and giving in to her ravenous demands. 

Their passion lights the desert on fire and he looses himself in the rapture of her doomsday baby-maker. Upon pulling out he comes to realize that the condom has broken and it is his sperm that will fertilize her egg creating a cataclysmic series of cascading events that unfold the end of us all. With the future of all life on Earth hanging in the balance will Doctor Gasper be able to summon the strength to do what must be done? Can he take the necessary steps to terminate the pregnancy in this moment before fate has a chance to intervene? Will there be one impregnated corpse left for dead in the hot desert or will all our futures come to a brutal and horrifying end in only 20 years?

He grabs a rock and cracks her skull in one forceful swipe. She drops to the ground like a ton of bricks. He realizes that while he has saved humanity, he still needs to get rid of the corpse. He attempts in vain to pick her up over and over, but her limp and cooling body makes it nearly impossible. He then drags her away...there are plenty of spots to bury a body in the desert.....

Starring Eva Long, as the stunning Martha McFly and Gasper Johnson as Doctor Gasper Brown  Rope Her and Grope Her
    19 minutes

      Rope Her and Grope Her - PORN STAR EVA LONG STARRING

Contains: Foot play, Body manipulation, passed out and played with, rope bondage, hardcore XXX, cock sucking, cunt licking, chase scene, foot restraint, hand strangle, rope strangle, lassoing, necroplay.

The rancher happens upon a sleeping cowgirl, and checks to see if she is still alive. She is. He plays with her body for awhile until she comes to, and immediately seduces him. 

They fuck like wild animals, he grabs and pulls her hair and she loves it. 

She spies a gem taped to the inside of his hat, and decides to make a run for it. He chases her down and lassos her around the neck, yanking her back violently.

He drags her back to the spot they fucked and proceeds to tie her up from hr feet to her neck. While he ropes her he gropes her, spreading her ass apart and grabbing her tits. She fights him but to no avail.

Finally he has had enough of this thieving cowgirl and strangles her into oblivion slowly. 

After she is dead he plays with her body for a bit, flopping her this way and that. Dead bodies are fun too!
    23 minutes


Long since disappeared from view, he sits quietly in one of his hotel rooms reading the paper. So far he has gotten away with everything. He's quite proud of his achievements.

The two ladies he has invited to spend the night with him are about due when he notices an article in the paper...about his murders. Someone else is taking claim for them! this sets him into a quiet rage. he will not have his good work stolen!

Time to up the ante.

These two will genuinely suffer - there will be no doubt who is the murderer on the loose. He rapes and strangles them with the utmost skill and takes extreme pleasure in their suffering.

He will not be outdone. Sweet sweet pussy and long necks tempt him to the point of murderous ecstasy.  Deadly Intruder
    25 minutes

      Deadly Intruder - She has ben lured by him to his hotel room. It's enticing to think about, but to do it is something totally different. He shows her no mercy...why would he?

She begs him to go easy on her, cries she'll do anything as long as she gets out alive.

He takes her on a journey or torment and sexual explosion... needs to end. And it does..with a tight ligature around her neck.

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     Flirting With Danger
    11 minutes
      Flirting With Danger - When a **** gets set aside for work, she heads out to the club for a party. Thats just the way it is..make the guy jealous.

Well, Julie comes home **** faced and **********. Her boyfriend returns home to find her out cold on the bed, scantily dressed and in the middle of a sexy dream. He fully takes advantage of the situation and undresses her slowly, making sure to play with every part of her body.

She moans with pleasure...he sticks a dildo in her mouth, plays with her tits and gets her close to naked, hen sits her up....

As she sways half ****** before him,  he wraps a ligature around her neck...and pulls tightly. She awakens violently and tries to fight.

No luck. His grip is tight.

Never flirt with danger. It just might kill you.  Final Workout
    22 minutes
      Final Workout - First original clip for necrobabes since 2007! We are back!

alura is a physical trainer with a mean streak. Clark is coming to her for some fitness training. His muscles are tight and he needs a good stretch. She puts him through the paces but is such a total bitch to him that he starts fighting back, eventually fighting her physically. He could have been turned on by her but her shitty attitude simply makes him mad.

they continue to tussle until he gives in and she tells him exactly what it is that she wants....His cock. She pulls it from his shorts and climbs on. She gets in to fucking him so much that she starts to have a heart attack. He doesn't take notice and keep fucking her.

she collapses in a heap. He thinks she tired from screwing, but soon discovers she is dead. He tries to revive her but fails, and moves her body this way and that attempting to get a reaction from her. After some body play he drags her from the room....
    13 minutes
      Trapped - This time he's got it all worked out. His ****** is a woman he knows is looking for a room to rent. He lies to her, telling her that his roommate's room is up for rent, that he'd be moving out. He convinces her to come with him to the house, so no one knows she's there. 

She's hesitant, naturally, going to this guy's house. But she then seems interested in the location, seems interested in the room. He tells her about the amazing view from his room, which again, makes her hesitate, but she eventually relents to see. She's also complaining about time -- gotta get back. She probably realizes she shouldn't have come alone but she isn't the brightest person. Eventually, after brief discussion about price and timing, she wants to go. That's when he attacks. 

He's so confident he wrestles her to the bed and takes her. She so shocked that she doesn't resist when he removes her clothes afterwards and cuffs her, the way she'll stay the rest of her life. He's got her trapped and now is able to realize his fantasies. He's able to lube her bottom and makes her pay, reminding her of the time she drunkenly told him and some friends that she'd never let a guy in her ass. Eventually it's time for the kill. He leads her toward the bathroom, easier to clean up if she pees. 

On the way though she's begging and trying to go limp, not wanting to participate in this death march. He's so turned on by everything culminating the way he's always hoped, down to having her pleading for her life that he does her one more time. Lastly, he asks her gently to sit down in the bathtub. When she asks why he assures her everything will be okay. When she finally does, he ********* her with a rope. 

He takes his time with the kill, realizing how much he enjoyed the two previous murders. After she's gone, he unleashes her, telling her body that he's got a spot all prepared for her.  Now Leasing
    12 minutes
      Now Leasing - Zeyda is a home owner acting as her own agent. She has a place she needs to rent out or she'll lose it. She's pretty desperate to get it out of her hands. Unknown to her, the latest prospective tenant has been watching her for a while and has his own plans when he sets up a meeting with her at the place. Before she arrives, he lets himself in and busies himself setting up a nice surprise for zeyda in the garage -- a rope with a noose at the end.

he finishes his prep and goes to wait for zeyda. She arrives and meets him out front. They greet and introduce and go inside. He suggests before they tour the place that she tell him about it. Zeyda gets them a ***** from the fridge -- trying to loosen him up so he'll take the place -- and they sit on the couch. As they start talking, he comments about her tongue being blue. Zeyda sticks out her tongue, showing it to him, and suggests that maybe he could help her with that. He asks what that's about, and she leans forward, touching his thigh, and tells him she really, really needs this place off her hands. Curious, despite his intent to **** her, he asks what she means. She starts to suck her candy suggestively and says she'll suck his cock until he cums and gets her tongue all white. She squeezes the inside of his thigh. He tells her that sounds real nice. So zeyda takes the candy out of her mouth and then leans into him for some kissing. While she is doing that, her hand goes down to his pants and she undoes them. Then zeyda smiles and gets on her knees in front of him and gives him a nice, slow blowjob. He watches her with open-mouthed fascination and ecstacy, unable to believe his luck, until it bursts. Zeyda frowns at the mess and says she'll go get something to clean it up. She smoothes her jacket, then disappears. He gets himself together. She gets herself together too, straightening her shirt collar a little and her pony tail. She makes a yucky face. She can't believe she just did that and she grabs a rag to clean up the sticky mess before going back in. He's ready for the tour as she blots up his jizz.

she tells him paperwork first and as they start she walks in on the stool under the noose in the other room. She asks what's the hell, and since her back is turned, he takes out his rag and puts it over her face from behind and drags her back out of the room. Zeyda struggles, but the ********** powerful stuff and she doesn't struggle long. Once she goes limp, he lets her drop. The stuff won't last long so he works quickly, rolling her onto her front and tying her hands behind her back with a cord. He pulls her head up and back and sees that she's not totally out. He needs to get on with it, so he pulls her up and she groans in protest. Half-conscious, she clumsily moves forward as he pushes her back into the room.

they find themselves going to the stool. Zeyda is still out of it as he gets her in there, but she's coming around. He reaches for the rope and pulls the noose over zeyda's head and she makes a groggy face as he tightens it around her neck. He grabs the other end and pulls hard on it. Zeyda snaps out of it as the rope tightens and she is ****** to step onto the stool to avoid being suspended by the neck. She gags and ****** as he pulls the rope taut above her head and secures the rope. On her toes on the stool, zeyda can hardly protest, but she tries anyway as he goes down to her feet and ties them together, too. "what are you doing?" she manages as he does this, but once he's done, he looks her over -- her head slightly tilted to one side, her back a little arched because her hands are tied tightly behind her -- and he unceremoniously kicks the stool away.

zeyda's tongue protrudes at the end of the drop as the noose tightens. She squirms and wiggles, trying to free her hands and kick her legs, but she is just wiggling at the end of the rope, **********. He lets her swing like that for a minute or so, all tied up, then decides he wants to see her kick, so he reaches down and undoes the bond holding her legs. Zeyda kicks and twists, her tongue out, her eyes wide, but it's a useless struggle as her own body weight pulls the rope steadily tighter around her neck. Something is still missing, so he goes up behind her, and lifts her up, momentarily stopping the ever-tightening rope. Zeyda gasps for breath at the reprieve, but he's just being cruel, undoing the buttons on her jacket. Now he can see her tits bouncing beneath her soft shirt. He waits until her struggling slows, zeyda staring blankly and mostly death twitches, before finishing his "picture" by untying her hands, taking off her jacket, and unbuttoning her blouse to watch her tits jiggle as she jerks, then dies. He takes her down and leaves her dead in the house, her blouse undone.
     Sun God Sacrifice
    13 minutes
      Sun God Sacrifice - Contains: Explicit Nudity, Ritualistic Sacrifice Themes, Belly Stabbing, XXX Sexual Situations, Throat Slashing

Sunny and Tasha star as two worshippers of the sun God Ra. They have come out to this isolated place to offer themselves to this unseen God. Sunny rubs and fondles the willing and ethereal Tasha, speaking up to the God as she prepares her friend for offering. Tasha prays and begs to be offered, exposing her tight body to her ****** and to the sun God. Finally she thrusts her belly up to the sky and Sunny impales her soft stomach with a huge knife, cutting deep into her abdomen.Tasha groans in ecstasy as the ***** spills from her belly. Sunny pulls the knife from her sun-worshipping ****** with a loud splash and rubs her body lustily, hoping to please their sun God.

As her life's ***** pours from her, Tasha continues to groan in pleasure, asking to be taken. She is finally granted her wish. She lays softly on the ground and expires.Sunny stands to celebrate the offering of her friend, asking for love, fertility, and lots of sex, plus unending sunlight. She dances in abandon.Soon a booming voice shouts down over her, thanking her for her offering. She looks and her sun God appears before her. She laughs in giddy worship. His form is perfect. Muscular and large in all the right places. She thanks him for gracing her with his presence. He instructs her to show him what she has offered to him, which she does. They dance around the corpse of her beautiful friend.

He then asks her to offer herself to him. She says anything he wants he can have. He grants her the wish of lots of sex. They fuck. They dance and pray more as she celebrates this incredible gift. He asks her to dance for him, he wants to watch her lovely soft form.He asks her if she is still his willing disciple. She says yes, he can have anything of her. He takes her into his arms and slashes her across the throat with the same knife she used to killed her friend. ***** sprays from her neck as he watches in delight. Soon she falls to her knees, then to the ground, writhing around, ******* and struggling to breathe. Her lungs fill with *****, and her sun God demands her soul. She finally gives in. She fades from existence, and her sun God, satisfied with their sacrifice, does the same.

He leaves their beautiful bodies to lay in the sun, and takes their spirits back to his world.  Her Pretty Neck
    10 minutes
      Her Pretty Neck - Tristen is in her car, front of a house. She looks stunning! Tight, short skirt and a tight top, cute heels. Tristen opens her notebook to check her information. "this must be the address!" says tristen. Grabbing her lipstick from her purse, tristen looks in the rear-view mirror and glosses over her luscious lips. "yup!" tristen says, "i hope the therapist is good. My neck is killing me!" she knocks on the door and a beautiful female answers. "hi!""i'm here for the neck massage." "oh, yes, please come in," says the therapist. "glad you could make it."

the ***** are seated and therapist proceeds to explain to tristen about the therapy procedure. Tristen explains that she does a lot of pole dancing and her neck has been strained as a result. Therapist tells her she has nothing to worry about and that she has a lovely neck. Tristen blushes and slightly squirms at the compliment. Therapist asks her to follow her into another room. "oh my," blushes tristen. "i... I'm not sure I can do this. I've never had a neck massage!" therapist explains there shouldn't be any worry. "why don't you sit down in the chair and relax. I can tell you're a little nervous. Would you like a *****?" tristen agrees. Therapist goes into the kitchen and secretly spikes tristen's ***** with some powder. Then ***** have a ***** together. Soon, therapist begins to gently rub tristan's neck, ever so softly. She runs her fingers behind the back of her neck, the sides of the neck up to her hairline. "wow!" exclaims the therapist. "your neck is truly beautiful!" tristen, still trying to relax, soon becomes limp with the intoxicating feeling of a deep neck massage. The massaging continues, gradually becoming more vigorous. 

after a few moments, tristen looks as if she is ******. Her breathing has slowed her breasts heaving up and down very slowly. The therapist's hands are deeply rubbing and caressing tristen's neck as though she is up to something. The expression slightly changes with and the therapist's hand now wrap lightly around tristen's neck, then slide back into a massage. She repeats this, occasionally clamping her hands around the throat, then returning to a neck massage."hey," moans tristen, half ******, "you almost ****** me." "oh, sorry." but the therapist continues. Soon, standing behind the seated tristen, the therapist clamps her hands around her throat. Tristen remains ****** now due to the ******* *****. The therapist is enjoying the **********. Although tristen is ***********, she gurgles and cannot talk. Her arms and legs start to wail! 

as therapist aggressively bears down on her ******'s neck. Her hands have a vice-like grip around her throat. After a while, tristen begins to slump in the chair, allowing her head to fall backwards. She has stopped breathing. The therapist continues ******* her for several moments. Then stops and looks down at tristen. Her work is done. Now the therapist enjoys the ragdoll effect of tristen while fondling her head, neck, and face in different poses.

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