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    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model

    Clip Description

    Tristen is a photographer living in rural Oregon.
    Holly is a bratty model used to having everything go her way.
    This is gonna get ugly.

    We have all dealt with difficult characters before and Holly is as infuriating as any of them! Even the most basic requests of a model are obnoxiously scorned and denied. How did she even come to be in this industry? How many people has she walked over without a second thought? Who is going to put an end to her self-serving ways? Tristen will!

    Tristen is patient at first but as the shoot goes on she realizes that Holly is gonna need to have the sass smacked out of her. AND SHE IS JUST THE WOMAN TO DO IT!

    The fight rages on and the girls get bruised and beaten.But Tristen gets the upper hand and drives Holly’s head into a tree; her body goes limp. Sprawled across the empty road Tristen will have to drag and carry Holly’s corpse deep into the woods to dispose of the body.

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
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    mp4366.92 MB

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    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model

    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model

    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model

    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model

    HorrorGasm - Bitchy Model
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    Her Pretty Neck - Tristen is in her car, front of a house. She looks stunning! Tight, short skirt and a tight top, cute heels. Tristen opens her notebook to check her information. "this must be the address!" says tristen. Grabbing her lipstick from her purse, tristen looks in the rear-view mirror and glosses over her luscious lips. "yup!" tristen says, "i hope the therapist is good. My neck is killing me!" she knocks on the door and a beautiful female answers. "hi!""i'm here for the neck massage." "oh, yes, please come in," says the therapist. "glad you could make it."

the ***** are seated and therapist proceeds to explain to tristen about the therapy procedure. Tristen explains that she does a lot of pole dancing and her neck has been strained as a result. Therapist tells her she has nothing to worry about and that she has a lovely neck. Tristen blushes and slightly squirms at the compliment. Therapist asks her to follow her into another room. "oh my," blushes tristen. "i... I'm not sure I can do this. I've never had a neck massage!" therapist explains there shouldn't be any worry. "why don't you sit down in the chair and relax. I can tell you're a little nervous. Would you like a *****?" tristen agrees. Therapist goes into the kitchen and secretly spikes tristen's ***** with some powder. Then ***** have a ***** together. Soon, therapist begins to gently rub tristan's neck, ever so softly. She runs her fingers behind the back of her neck, the sides of the neck up to her hairline. "wow!" exclaims the therapist. "your neck is truly beautiful!" tristen, still trying to relax, soon becomes limp with the intoxicating feeling of a deep neck massage. The massaging continues, gradually becoming more vigorous. 

after a few moments, tristen looks as if she is ******. Her breathing has slowed her breasts heaving up and down very slowly. The therapist's hands are deeply rubbing and caressing tristen's neck as though she is up to something. The expression slightly changes with and the therapist's hand now wrap lightly around tristen's neck, then slide back into a massage. She repeats this, occasionally clamping her hands around the throat, then returning to a neck massage."hey," moans tristen, half ******, "you almost ****** me." "oh, sorry." but the therapist continues. Soon, standing behind the seated tristen, the therapist clamps her hands around her throat. Tristen remains ****** now due to the ******* *****. The therapist is enjoying the **********. Although tristen is ***********, she gurgles and cannot talk. Her arms and legs start to wail! 

as therapist aggressively bears down on her ******'s neck. Her hands have a vice-like grip around her throat. After a while, tristen begins to slump in the chair, allowing her head to fall backwards. She has stopped breathing. The therapist continues ******* her for several moments. Then stops and looks down at tristen. Her work is done. Now the therapist enjoys the ragdoll effect of tristen while fondling her head, neck, and face in different poses.

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