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    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    Clip Description

    Contains: Hand ******** (M/F), Hand ******** (F/F), Nudity, Gun Threat, Sexual Situations, **** Theme, Ragdolling, body check

    He knows what the drop off should be and who the carriers are. He also knows they are skimming off the top. He gets out of his car to meet them. They walk up to him and he asks them where his money is. They say they want to talk to him in a private place. He walks them to an abandoned warehouse nearby. He is just waiting for the excuses to start. He doesn't have to wait long. Before they finish he pulls a gun on them. He is not fucking around. He wants his goddamn money. They ask to make a deal. He asks what kind. The blond shoves the dark-skinned **** at him and says, "You can fuck her". He points his gun at her and looks her over. He will still get his money, but he can have this piece of ass too.

    The blond takes off and leaves her partner to her fate. The **** lord orders her to strip, which she does. Before long he his deep inside her. She takes it and plots her revenge. She asks him if he is done. "We're not makin' love here."She gets dressed and zips up just as the other woman comes walking in the door. The dark-skinned **** wastes no time lunging at her betrayer. She drags the traitor across the warehouse to one of the big roll up doors and pushes her into the door, ********** her with all her might. Her revenge is violent, and she puts all of her anger and fury into her hands and onto the neck of the blond. The **** lord looks on in amusement.

    Finally collapsing under the weight of her attacker's grip, the blond falls to the cold concrete and fades into oblivion.The dark-skinned **** turns to the **** lord and asks him if he is going to fuck her again. "Maybe, if I want to," he responds.

    He points the gun at her once more and directs her to the other side of the warehouse and leans into her where she stands, pressed into the other roll up door. He tells her what a fine piece of ass she is. She grunts at him, "Pencil dick." This sets him off and his hands go to her neck and crush her throat. He nearly breaks her in half with the ***** of his anger. She can do nothing but gurgle. The sweat runs off her face, and her eyes bulge. Finally she falls to the ground, her least breath slowly seeping from her lips.

    The **** lord checks her over, fondling her one last time. He stands and says in an annoyed voice, "I hate working with fucking amateurs." He walks from the scene and out towards their car. Time to look for their stash of cash.

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
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    mpg388.02 MB

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    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    HorrorGasm -  Lord

    HorrorGasm -  Lord
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