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    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Clip Description

    Obey the voice – starring mahina zaltana & jake jace cost: $20.00 time: 23:06 minutes size: 597 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains:
    set up, dialogue, voice over, stalking, athletic ******, leggings fashion, surprise, ******, body drag, fondling, death by hand *************, escape attempt, multi position *************, death twitching, death stare, body handling, body positioning, body posing, ots carry, undressing, limp body, nudity, breast views, ass view, vaginal view, breast worship, ass spanking, vaginal worship, multi position necrophilia ****, taunting, body pans description: he always obeyed the voice, it was the only to keep it quiet. He followed the provocatively dressed woman to a deserted place, and obeyed the voice's instructions. Without warning grabbed the woman from behind and slammed her against a wall to stun her. He placed both hands around her slim throat and started ********** her. In a frightened voice she asks, "why are ******* me?", his reply was, "the voice told me to". Then he started ********** her again, but she was able to break free and almost escape. She tripped and he was able to get his hands around her throat again, and slowly ********* her to death. He carried her lifeless body out of sight ,and went home to wait for more instructions from the voice.

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv569.23 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice

    Psycho-Thrillers - Obey The Voice
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    Only The Lonely - Only the lonely – starring kacey lane & eric masterson cost: $16.00 time: 12:35 minutes size: 306 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: suspense set-up, home invasion, athletic fashion, young ******, surprise, suspension hand ********, death by suspension hand *************, death stare, neck bruise, drool, death twitching, limp body, body carrying, bare foot, foot view, partial nudity, undressing, vaginal views, ass views, ass worship, vaginal worship, body handling, body positioning, necrophilia ****, body pans description: a killer targets women who live alone or appear to live a life of loneliness.  He invades their homes and surprise attacks them and ********* them to death before undressing them and fucking the tightness of their warm cunts hard and as deep as he could before blowing a big wad of semen deep inside them.

    Death For Sale - BODY FOR SALE by Skeebo starring MAHINA ZALTANA & RIO Cost: $15:00
Time: 15:18 Size: 292 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Bondage, White Panties, Nudity, Near Escape, Lingerie, Death by Hand *************, Hand ******** Marks, Death Stare, Death Twitches, Drool, Extended Necrophilia ****, Breast View, Vaginal View, Ass View, Breast Worship, Begging & Pleading, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Pans, Body Pose

Editor’s Notes: If you like to get right to the point with a ****** ************* followed by strip and fucking the dead body, then you’ll love this one! Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: A slave master shows up at his door with a beautiful young **** in lingerie, her hands handcuffed behind her back. He ****** her to kneel in the businessman's living room. He inspects her like a horse he's going to buy, turning her head left and right to examine her face, examining her figure, stroking her hair. She endures it stoically. "I think she will please you well. She is 23. She's part Indian and Hawaiian. Her body size is 36C-24-36.  
"That's nice, but I'm looking for a **** who can take a good **********. Is she a fighter?"
"Oh, this one will give you a good workout"  
"Good, I'll take her." 
The slave master gives him the key to her handcuffs and departs. When they're alone, the **** begins to plead for her life. The man uncuffs her. She tries to stand and push away from him, but he's already got her in his grasp. She tries to escape, tearfully begging for him not to ******** her. They stumble forward then fall on the bed where he hand ********* her. She dies. When she's nothing but a twitching corpse, he fucks her to his heart's content and blows a steady stream of semen all over her hot, sexy plump ass. The slave master returns, picks up the limp remains, and takes her away.

    The Personal Trainer - The personal trainer – starring jennifer white & eric masterson cost: $29.00 time: 35:59 minutes size: 831 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: part of this production was shot in pov format.  Contains: set-up, dialogue, athletic fashion, young ****, housewife, innocent ******, voyeur views, pov views, home invasion, belly punching, facial punching, facial slapping, hair pulling, fondling, ****** undressing, nudity, taunting, ***********, surprise, body carrying, bare feet, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, foot views, vaginal fingering, vaginal worship, breast worship, ass worship, ass slapping, short hand *************, escape attempt, nipple twisting, rough breast groping, ****** gagging blow job, drooling blow job, live ****, ********/**** position, bondage, begging & pleading, terrorizing, death by violent hand *************, drool, death stare, death twitching, neck bruising, necrophilia ****, body pans  description: the camera guy turns on the camera, and it opens with them (camera guy and perp) in their car. The perp explains shortly that he's a janitor working at a fitness center. He gives a short description of when he was cleaning the personal trainers office, she walked in wanting to tone up for a modeling job, she was so hot and stuck up that all he could think about when she was talking is what kind of screams she'll give him when he rapes and beats her...So he pretended to be the trainer and arranged for himself to come to her place...He even went as far as saying she would be great in a fitness video for the gym, and she quickly agreed...He double checks with his camera guy that no matter what happens he wont talk or interfere with what's going to happen...Camera guy gives the thumbs up, he puts grabs a pair of handcuffs and a gun, and says lets go...They get out of the car and walk up to the home.
they walk up to the front door, and knock...She opens the door slowly at first, just poking her head out, recognizes the perp from the gym and invites him in...The perp pretends to be interested in what areas she wants to focus on, and while she's telling him she wants to keep her ass and abs  toned, the camera guy is zooming in getting an up close look at her body...She is dressed in tight form fitting yoga pants, a tank top that shows plenty of her midsection, hair in a pony tail, g-string panties and a skimpy bra. 
finally he cant take it any longer...He punches her in the stomach bringing her down, while she catches her breath he circles his ****** taunting her, telling her that she will strip for him, or she'll get beaten to death...She refuses at first saying fuck you, so he picks her up by her hair, punches her face a couple of times and then yells "strip", terrified she does as she's told...Once she gets down to her g-string panties he tells her to stop and orders her to spread her legs and put her hands on her head. He walks around her admiring his prize...He stops in front of her and starts to roughly grab her tits, sucking each nipple hard into his mouth making her squeal in pain...He slaps her in the face and tells her to tell him that she likes being ******...Then he tells her to bend over and grab her ankles...He starts kneading her ass like dough with a good hard slap making her squeal again...He then bends down and pulls the g-string to the side and plays with her pussy admiring how tight she has kept herself for him.  He reminds her that he'll kill her if she doesn't do as he says, and tells her to tell him that she wants him to empty his balls deep in her pussy...She says a tearful no, that she has been trying with her husband.
so he stands up, and with one hand he roughly grabs her by the pony tail and brings her up to his face, and with the other hand he holds her by the chin so she's looking right into his eyes, inches from her face, he tells her that he's going to fuck the life out of her instead then, then punches her in the face...Dazed and bleeding. He drags her to her couch, cuffs her hands behind her back & rips her panties off...He sits down and ****** her between his legs...Then grabs a handful of hair and ****** her head up to look at him and tells her that she has once chance to live, and that's if she can make him cum...She does her best, giving a sloppy, gagging, blowjob; but all the while he's telling her that she must want to die, not good enough...He grabs her tits and slaps her ass making her scream and cry through his cock...He tires of her efforts and grabs her by the pony tail and tells her she's worthless, and not fit to live...She's hysterical now crying and screaming as he's shoving her head up and down the entire length of his cock stopping at moments when her nose is touching his belly, then he'll yank her off to let her breath, and let the drool come out of her mouth, slapping her face while she screams and begs him not to kill her before he buries his cock back into her throat. 
satisfied he pulls her up, punches her in the stomach and carries her over his shoulder to her bedroom and throws her hard on the bed. While she's trying to catch her breath, taunts asking if she's ready to squeeze his cock when he ********* the life out of her, and that starts her screaming for help, and tries to escape, begging him to not kill her...He punches her in the face a few times to shut her up, bends her over face down ass up, gives her ass a couple of hard slaps...Then with one hand firmly gripping her hip, and the other yanking her head up by the hair, he slams his cock to the hilt causing a howl of pain from her...He pulls almost all the way out and then slams her for everything he's worth going faster and harder with each stroke making her scream with every thrust...He pulls out and takes off her cuffs...She's beaten and ***** to exhaustion at this point and doesn't put up much of a fight, but still tries to beg for her life...He then flips her over onto her back and resumes his assault, pounding her hard and fast...And this time he wraps his hands around her throat and violently ********* her while fucking her, taunting her, telling her to keep squeezing his cock...She kicks and thrashes while he's inside her, trying to scratch his face to get away, but it only infuriates him further, and he really pushes down shaking her like a little doll causing her bleeding face to turn red and eyes pop out, and he's growling with pleasure as she expires...The closer to death she is, and as the struggles get weaker, he starts pumping her harder and harder till she dies...He continues to ******** and gives her a few hard shakes to make sure she's gone, then flips her over face down ass up again and pounds her hard finishing inside her causing him to howl in pleasure...He pulls out, and the cum oozes out.

    Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 13 - Spy games black widow elimination 13 – starring bianca breeze, liv aguilar & eric masterson cost: $30.00 time: 46:11 minutes size: 999 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: liv’s neck is snapped but she is still alive.  She can only move her eyes so there are no technical eye blinking errors..  Contains: set up, dialogue, taunting, ***********, surprise, home invasion,  double **** kill, young ******, petite ******, mature ******, tall ******, gun play, undressing, seduction, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, boots fashion, bare feet, blow job, double live male ****, violent pistol whipping, male ******, paralysis via violent neck snap, undressing, nudity, stocking fashion, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, death by single gun shot, death by rope *************, ligature mark, drool, death twitching, death stare, limp body, body positioning, body handling, body posing, extensive necrophilia ****, multi position necrophilia ****, necrophilia blow job description: a retired black widow operative discovers the “decommissioning” of the current black widow female assassins, and even though she is not a target, she decides for her own peace of mind – and to revenge the murdered bw agents – to take out sardonis. She enlists the assistance of a younger rogue bw who was washed out of the program as too unstable, and they team to kill sardonis. They are at first successful, but then the tables are turned on both women.

    Death Poser 2 - DEATH POSER 2 starring MAHINA ZALTANA & RIO Cost: $14.00 
Time: 17:00 Size: 312 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Montage Set-up, Panties, Socks, Masturbation, Home Invasion, Surprise, Death by Toxic ********** Rag, Multiple Death Poses, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Body Positioning, Arm Carrying, Necrophilia Urination, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Undressing, Necrophilia Masturbation, Closed Eyes, Vaginal Worship

Editor’s Notes: If you like body posing and necrophilia, then you‘ll like this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Malhana plays a young woman enjoy herself with the quiet time she has alone. An intruder who had been inside the home, attacks her with a deadly ********** that snuffs out her life. The man fondles her body and poses her in many positions, stripping her and enjoy her cold form as he watches her body urinate across the room.

    Halloween When A Woman Loves A Woman - Halloween: when a woman loves a woman – starring jennifer white & anthony cost: $20.00 time: 21:42 minutes size: 522 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none.  Contains: set-up, dialogue, sequel flashback, detective murder, home invasion, masked killer, gloved killer, jeans fashion, young ******, suspense, surprise, death by upright suspension hand *************, death stare, death twitching, neck bruising, throat crush, arm carry, body handling, body positioning, body pose, body pans, fondling, undressing, nudity, limp hand cock stroking, necrophilia masturbation, breast views, vaginal views, ass views, breast worship, vaginal worship, bare feet, foot fetish worship, foot views, multi position necrophilia ****  description: a detective, bent on revenge for the murder of her partner and lover, detective change in halloween: detective death trap, she apologizes to her new partner for wanting to go solo in the search for michael. Not realizing that michael has just brought the fiery to her doorstep.  Hearing a knock at the door after expecting background files on michael, she answers the door only to see no one is there.  Cursing she closes the door only to be surprised by michael from behind who quickly grabs her by the neck, pins her against the door and lifts her off her feet.  She tries to fight back for herself and for her lover but the pressure on her throat is too much for her to repel and she gives in, allowing him to crush her throat.  She becomes another corpse for michael to play with and he takes her to a couch, fondles and exposes her body then savagely fucks her in multiple positions until he showers her sexy ass with lots of cream before leaving her there for her partner to find.

    Evil Agent  Fucked - EVIL AGENT STRANGLE-FUCKED starring AUDRIANNA & ALAN Cost: $19.00 Time: 17:17 Minutes Size: 284 HQ MPEG 640X480 – Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, **********, ******, Up-Skirt, Fondling, Nudity, Foot Views, Bondage, ********-**** Death, Sweat, Drool, Twitching, Body Pans, Vaginal View, Death Stares 

Editor’s Note: Audrianna was a treat to work with and we look forward to hearing your comments as to whether she will return. 

Description: Audrianna plays a secret agent who ordered the death of Nika in order to take credit for an information transfer. She had used Alan, an assassin as her killer and someone who carries no alliance for any side. After it was learned Audrianna was behind Nika’s public rest room murder, her operations boss sends the same agent to kill her, believing she would trust him; he was right. Audrianna drops her guard then gets dropped when Alan *********** her from behind. 

When she awakes, she is tied to the bed, face up with her legs spreads and her panties removed. Knowing she is about to die, she makes the request of wanting to have an orgasm before she is killed. Alan obliges and has sex with her after placing the nylon stocking around her throat. When he feels she has had enough pleasure, Alan starts to gradually tighten the nylon stocking, slowly ********** Audrianna, allowing little air to fill her lungs as the stocking tightens the close her comes to climaxing. 

When he is about to explode, there is no more air for Audrianna and her body starts to shiver and spasm in shock. Audrianna dies as Alan blows his spunk all mover her belly before giving her a final kiss, dressing and leaving her for the cleaners to pick up.

    Natural Born Killers 12 - Natural born killers 12: possession – starring tia cyrus, mahina zaltana & jake jace cost: $30.00 time: 41:38 minutes size: 999 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none contains: bondage, killer couple, young ******, sandals fashion, petite ****, ass spanking, terrorizing, begging & pleading, knife play, gun play, taunting, ****** undressing, clothing cutting & tearing, fondling, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, vaginal worship, vaginal fingering, extensive breast worship, extensive vaginal worship, tasering, ******, sexual ***** assault, live ****, ****** pussy eating, ****** gagging blow job, chair bondage, sitting pole chair ************* ******* by killer couple, terror urination, ligature mark, death stare, death twitching, body pan description: the perps roughly shoving the terrified and pleading ****** into a room at gunpoint with her hands bound behind her.  They rough her up and sexually assault her, while slowly stripping her, at times using a knife to cut away her clothing.  The couple sexually assaults her at gun and knife point, torturing her and tasering her for their wicked pleasure.  The violence escalates when they tie her up in a chair against a pole and take turns ********** her by turning a stick to tighten the rope that is wrapped tightly around the pillar.  During the *******, the couple takes tuns eating her pussy before the male shoves his cock down her throat, forcing her to gag and take it before fucking her deep and spraying his cum all over her belly.  With the sexual aspect of fun over, they shift their focus to tightening the rope and watching her ******** to death as the female killer greedily fondles and admires the victims beautiful pair of shapely tits.  They enjoy the ******’s twitch to its last before walking away hand in hand.

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