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    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Clip Description

    DOUBLE LESBIAN KILL 3 starring JESSE PALMER, MONICA JAMES & RIO Cost: $24.00 Time: 36:33 Size: 280 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Lesbian Scene, ******, Home INVASION, **********, ***** Assault, Double Arm Carry, Fondling Undressing, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Foot Views, Bare Feet, Double **** Kill, Death by Table Throat Crush, Drool, Death Stare, Voyeur Views, Surprise, Death by Nylon *************, Necrophilia Blow Job, Necrophilia Breast Sex, Necrophilia ****, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Ligature Marks

    Editor’s Notes: A double **** kill. The movie ends at 36 minutes but may go on for 39 minutes with a black spot after the movie ends. Does not impact the movie. This is Monica James movie debut Description: Jesse and Monica play a couple of ***** living in a home. They talk for awhile before Monica asks if Jesse can rub her back. The retire to the bedroom where, as Jesse is massaging Monica she confesses to having an attraction for Monica. When Monica does not resist or show reluctance, Jesse makes her move and ends up sucking Monica’s chocolate pussy into her mouth. It is Monica’s first time and she wraps her long legs around Jesse and comes in her mouth. Jesse leaves to grab a bite to eat while Monica ******. Some time later the door bell rings. There is a man claiming to be a census taker at the door. Hearing about census workers going around the neighborhood, she easily welcomes him inside while she walks away to throw on a robe. Before she can take a few steps her attacks her from behind, forcing a toxic cloth over her mouth and nose. Jesse struggles and tries to scream but the man holds her in place until the toxin takes effects. Moments later, Jesse is ***********.

    Her attacker closes the door then arm carries Jesse to a table where he fondles her sexy little ass before removing her bikini bottoms then her top. Jesse awakes prematurely and catches the attacker off guard. He grabs the back of head and starts to ***** her throat against the table as she struggles to get up. Jesse can only gag and struggle for her next breath. After a quick moment, her attacker manages to crush her throat against the table’s edge several times. Jesse drools and dies.

    Her attacker ****** his cock into her mouth and fucks her cute little face until he comes. He pulls out, leaving a trail of saliva and semen to drip to the floor. The pulls Jesse on top of him at the couch and holds her, admiring her body and her lifeless form before arm carrying her and placing her on the couch. He grabs his rag ready to pounce on any other victims in the residence.

    Monica ***** up and opens the bedroom slide door to grab fresh air as she always does just before the sun sets. With the air conditioner lazing she does not hear the killer sneaking in behind her. Putting away the rag, he finds a nylon stocking ******* out one of the drawers and decides to use it. He sneaks up on Monica and quickly wraps the nylon around her throat from behind. Before Monica can scream he pulls her backwards until they both crash on the bed behind them.

    Monica immediately starts to kick and thrash wildly, trying to breathe and escape at the same time. She claws at the cord and puts up an energetic fight but in the end she succumbs, her body shivering as drool explodes from her throat pipe all over her chocolate chest. The killer pumps away until he is sure she’s dead then rolls her off to the side. He admires her body for a moment then decides to fuck her small breasts. His cock hard, he cocks her long legs over his shoulders and fucks her passionately before flipping her into a doggie style position where he climaxes deep inside her tight muffin. He pulls out and throws her to the side and drags her body until it ***** halfway off the bed. As he dresses, she urinates on the bed and the floor.

    Clip Duration:      39 minutes
    Format Size
    mpg521.68 MB

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    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3

    Psycho-Thrillers - Double Lesbian Kill 3
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    Eviction Premise 3 - EVICTION PREMISE 3 starring NADIA NIGHT & SLADE Cost: $16.00
Time: 16:42 Size: 307 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Business Woman, Up skirt, White Panties, Death by Hand *************, Surprise, Death Stare, Drool, Hand ******** Marks, Slow Neck Snap, Rag Doll Dragging, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Necrophilia Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Necrophilia Urination, Rag Doll Posing, Torn Blouse, Nudity 

Editor’s Notes: If you love jealous rage killings with lots of necrophilia and body ***********, then you’ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: Nadia Night plays a real estate agent trying to sell a home at a discount; her only problem is she doesn’t know whom she is selling the home to. Slade plays the former home owner whom the agency never knew about. He first acquired the home during the real estate boom when agents never checked the actual credentials of prospective buyers so Slade was allowed to purchase the home using false information.

Nadia never caught on until it was too late. Once he had his hands wrapped tightly around her throat, he confessed his purpose. Nadia tries to break away but cannot and ends up becoming the third ****** of a deranged maniac. He drags her out of the pool of yellow piss she created during her battle for her next breath and lays her on the floor, tearing her blouse open to expose her big firm tits. He fills him lonely time with her presence, licking, eating and tasting her pussy, her soft body. He takes photos with the corpse and ends up driving with her across the city. No one noticed she was dead but he had a great time posing and *********** her.

    Corruptions Finest 4 - Contains: Montage Set-Up, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Surprise Confrontation, Hand ************* to Unconsciousness, Bondage, ******, Arm Carry, Undressing, Nudity, Death by Steel Cable *************, Live Urination, Drool, Death Stare, Red Face, Slow Neck Snap, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Picture Taking, Breast Views, Ass Views, Bare Foot, Foot Views, White Panties, Body Pans

Description: Monica plays the ******** of slain DA Teresa Douglas who was targeted for elimination by Terrence, a **** lord in Los Angeles. What wasn’t known was although the DA was successfully killed, Terrence, in a demonstration of his power, chose to wipe out all of Teresa’s seed. As Monica marks the anniversary of her ******’s death, o e of Terrence’s henchmen has just learned where she lives. Once he receives the go-ahead from Terence, he races over to her home.

Monica was about to go for a drive when she is confronted by the hit man. Their eyes lock before he grabs her by the throat, ****** her inside and hand ********* her into unconsciousness. When she ***** up, she is clad only in underwear and her hands are tied underneath her long legs. The hit man explains why she is going to die and gives her chance to pray as he wraps the steel cord around her neck.

Monica can only spasm, jerk and flail her feet as he pulls the cable tight and watches her lose her life. Monica works up a sweat, her face turning red as she spits up drool and urinates on the floor. The hit man pumps on her to make sure she’s gone then exposes her breasts. He sits her up and slowly snaps her neck with his powerful hands then takes photos of her body for Terrence’s personal souvenirs as well as his own trophy case. He drives the body over to one of Terrence’s hideouts. Terrence inspects the body and carries her in his arms as the hit man shakes his head and packs up to leave.

    Crime  Punishment - Crime & punishment  – starring jaye austin & talon cost: $15.00 time: 12:20 minutes size: 299 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none. Contains: dialogue, necrophilia theme, discolored death face, discolored lips, death stare, ligature mark, young ******, taunting, limp body, body handling, body positioning, body pose, body pans, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, multiple position necrophilia ****, description: a successful investment broker enters his home after a long but fruitful day in the financial market and unwinds by walking into his bedroom to play with a female dead body, killed by his hands…brought down mercilessly hard when he found out she was the one who killed his ********.  It was hard for him to accept at first…they were close friends and colleagues.  She claimed as he attacked her that his ********’s death had been an accident…that she was trying to find a way to tell him but he wouldn’t listen and kept pulling the strap tighter and tighter until he cut off all avenues for her to ever speak again.  Her doom certain, he just had to hold her down until her violent thrashing came to a standstill…now her apology was accepted.  He used her presence to get off on her dead body, to confess and taunt her, then fuck her while her body was still good.  Once he emptied his load he always felt better…since taking her down he has been more productive at work and now looks forward to plowing through her tight pussy at least until she is too decomposed to withstand.

    Airless Heiress - AIRLESS HEIRESS Time: 37:07 (Interview is approx 13 minutes) Size: 520 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Tease, Several Short Rough Hand *********, Natural Red Face, Sexual Content, Consensual Sex, Live ****, Necrophilia ****, Death by Slow Telephone Charger *************, Nudity, Undressing, MF Oral Sex, FM Oral Sex, Nylon Stockings, Corset, Fondling, Vaginal Views, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Worship, Breast Worship, Body Positioning, Body Posing, Drool, Death Stare, Spasms, Foot Views, Sweat, Body Pans, Ligature Marks, Taunting

Editor’s Notes: The sex and ************* depicted in this movie is very, very rough and real as Dani likes it this way. Also there is a 12-13 minute interview that is very candid and very revealing about the real Dani Jensen! 

Description: Dani plays a bitchy, wealthy heiress who loves throwing parties for herself with *****'s money. At one such party, she starts dancing with a guy she has never seen before. She is dressed in a short skirt, slinky top and sexy heels. They start flirting and decide to take the party privately to one of her mansion's many bedrooms. The movie picks up when she changes into a corset with stockings and heels. 
She starts blowing him for awhile and they start having missionary style sex. She asks him to ***** her so he does but starts getting carried away. He wraps both hands around her small throat and starts viciously ********** her. She claws and gags and after a minute or two is able to push him off after clawing his eye.

He chases her across the bedroom and grabs her by the waist throwing her against an arm chair. He bends her over it and grabs the electrical cord from a phone charger sitting next to him. He wraps it three times around her throat and pulls it tight as he enters her from behind. (She still has her heels, stockings, and top of lingerie on.) He proceeds to ravage and ******** her for seven minutes before she finally succumbs to him. By the end, she is nearly purple, tongue protruding out with saliva flying from her lips with each of his thrusts. She gags and claws at her throat to the last breath. 

After he is finished, he lifts her on the bed and puts her hands around each end of the cord still wrapped around her neck. It looks as though she is still trying to ******** herself in death. He writes a note to her ****** saying "Pay Us What You Owe." She is left there for her ****** to find as the assassin from a rival corporation leaves out the front door.

    HOUSE SITTING NIGHTMARE 1 - House Sitting Nightmare Part1:  Starring: LILLY RADER,  JACK VEGAS,  AARON WILCOX  Cost: $30.99  Time: 46:55 Minutes  Size: 1.39GB 

A young girl is house sitting because family went on vacation. She calls her friend from the outside pool area where she is sun bathing and bragging about the nice house she is watching. Somebody knocks on door, she ends her call and goes open the door. Two men were standing outside, they are the Emerson’s brothers and Riley’s using them for repairs around the house.  She gives them an envelope with instructions the Riley’s left and returns outside again to sun bathe.  

The brothers watch her from distance while she is tanning and admiring her body. One of them asks for drink, but she turned him away. After they fix the sprinklers they went ask for money which young girl told them she don’t have any so they need to ask Riley’s for it in couple weeks.

The brothers leave pissed because they need the money and they don’t like how she was treating them. One of them knows the alarm code, they plan to come back and get their revenge.  They waited until the girl left the house to brake in and set up their revenge trap.

When young girl returned from shopping, one of the brother’s is sitting on the couch drinking a beer.  The girl got freaked out and she was mad that he was in house. He told her he knows the code from Riley’s and he found the envelope Riley’s left for them but there was no money in it. He is telling her she was a bad girl and she deserves to be punishment. The girl starts backing up but runs into the other brother. She knees his balls and starts to runs away. They catch up to her and bring her to the living room. 

She is demanding them to let her go. She spits in one of the guys face, he spits back into her face and punches her in her stomach.  She dropped down to her knee, and that’s where they want her to be.

One of the brothers*********her with knife so she will cooperate. They pull out there dicks and starts there******* ****, their revenge.

They forced her to blow them by pulling her hair aggressively and ***** her back and forth.  They pushed her down on her stomach,****** her to blow one of them while the other one pulled her panties aside and finger fucked her. 

Then they switched, one of them pulled her panties off and start fucking her from behind where the other one fucked her mouth, fish hook her,*****her with his fingers and dick until she puke.  

They switch several times, put her down on her back and continued taking turns on destroying her pussy and gagging her,******* her, making her throw up numerous times.

The young girl begged them to let her go, apologizing and crying but the brothers didn’t care.

Both guys cum inside her pussy and fill her up. When the girl thought her ********* is over, she was wrong. There fun is about to begin. Both guys grabbed her hands and legs and carry her away to continue their revenge.

    Death Poser 2 - DEATH POSER 2 starring MAHINA ZALTANA & RIO Cost: $14.00 
Time: 17:00 Size: 312 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Montage Set-up, Panties, Socks, Masturbation, Home Invasion, Surprise, Death by Toxic ********** Rag, Multiple Death Poses, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Body Positioning, Arm Carrying, Necrophilia Urination, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Ass Views, Undressing, Necrophilia Masturbation, Closed Eyes, Vaginal Worship

Editor’s Notes: If you like body posing and necrophilia, then you‘ll like this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Malhana plays a young woman enjoy herself with the quiet time she has alone. An intruder who had been inside the home, attacks her with a deadly ********** that snuffs out her life. The man fondles her body and poses her in many positions, stripping her and enjoy her cold form as he watches her body urinate across the room.

    Death Poser - DEATH POSER starring LANA VIOLET & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $15.00 
Time: 15:00 Size: 275 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-up, Dialogue, Home Invasion, Surprise, **********, ***** Assault, Undressing, Nudity, Death by Neck Snap, Death Stare, 10 Death Poses, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Foot Views, Ass Worship, Double Arm Carrying, Body Dragging, Body Falling, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Pans, Body Posing, Masturbation, Necrophilia Urination, Limp Arm Play, Rough Rolling

Editor’s Notes: If you love extended limp body and rag doll play, then you‘ll love this one. Filmed in HD! Description: Lana plays a ******** returning home after running away from home. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut because she discovered Lana and her ***** in bed together, even though it wasn’t her fault. Her ****** thinks she’s a slut to be used and ******. Lana’s parents aren’t home so she leaves a message that she’ll return if certain conditions apply. After ******* up she decides to wait around. She becomes bored and masturbates in different sections of the bedroom. As she nears an orgasm, an intruder who had been inside the home, attacks her with **********, rendering her ***********. The man fondles her body the sits her up and snaps her neck as she tries to fight back. She has now become the ****** of the DEATH POSER! He poses her in many positions, stripping her and taking pictures of her as he goes along until there is nothing left but for her to urinate.

    Star Struck 2 Does No Mean Yes - Star struck 2: does no mean yes? – Starring mackenzie scott & aaron wilcox cost: $20.00 time: 38:10 minutes size: 875 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s notes: none.  Contains: set-up, dialog, shoe fashion, celebrity privilege, drugging, young ****, innocent ******, redhead ******, petite ******, ******, sexual ***** assault, fondling, undressing, nudity, breast views, vaginal views, ass views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, arm carrying, taunting, live ****, confrontation, threatening, violence, death via garrote *************, drool, death stare, death twitching, ligature marks  description: a young is star struck when she is driven to a private location t meet her favorite celebrity, an actor named philip kent, a world renown talent.  Star struck she can’t believe she is occupying the same space as mr. Kent, nevertheless, a private space.  They talk then he mixes a ***** with ***** so when she ********** he will sexually assault her.  Before she goes under she refuses his advances and ***** up in his bed completely naked except for shoes and demands an explanation.  He lies and tells her she wanted to ***** with him but she refuses to believe it and tells him she believes he spiked her ***** and threatens to take the glass to the police.  Her threat changes his face to one of evil selfishness and he grabs her by the throat and slams her to the bed.  They fight and she tries to escape only to fall into the loop of his garrote. He pulls it tight and pulls her back until she is pinned against hi,. She fights and thrashes like heck but cannot escape her inevitable death and begins to slow as the cord slowly drains her of life.  He pours it on and watches torrents of saliva eject from her mouth as she goes into shock, breaks down and dies.  He makes sure she is dead then calls his personal assistant to remove the body.  If the ***** are upset but leave, not being able to prove anything, philip will allow them to leave knowing the masses won’t believe he was ever capable of doing such a thing but if they threaten to end his career with hard evidence, those threats bring out the evil within him.

    I Finally Fucked You 11 - I FINALLY FUCKED YOU 11 – starring SIENNA DAY & BARRETT BLADE 1: Go to http://nicheclips****/shop.php?store_id=22 Cost: $24.00 Time: 24:01 Size: 564 HQ MB WMV 1280X720 – Contains: Montage Set-Up, Dialogue, Athletic Clothing, Blonde ******, Young ****, Exercise Scenario, Towel Fetish, Sweat Fetish, Surprise, ******** To *****, ******, Sexual ***** Assault, Body Toss, Body Pans, Fondling, Undressing, Sweaty Body, Body Toweling, Live ****, Death by Towel *************, Death Stare, Ligature Mark, Drool, Death Twitching, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Vaginal Worship, Ass Worship, Body Worship  Editor’s Notes: None. Description: A young woman turns down a request from her athletic trainer to see each other on a personal level but it turns into murder when he attacks, rapes and ********* her in her own bedroom the next day.

    Dial M For Murder - DIAL M FOR MURDER starring NICOLE MOORE & JOHNNY CASTLE Cost: $9.00 Time: 11:15 Minutes Size: 210 HQ MPEG 640X480 – Contains: Brief Set-Up, Surprise, Hand ******** to Unconsciousness, Body Positioning, ******, Fondling, Undressing, Live ****, Death by Clothing Belt *************, Boots, Full Body Urination, Ligature Marks, Body Pans, Death Stare, Editor’s Note: If you like large-breasted or MILF victims, this is the one for you!
Description: Nicole doesn’t know it yet but her husband has put out a contract on her life for threatening to divorce him and take half of his finances. The killer grabs the key her husband planted beneath the door mat and enters the home as Nicole talks on the phone. When she is finished speaking and ***** up, she is suddenly attacked from behind.

Nicole struggles with her attacker then suddenly reaches for the knife on the counter but the killer grabs her hand and ****** it away. The killer then focuses his attack on Nicole, ******* her into unconsciousness then fondling and undressing her. The killer ********* her with the belt from her house dress then has sex with her as she nears death. Nicole struggles, kicking dishes around in hopes someone might hear but she loses the battle and no one comes to her aid. The killer stands over her for a moment then exits the home, leaving her to urinate all over her kitchen.

    Bagging - ****** **** bagging – on dead play – starring esmi lee & richie calhoun cost: $20.00 time: 23:14 minutes size: 596 mb hq hd 1280x720 editor’s note: none. Contains: set-up, dialogue, ****** **** theme, black pantyhose fashion, self-inflicted bagging, dildo play, masturbation, ******/******** ****** theme, death by accidental bagging ***********, body handling, body positioning, body posing, fondling, undressing, nudity, pantyhose tearing, breast views, ass views, vaginal views, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, multi position necrophilia ****, death stare, limp body, body pans.  Description: a young ****** **** plays a sexy but danger game of masturbation during ***********, gets trapped and dies when she cannot loosen the knot behind her head. Her ****** walks in on her dead twitching body but instead of immediately calling for medical assistance, he decides to get a taste what he’s been secretly lusting for.

    Money - BLOOD MONEY starring LEA LEXIS, JUSTIN SYDER, ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $17.00 Time: 21:04 Size: 341 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Set-Up, EXTREME HORROR, ***** Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Views, Dialogue, Punching *******, Gloved Killers, Knife Play, Blouse Cutting, ****** Nudity, Bondage, Gag, Hand *************, Live ****, Crying & Pleading, Terrorizing, Death By Nylon *************, *****, Necrophilia Urination, Body Pans, Fondling, POV, Ligature Marks, Body Handling, Death Stare

Editor’s Notes: If you like to see the ****** getting beaten before being ***** and ********* then you’ll like this one. This is one of our initial attempts to dive deeper into EXTREME HORROR elements. Also Lea has some good tongue action and a great death stare look into the killer’s eyes. Took my breath away! Description: Lea plays a fun-loving alcoholic who happens to win the 100 million dollar lottery. The first people she tells are her drinking buddies Justin and Anthony which turns out to be a fatal mistake. While she is in the bathroom taking a dump, they plot to not only take some of her winnings, but all of it before she signs the back of her winning lottery card.

The scene cuts into the kitchen where she is already in bondage and gagged. Justin yells at her, threatening and demanding the know where she hid the ticket. He removes her taped gag but she does not respond so he gags her and beats her. Lea fights back, kneeing Justin in the groin twice before he knees her in the jaw and takes her down. He catches his breath then punches her several more times in the mouth then removes the gag to reveal *****-soaked lips. Still refusing to talk, he grabs his knife and terrorizes her with it before tearing her top apart, exposing her large breasts.

Justin pulls down his pants and rapes her, fucking her in hopes of forcing a confession out of her but she still doesn’t break. She leaves him little choice. While Anthony is tearing apart Lea’s home in search of the ticket, Justin decides to end it all. He wraps a nylon stocking of hers around her neck and ********* her. Lea bucks and fights and twitches until she is gone, drool and ***** streaming out the side of her mouth. Minutes later Anthony finds the lottery ticket and the two take off. Justin returns moments later to watch Lea urinate. Soon he will take her to the hills and bury her then cash her ticket to become a rich man.

    Casting Call 5 - Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, **********, Surprise, Young ****, ***** Sex Assault, Undressing, Fondling, Nudity, Breast Worship, Breast Views, Vaginal Views, Live **** & ********, Death by Nylon *************, Two Position *************, Drool, Death Stare, Death Twitching, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necrophilia ****, Arm Carrying, OTS Carrying, Bare Feet, Foot Views, Neck Snap, Necrophilia Urination, Ass Views, Body Pans

Editor’s Notes: If you like the luring of young ***** into a trap then raping and ********** them and playing with their dead bodies, then you’ll love this one. 

Description: Kodi Jane plays a curious young **** who attends a casting call for erotic horror but turns out to be a homemade snuff film. They ask her questions that start to probe into her sexual life. Wanting to be nice, she answers their questions unaware that they are getting turned on with their lewd questions. They make her relax about the audition, explaining that the toxin on the rag isn’t real.

One of them slaps it on her face while his partner pretends to give directions for her. Of course Kodi is too busy fighting to really breathe and she **********, feeling strong hands exposing her tits and groping them. They fondle and explore her soft body and her ample treasures before one of them slips her panties to the side and begins to fuck her. He takes out a nylon stocking from his pocket and wraps it around her neck as he plows through her, waking her up when she can’t breathe. Kodi begins to put up a fight, clawing at the cord then trying to push him away. Angry, he takes her down to the floor, still on top of her. 

Kodi continues to fight, losing her sneakers in the process, her bare feet clenching and twisting in agony. Kodi’s eyes begin to roll up and her tongue protrudes slightly as a trail of saliva slides down her mouth. The killer pumps on her as the cameras record their every move. Kodi’s fighting is reduced to involuntary twitching as her body begins its reluctant surrender. Soon Kodi is gone, unable to fight him off, her arms fall in defeat. Still he continues to pump and pull hard on the nylon until he is sure then releases her. He finishes what he started by continuing his vaginal assault, fucking her until he climaxes inside her. 

He pulls out then sits her up and snaps her neck for good measure. He arm carries her for the cameras, parading his trophy and is followed by his partner who throws her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and poses for the cameras. They drop her to the couch then bring out the disposal bag and place her on it. Kodi urinates after they position her, preparing to dump her body 100 miles from the kill site.

    Cougar Town - Contains: Brief Set-Up, Suspense, Surprise, Death by Nylon *************, Ligature Marks, Drool, Fondling, Undressing, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Necrophilia ****, Full Body Necrophilia Urination, Foot Views, Body Pans, Death Stare, Foot Views, Body Posing, Editor’s Note: If you like large-breasted or MILF victims, this is the one for you!
Description: Nicole is the ****** of a home invasion. After hearing noises within her home she calls 911 and tries to hide until police arrive. When she sticks her head out from under the table, she is suddenly attacked. Nicole struggles to a table where she lies face down and struggles, her feet thrashing everywhere until she dies. Once the killer makes sure she’s gone, he turns her over, fondles and undresses her body then has sex with her, thrusting in and out of her then leaving her there to urinate over the comfort table.

    Day 28 - DAY 28 starring MARIE McCray & JACK VEGAS Cost: $17.00 Time: 16:54 Size: 322 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, Dialogue, Begging & Pleading, Facial Hit, Knock Down, Dog Collar ***********, Dog Crawl ***********, Cock Cleaning ***********, Nudity, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Breast Worship, Live ****, Domination, Submissive ******, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Posing, Body Pans, Surprise, Death by Dog Leash *************, *********, Socks, Death Stare, Drool, Necrophilia Urination, Quick Neck Snap, Necrophilia ****, Terrorizing, Bruised Face, Crying, Rough Body Roll, Public Body Disposal, Ligature Marks

Editor’s Notes: Marie McCray is back! Our TV effects were grainy so we excluded it from the movie. 

Description: The killer is sitting on the couch watching TV along with his latest ******, a young ****. He is holding onto a dog leash which is connected to his ******’s young neck. It is day 28 of her captivity. He commands her to get his ***** and she does, crawling like a little puppy over to him and handing him his alcohol. He swallows it then tells her to turn around. She turns around and he slowly pans her body with his eyes. He tells her to turn around to face him. "Please mister, no more, I can't take it" He gets up and back slaps her and she falls to the floor crying. "Get up!" Crying she gets up and he grabs her throat. "Never tell me what to do again, ok?" She cries and nods nervously and he throws her to the couch. She covers her face as she cries and he looks at her. He strokes his cock "Look at it!" He commands.
She does. He grabs her panties and roughly pulls them away from her tight little pussy and spreads her legs; its time! 
He fucks her as she tries not to cry. Tell me what I want to hear!" He says.
"You're the best fuck I ever had"
"You're the biggest I ever had"
"Your cock is so big!"
"I worship you!"
"I live to serve only you!"
After that he comes. Can my cock" se does with a towel, crawling to the opposite end of the living room on the leash then comes back with a towel. As she cleans his cock, he calmly talks to her. "The police are getting close. They are searching the area for you." She tries to hold back her tears. "I am going to have to release you.” He places a hand on her shoulder and turns her so she is kneeling with her back to him. "You've been a good ****. You did everything I said." He readies the leash in his hand. "Now you can go home to your mommy and *****" 
"But, but I told you my parents died 2 years ago"
"I know." with that he quickly ********* her, pulling her up on top of him. He ********* her to death then roughly rolls her away from him. He checks her pulse and decides to ******** her a bit more by sitting her up on the floor. She twitches a few times then stops when he quickly snaps her neck to make sure she’s gone. Seconds later, she urinates, her piss filling the glass on the table a short distance away. He flips her over she she's in a doggie position on the floor then he fucks her from behind until he climaxes a second time. He drives 20 miles into another town, finds an abandoned driveway and dumps her body there, kissing her good-bye several times before reluctantly leaving her.

    Ex Wife   And  - EX-WIFE TORTURE **** & STRANGULATION starring LEA LEXIS & ANTHONY HARDWOOD Cost: $25.00  Time: 32:06 Size: 473 HQ MPEG 720X480 – Contains: Set-Up, EXTREME HORROR, Candid Shots, Bikini, Surprise, Home Invasion, Hit ***********, OTS Carry, Breast Views, Ass Views, Vaginal Views, Sexual ***** Assault, Live ****, Necrophilia ****, Fondling, Undressing, Nudity, Bare Feet, Terrorizing, Gun Play, Dialogue, Gloved Killer, Hand ************* to ***********, Death By Cord *************, Necrophilia Urination, Body Pans, Bruised Ligature Marks, Slow Neck Snap, Death Stare, Rag Doll Toss, Body Handling, Body Positioning, Body Posing

Editor’s Notes: This film contains nearly everything you’d want to see in an erotic horror movie. Description: Lea plays a bad **** ex-wife who refuses to sell the house as part of their divorce settlement, thus leaving her husband with little money to use. Instead of using his money to survive the streets for a few months, he uses it to hire a hit man to take out his ex-wife. After she trashes his lawyer on the phone she walks back inside to find a man with gun sitting in her living room. Instead of fearing for her life she challenges the man, asking why he is there and telling him she doesn’t keep ***** or money in her home. When the man approaches her she removes a shoe and throws it at him. She removes her second shoe and gets ready to throw it when he pounces on her and hits her over the head his the handle of his gun, knocking her ***********. He then carries her over his shoulder into one of her bedrooms. 

He does what his employer told him to do, to fondle and strip her and make it look like a home invasion murder. He fondles her through her bathing sit then removes it, exposing her large natural tits. He plays with them and stimulates her pussy. She groans then ***** up to find herself in the presence of her attacker. She is terrified and tries to escape but he holds her down and hand ********* her . Lea puts up a fierce struggle but is ********* ***********. He plays with her sexy body again and gets his cock hard. She is still ******** off the effects of the ************* as he works his cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy is incredibly tight as he plows through her, waking her up again.

Lea cries and pleads with her attacker and tries to get away but cannot. Tired of her struggles, he places the gun in her mouth and warns her to be quiet. He fucks her for a long time, placing the gun at her tits, in her face as he fucks her doggie style. Once he has worked them both into a sweat he pulls a garrote out his pocket and suddenly ********* her with it, forcing her back on top of him. Lea is a fighter and struggles for her life but the more she struggles the tighter the garrote becomes until her breathing is completely cut off. Lea twitches and spasms, drool bubbling out her mouth as her tongue begins to protrude outward. The killer watches her body twitch and holds the cord tight until he is convinced she is gone.

He sits her up and slowly twists her neck until it snaps to make sure. He then moves her head around, hearing the neck bones crackle then throws her off to the side. He fucks her open mouth then fucks Lea’s dead body fiercely and passionately until he reaches the climax she deserves. He throws her body off to the side and dresses as she urinates. With Lea dead, the home will automatically default to her ex-husband, as detailed in her last will and testament that she never got the opportunity to change.

Victoria Lawson Interview!
Cost: $19.00 Time: 20:56 Size: 384 HQ MPEG 720X480 – 
Contains: Dialogue, ***** Assault, Fondling, Undressing, Partial Nudity, Breast Views, White Panties, Up=Skirt, Bondage, ****** Gagging Blow Job, Bad **** Defiance, Limited Beating, **** Resistance, Death By Nylon Stocking *************, Cock Squeezing During ******** Struggle, Facial Discoloration, Death Stare, Twitching, Triumph Stand, Necrophilia Kick Body, Slow Neck Snap, Camel Toe, Full Body Urination, Body Positioning, Body Handling, Body Roll, Body Pose 

Editor’s Notes: For those who like a young **** who is an innocent ****** but also a bag **** in the most intense fight for her life, then you’ll love this one. Has some new details added so looking for your honest constructive feedback. Description: : Victoria has been ********* in her own home by a bookie’s henchman because her husband skipped town without paying the money he owes them. After repeated attempts to call and collect, they decide to take what he’s left behind, his wife! A fighter herself, Victoria does not go down easily as her attacker tries to humiliate her by forcing her to give him a blow job with the false promise of leaving her alone and allowing her to live. Not having much choice, Victoria complies but threatens him with death when her husband returns.

After he ****** her to finish blowing him, she tries to fight him and ends up being ****** to her feet to face a tough *************. She fights her way down to the floor where she tries to say she’s sorry as the nylon tightens around her throat. What happens over the next long minutes is one of the most intense strangulations. Her attacker realizes he has his hands full trying to control Victoria and keep her in a position he can leverage to ******** her into darkness. He starts to win as Victoria slows down, her soft hands drifting to his sensitive balls and stroking him, making his cock harder as she spasms and urinates all over the cold hard floor. Soon the loud defiant voice that filled her garage is no more. Her attacker has taken her down for good and slowly snaps her neck to make sure. He stands over her before leaving her wet pale form there to rot.

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