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    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Clip Description

    CUSTOM VIDEO (Shooter game stylization)

    The Game

    Starring: Natalie.


    We present to your attention a new custom clip - "The Game"!

    This clip is addressed to all fans of shooting scenes. Especially for you there are 10 various shooting scenes with digital *****, including head shot and the unexpected final. The feature of this clip is that it is stylized under computer game - feel yourself as the hero of a computer shooter!

    You've never seen so sexual opponent like in this game!

    So, are you ready to play?..

    Let's go! Begin the battle!

    Fetish elements: 10 shooting scenes, shooter game stylization, quality digital ***** effects, look from the first person, death stare, erotic reaction and sounds, head shot, unexpected final, topless, black panties, stockings, heels.

    Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

    Run Time: 13:11 minutes
    File Size: 424 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4424.91 MB

    Select Format

    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game

    Mandragora Video Production - The Game
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    Attempted murder - CUSTOM CLIP

Starring: Yasnara


A hitwoman has a mission to enter at the apartment of businessman and kill him, but everything goes wrong when she starts searching and can’t find him. She searches everywhere, but there is nobody inside, than she finally goes to the living room, where he sneaks behind her with a chloroform and starts to put to sleep her. She starts to resist and kicking with legs to release, but he is very strong and she can’t do anything. 
Little by little she becomes weaker, he puts her down on the floor and finally the chloroform defeats her and she falls asleep. The businessman starts to looking her while she is unconscious, then he grabs her in his hands and carries on the bed. She starts to make noises, he begins to stroke her on her forehead to calm her, finally she is relaxed. Then he puts her in a seated position on the bed and starts to take off her black polo neck shirt and bra slowly until she is naked on tits. Now he strokes her another time on her forehead, then he grabs her and lifts her on legs. He plays a little bit with her then takes her in his hands, carries her to the bedroom and puts her another time on the bed in sleep position. Then he grabs her legs from the floor and moves them on the bed too. 
Now he starts to remove her shoes slowly one by one. First he unties the first shoe and slowly removes it, now he takes off the first nylon sock until she is with one barefoot. Then he proceeds to take off the other shoe, he takes off the other sock. Now he takes off her leather pants until she is completely naked only with her bikini on the body. 
She makes now a noise and turns back on the bed with the butt ups. He turns her body back and puts her in a seated position to dress her with the pyjamas. When she is dressed, he puts her to sleep. Then he goes to the door of the bedroom to exit but suddenly she wakes up and attacks him to fight but he is very good defending himself and punches her in the face, and before she falling on the floor he grabs her and puts on the bed in sleep position. He covers her body to not have cold and to sleep relaxed. He takes all her clothes, the shoes and the socks from the floor, strokes her forehead for last time, and exit the bedroom locking her from outside that she can’t escape. 
After a few times she wakes up and goes to open the door of the bedroom to exit but she finds that the door is locked and there is no escape, now she knows that she is helpless and sits down on the floor and starts crying.
After some time a mystery person appears in the apartment and opens the bedroom door. She runs out taking off her pyjamas tries to find her clothes and to leave. But this person has other plans - she gets 5 shots from a silenced pistol and falls on the floor.

Fetish elements: shooting – 5 shots in the belly and in the chest (the shooting scene takes more than 3 minutes), gun with silencer, topless, chloroform, knockout, undressing, dressing up, taking off the shoes and the socks, a lot of manipulations with the body (carrying, turning, sitting, stroking), a lot of views of feet, bare feet, blood effects, black leather tied pants (leggings), black polo neck shirt, black panties, high heel shoes, nylon socks. 

Format: .mp4 

Resolution: Full HD

    Fsm2 - FSM2


Fight Scenes Mix. Episode 2.

Starring: Yasnara and Natalie.


This is the second part of big custom video - Fight Scenes Mix. It is even more erotic than the first part and consists of several shooting scenes. The clip is addressed to all fans of shooting scenes!

Fetish elements: a lot of different shooting scenes with two actress, erotic poses, very erotic *****’ reactions and voices, digital ***** effects, gun (not laser), death stare, topless, the turning of the body, beautiful actresses, sexy tight dress, black miniskirt and white blouse, black stockings, black panties, heels. 

Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

Format: .mp4

Time: 12:39 min

Size:  426 Mb
 Price: 12.00
 Run Time: 12:39 minutes
 File Size: 426 MB     Format: .MP4
 Category: Default
 Updated: November 30 2015 3:59 am

    Wars 4 - Starring: Natalie.


“Mandragora” studio presents for your attention a new clip from the “***** wars” series. It’s the fourth part of the well-known shooting-series. And like all clips of this series the fourth part has its own characteristics – of course, you will see the erotic reactions of the actress on shots, a variety of outfits, a lot of shooting scenes, some of them are made in the styles of vintage and noir - certainly it adds to the clip a piquancy. 

The clip is recommended to all who likes the "***** Wars" series!

Fetish elements: a lot of shooting scenes, different poses of the body, quality digital ***** effects, repeated bending of the back, death stare, erotic reaction and sounds, topless, black corset, silver mini dress, tight retro dress, white blouse, black skirt, black panties, stockings, heels.

Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

Price: 13.00
Run Time: 14:36 minutes 
File Size: 426 MB     Format: .MP4

    Wars 3 - ***** wars. Episode 3


starring: dasha, nastya, agneta korolevskaya, bella belaya, kristina malina, maria and madame kira.


\"***** wars 3\" is the next episode from the “***** wars” series. You will see:

- 24 minutes of the different shooting scenes;

- more beautiful *****;

- more sexy clothes;

- different weapons;

- more different sexy poses and sensual reactions;

do you like shooting scenes? – This clip is for you! (Highly recommended for viewing!)


fetish elements: a lot of shooting scenes, super sexy clothes, catsuits, white blouse, black skirts, dresses, gun, gun with silencer, laser gun, very sexy poses and *****’ reactions, shots in the breast, back and belly, death stare, digital ***** effects, heels, pantyhoses, stockings.   

resolution: 1280x720

time:  24:33 min

format: .Mp4

size: 434 mb

    The Cops - The cops

At the request of our customers we present to your attention a vintage version of one of our custom clips: “The cops.”

CUSTOM VIDEO - "The cops. Vintage version".

Starring: Yasnara.


The detectives get the information about the place, where is hidden professional killer. Having arrived there they don't find him. There are no doubts that he was still here a few minutes ago. The vague sense of alarm covers the **** detective, seems she begins to understand his plan. She doesn't have time to tell her partner about it. Detectives don't realize immediately that now they became the hunting object of the dangerous criminal. The killer plays with them, he doesn't hurry to kill both detectives. The bullet released by the insidious villain gets to the ****'s heart. She falls on hands of her partner. She doesn't manage to tell him anything ******* with *****.

Fetish elements: Shooting scene, quality ***** effects, death stare, erotic reaction, falling on hands, the unbuttoning of the blouse, topless, beautiful actress, black miniskirt and white blouse, heels. 

Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

    GIRLS WARS 5 - Starring: Yasnara.


“Mandragora” studio releases the fifth clip from the “Girls wars” series. In this clip you will see a lot of different shooting scenes where Yasnara is shot from the gun with a silencer and the laser gun. Multiple shots hit her into the chest and the belly. Her sexy reaction will not leave indifferent any who like shooting clips with a lot of scenes. Most of the scenes are accompanied by a long expressive agony.

If you like the "Girls Wars" series – this clip is for you!

Fetish elements: a lot of shooting scenes, laser gun, gun with silencer, different poses of the body, quality digital blood effects, death stare, erotic reaction and sounds, topless, different costumes, black pantyhose, heels.

Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

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