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    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Clip Description

    Starring: maria and vlad.


    maria works as a nurse. She is bored at work often, but not today - she found spicy photos in the internet, looking at them maria begins to dream. She imagines herself as a ****** and this idea really captures her. She feels a strange excitement imagining herself in the different situations. Maria is so given to the imaginations, that doesn't notice right away that her imagination become reality by a mystical way.

    fetish elements: set of various erotic fantasies scenes: shooting, stabbing, **********, neck breaking and maria’s very erotic reaction; erotic fantasies, long agonies, lift and carry, gun with silencer, death stare, nurse’s uniform, heels, pantyhose.

    the unique offer - very erotic clip, 18 minutes of various fetish scenes for the super price!

    resolution: 1280x1024

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4424.19 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies

    Mandragora Video Production - Nurses Fantasies
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    Wars 4 - Starring: Natalie.


“Mandragora” studio presents for your attention a new clip from the “***** wars” series. It’s the fourth part of the well-known shooting-series. And like all clips of this series the fourth part has its own characteristics – of course, you will see the erotic reactions of the actress on shots, a variety of outfits, a lot of shooting scenes, some of them are made in the styles of vintage and noir - certainly it adds to the clip a piquancy. 

The clip is recommended to all who likes the "***** Wars" series!

Fetish elements: a lot of shooting scenes, different poses of the body, quality digital ***** effects, repeated bending of the back, death stare, erotic reaction and sounds, topless, black corset, silver mini dress, tight retro dress, white blouse, black skirt, black panties, stockings, heels.

Resolution: 1920X1080 (Full HD)

Price: 13.00
Run Time: 14:36 minutes 
File Size: 426 MB     Format: .MP4

    Magic Of The Last Breath - Magic of the last breath.

starring: dasha and kristina malina.


the first series of the cycle about the modern witch.

irina (the role is acted by dasha) is a director of a hotel. She's a young successful woman at first sight. Seems life is good, but there is one unpleasant moment. It doesn't allow enjoying life. She's the witch and she have to feed her youth by the energy containing in the last breath of her victims. Irina have to make a sacrifice on the altar of her unfading youth - lives of young, sexy and beautiful *****, the vital energy containing in their last breath.

earlier irina used classical magical methods for searching of the victims, such as a magic mirror. But technologies are changing. The old middle ages are almost forgotten and now she has to use a smart phone and social networks... 

and so she finds a beautiful ****, she likes her. It is polina... And that's good luck! Polina works in the hotel! Irina immediately calls polina and uses the charms to receive the desirable...

the **** can't resist ancient sorcery... Light touches... Erotic game resulting in a status of a trance... And... The ****** doesn't feel how the witch receives the last breath...


fetish elements: magic effects, ****-witch, very erotic and sensual ************* containing tender lesbian scene, beautiful *****, black corset, lacy red lingerie, stockings, heels.

format: .Mp4

time: 16:42 min

size: 438 mb

resolution: 1280x1024

    Fsm3 - FSM Episode 3


Fight Scenes Mix. Episode 3.

Starring: Yasnara, Natalie, Tais and Vlad.


The third final part of big custom video – “Fight Scenes Mix” is for all fans of shooting and stabbing video. Three beautiful actresses act in different scenes. In this video Tais joins to Yasnara and Natalie. She's beautiful ****, good actress and also she's tall, slender and flexible dancer. She won't leave indifferent all fans of the genre.

Fetish elements: a lot of different SHOOTING and STABBING  scenes, erotic poses, very erotic *****’ reactions and voices, very different ****’s reactions to shots (from quick death to long agony), back arching, digital ***** effects, gun with silencer (not laser gun), death stare, topless, beautiful actresses, nurse uniform, black miniskirts and white blouse, black stockings, black panties, heels.

Resolution: 1280X1024

 Price: 14.00
 Run Time: 14:20 minutes
 File Size: 420 MB     Format: .MP4
 Category: Default
 Updated: December 5 2015 8:46 am

    You Instead Of Me - Starring: bella belaya and kristina malina.


one day anna walked around the city and met an old gipsy woman. She asked anna a little money for food, but anna didn\'t like the terrible look of the old woman. She roughly pushed away the gipsy, and then the woman promised anna that exactly in a year she will die, the damnation of the old gipsy will come to anna.

anna tried very much to forget this strange meeting. The thought about the damnation haunted her. What if the damnation of old woman is real? Year of life with intrusive idea about the damnation didn\'t pass unnoticed for anna.

she lost ***** over it, she couldn\'t think of anything else. Sometimes she thought she was slowly losing her mind.

and then came the fateful day... She is in despair and on the verge of sanity anna thinks out a plan…

and what if she will able to swap with her friend? The friend instead of anna. Anna thinks this plan has to work and she starts its implementation...

fetish elements: shots in the chest, in the belly and in the back, gun with silencer, **********, undressing, dressing, binding of hands, binding of feet, white blouse, white dress, black mini skirt, sexy skin-tight dress, heels. 

resolution: 1360Х768

    Wars - Starring: dasha and kristina malina.


we present our new clip "***** wars. Episode 1" for all fans of shooting. You will see a lot of different shooting scenes with one or two ***** dressed in different suits: catsuit, sexy black and silver dresses, police uniform and military suit. You will see gun battles, a lot of erotic poses, very sexy ***** reaction to the hits. Also you will see our new model – kristina. We recommend to watch this clip to all fans of shooting.

fetish elements: a lot of shooting, sexy *****, shooting scenes only, different very sexy role-playing costumes, gun and laser gun, very sexy poses, shots in the breast, back and belly, heels, pantyhose, stockings.   

resolution: 1280x1024

time: 17:16 min

format: .Mp4

size: 432 mb

    Why Did You Kill Me - Starring: agneta korolevskaya and vlad.


he is just a robber. He has to perpetrate small robberies for a long time and he is looking for a new ****** for a robbery constantly. And now he finds a **** who he will rob...

she is a business lady. She arrived in this town on business. She doesn't like this town and the hotel... And also she doesn't like people.

he enters into her room, he looks for values in her things, but there isn't anything valuable. He is baffled, he expected something bigger.

she comes back at the inopportune moment, she sees him.

he doesn't manage to hide the face behind the mask, she sees his face and will surely describe him in police.

he makes the decision quickly. She must die. What is she thinking at this moment? 

he kills her by three shots in the breast. He hides her body in the bathroom... He doesn't know that it is not the end... 

look attentively! - What you pull out from her handbag... 

do you hear?.. - Evil has ***** up already. 

prepare for death!.. - It is following you!

fetish elements:  shots in the chic breast, binding of hands behind the back, binding of feet, gun with silencer, neck breaking, black magic, undressing, elegant clothes, stockings, heels.

time: 12:26 min

size: 426 mb

format: .Mp4

    GIRLS WARS 7 - We offer to your attention a really new video in the popular series from "Mandragora VP" studio - "Girls Wars 7".

Hot blonde Agneta in a hot battle on the ruins of a medieval castle.

New location, new costumes, new production in the best traditions of the studio!

The diversity of scenes and action won't let you get bored!

You should watch this clip, and not to read long descriptions!

"Wow!! What can I say! I really do not know the right words to congratulate you on a truly fantastic work of art! To see nearly all of this was your own work with editing, directing etc., this is a masterpiece and if it does not earn you a fab amount in sales, I will be truly surprised!!

As well as the above, Agneta's acting and the superb choice of dress, setting, music and so on is so much credit to you!! Very many congratulations, you so deserve it on this clip."

- One of the first buyers of the film

Starring: Agneta Korolevskaya.

Full HD

    Tormented By Bullets - Starring: yasnara and vlad.


new clip from "mandragora vp"!

beautiful, talented and sensual yasnara comes back to you in the new clip which we address to all fans of beautiful ***** and shooting - "tormented by bullets"!

in the clip yasnara plays a role of the beautiful ****-spy who is caught unawares by the strange unknown murderer in a black mask. He attacks yasnara from behind and begins to ******** her. Yasnara tries to escape from tenacious hands of the murderer, but finds herself on the floor, where the murderer continues to ***** her until she ceases to resist him losing consciousness.

the murderer takes off the ****'s blouse and carries her on the bed.

he looks for something in her things and doesn't notice that after a while yasnara comes to consciousness and takes out a gun from under the pillow.

she shoots twice at the back of the unknown murderer, it's evident - he underestimated her capabilities. Yasnara approaches the stranger and overturns him on the back with her foot, she exults, the enemy is prostrate!

but what is it? The killed stranger suddenly opens his eyes! Yasnara just stares as the stranger points the gun at her...

he shoots several times at yasnara, we can see horror and surprise in her eyes - who is he? Why he didn't die? What ***** revived him? She is watching the trickle of ***** flowing down across her belly... She tries to stay on her feet, but she can't, she slowly falls on the padded stool.

the murderer approaches yasnara, he looks at her a few seconds and some more bullets stick into her body. The ***** streams slowly flowing down on her chest. Her eyes are open, she looks somewhere... Maybe she's looking in the direction whence the mysterious killer came?

fetish elements: shooting, **********, undressing, lift and carry, super erotic reaction to the shots, long death agony, white blouse, gun with silencer, topless, death stare, black pantyhose, heels.

resolution: 1920x 1080 (hd)

format: .Mp4

time: 14:02 min

size: 425 mb

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