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    CustomShootz - Tables Turned

    Clip Description

    The lovely chaos stars in 4 scenes where she is a contracted killer. Dressed in tiny shorts and a sexy bikini top she confronts you each time.

    in scenes one and two she takes you out. Pointing the gun at various parts of your body and slowly killing shot by shot. She a merciless killer loving every minute. Describing how she kills you.

    in scenes three and four, she gets distracted before she gets a chance to dispatch you and you grab your gun and turn the tables. Plugging her three times in the long lithe body of hers.

    she drops to the ground dead. This is fantastic monologue acting about a merciless, trash talking killer!

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
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    mp41007.04 MB

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    CustomShootz - Tables Turned

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