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    CustomShootz - Sword And Knife Fun Pov

    Clip Description

    Alt siren puts on her shortest crop top and lowest jeans so you can play a few games of sword and knife fights. Shot from you point of view you get a lovely view as you run her through and finish her off with multiple stabs from your sword and knife.

    each scene is slightly different but end the same way... You keep going until she stop moving.

    this is shot completely point of view as if it was you doing it.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
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    mp4542.3 MB

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    CustomShootz - Sword And Knife Fun Pov

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    Shoot Out Fun 2 - The second video in the series that sees maria and alt siren shoot each other to extreme.

6 different scenes all based on machine gunnings. Each **** takes turns sliding down the wall... Being machine gunned over the couch and falling to their knees. And in the final scene they are both shot together.

wearing daisy dukes and crop tops you can see each and every spasm in their bodies as they writhe in pan. 

lots of back arching, writhing fun as they take 100s of bullets in their bodies putting on a show for you.

this video contains sound effects and some ***** splatter effects.

    Snipered 2 - In the second instalment of the snippered series, alt siren and chaos are laughing and giggling at their computer. But our snipper is watching their every move. Dress in tiny shorts and bikini their tops their torsos are ripe for the picking. 

at the right moment he lets rip. Single shots only. Plugging first chaos three times in the belly until she expires. Alt siren tries to protect her friend. She doesn't know where the shots are coming from. But it's too late and one by one she takes bullets into her flat stomach. She collapses over chaos' legs dead. 

but our snipper is a professional and wants to make sure. He gives each **** three more shots into the body watching them jerk with each additional bullet tearing into them.

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