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    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    Clip Description

    Sam and adrianna decide to settle and argument about who's belly button is better with a fight. Dressed in jeans and with their shirts tied up to show the target they fight.

    they swipe and slash each other till they fall onto the bed rolling around. The knife coming close to each others navels over and over.

    eventually adriaana gets on top, locking sam's arm over her head leaving a soft target and with a thrust she plunges the knife into sam's belly button.

    the knife stuck in deep, adriaana taunts her, fingers tracing around her navel as she writhes and wriggles.

    she pulls the knife out making sam arch up in agony and then walks off. But before she goes she shows her belly button to camera saying "my belly was better anyway".

    sam moans and groans before slowly expiring.

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4454.46 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight

    CustomShootz - Knife Fight
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    Kitty Kill  Robbery Gone Wrong - Meet kittykill. Part lesbian, part hit women and all nasty! 

in the first episode kitty has been hired to prevent a robbery of very valuable merchandise. 

maria enters the room after kitty has dispatched her whole team. She tries to call for help but she doesn't realise that kitty is just outside after following her.

kitty finds her and fires two bullets into her stomach. Kitty likes to have a play though before dispatching her sexy ******. She takes of maria's shirt to reveal the two bloody wounds and begins to tease and taunt her.

she takes off her bra and rubs her boobs, kissing her lips, stroking her bloodied body! 

when she tires off maria she starts to finish her off. Shooting at point blank into the lower belly. Then one in the chest through her heart. Maria gasp... Coughing... But kitty doest wait and puts one through her head.

bloody effects
light lesbian play
head shots
belly and stomach shots

    Consensual Stabbings - Adrianna wants to be stabbed in her belly. Sam and adrianna are dressed in their bikini sitting on the bed. Adrianna comes in and kneels in front of sam, leaning back into her. Head on her shoulder.

sam takes her times and slowly slides the knife into her bare belly!

after the first stab, she lays adrianna and continues plunging the knife around adrianna’s uncovered lower belly 4 more times until adrianna slowly expires.

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