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    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    Clip Description

    Alt siren has a secret. By day she is alt siren... Sexy office ****. By night she is the superhero kitana... Fighting expert assassin.

    after returning home, dressed in her skirt and blouse, from work she finds an evil intruder in her house. He throws a knife at alt siren and she catch it with ease... Laughing at his silly attempts to dispatch her.

    he pulls out a gun and tries to shoot her. But easily she simply avoids the bullets with her super powers. But he is strong... Too strong for ordinary alt siren.

    he over powers her with a ***** hold. Sucking the life out her. Knees her stomach and easily throws her to the ground. She moans and groans as he kick her in the belly, punches her stomach over and over.

    eventually she gets her witts about her and knees him in the head. While he is down and with a whirl she turns in kitana. Her sexy outfit shines in the light as she prepares to exact her revenge.

    he comes in for a mega punch to her head but she grabs his hand and crushes it dropping him to his knees. She punches him over and over, ******* him with her legs, before snaping his neck.

    but.. It's not over. Through magic he arises from the dead and confront her. She doesn't know what happen but when he opens his hand he has her kryponite in it.

    instantly she feels weak. Losing her energy....

    he begins to dismantle our super hero. Punch after punch to her bare stomach. Pucching her up easily and rag dolling her over and over with a giant bare hug. He slams her over his knee and claws at her stomach. How much more can she take?

    he drops to the ground and continues to punish her. Claws to the head and stomach, ******* her till she is nearly out.

    finish her... He thinks and picks up our fallen hero and uppercuts her into the table. Before she even react - bang bang bang - three bullets into her bare stomach. The bullets tear apart he flesh.

    poor kitana falls to the floor. She going quickly. But not quick enough for her attacker. He takes the knife and plunges it in and out of her stomach and finally into her heart.

    kitana loses!


    super herione
    sexy office ****
    invincible women
    back and forth fighting
    back breakers
    stomach punches
    belly and head claws
    shots to the belly
    stabs to the belly and heart

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4764.43 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality

    CustomShootz - Kitana Wins  Fatality
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