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    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    Clip Description

    This is episode one in a series of the exploits of agent daphne and her quests to discover the truth.

    we open on daphne having a shower in preparation for her next mission. She receives her order to kill dr lauren gates and retrieve all data. But first she must fight her way past an army of clones.

    she dispatches each clone swiftly. She ********* the first. Stabs the seconds belly. Finishes the third and fourth with a number of shots before coming face to face to with dr gates.

    before daphne finishes her off with a precise shot to the chest, she tell daphne of her twin ******.

    in coming episodes we follow daphne as she goes in hunt of her ******.

    Clip Duration:      6 minutes
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    mp4574.74 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1

    CustomShootz - Agent Daphne Episode 1
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    Writhing In The Name Of - Tasha acts out 14 amazing scenes of us. 

in each one she is either shot, stabbed or run through with a sword. Then she writhes around in pain, arching her back, breathing hard, moaning out loud for you.

she arches up high, sometimes bridging before succumbing to her wounds. And sometimes takes a second shot to finish her off.

there are some ***** effects but the main focus is on her body as she writhes around wearing only her briefs.

    Shoot Out Fun 2 - The second video in the series that sees maria and alt siren shoot each other to extreme.

6 different scenes all based on machine gunnings. Each **** takes turns sliding down the wall... Being machine gunned over the couch and falling to their knees. And in the final scene they are both shot together.

wearing daisy dukes and crop tops you can see each and every spasm in their bodies as they writhe in pan. 

lots of back arching, writhing fun as they take 100s of bullets in their bodies putting on a show for you.

this video contains sound effects and some ***** splatter effects.

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