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Take That Dick
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Twisted Fantasies - Take That Dick

Clip Description

Listen to this stupid ass racist bitch on her phone ***** again talking about how she wouldn't ever fuck a black guy because we smell funny. What the fuck she lives with us. Her ****** married a black man and now i'm her step bother. I'm going to show this bitch who the fucking boss is. Walking into the room and interupting her phone conversation and she laughs. Thats right get off the phone with your white girlfriends but first tell her I want to tap that ass too. Prefect time she's getting up to go to the restroom. Let me put this in her in *****....... Oh **** sis whats wrong are you feeling ok? Here let me help you to your bed. Don't fall..... Yea thats your pillow.... Here let me help you undress. You slap her a across the face .... Yup this stupid ass white bitch is out and now its time for you to show her what some black cock is. You can't control yourself you know your going to cum deep inside that white pussy.

this video is shot on a 4k gopro using the head mount giving the video a real life view of the horrible actions you wish to commit. Isn't about time you let your fantasies come true? Isn't about time you watched some realistic looking ..... Porn?

Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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mp4717.93 MB

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