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    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    Clip Description

    A **** comes back from a tennis game and calls for a taxi. The dirty taxidriver has something nasty in mind and starts wanking his prick. He pulls her head down to his cock in order to suck it but of course she refuses.
    he handcuffs her and takes her to an abandoned old factory. He threats her with a rifle and takes her clothes off. He inserts a liquer bottle in her cunt and as he didn't find this extreme enough he inserts a handle of an axe in her pussy.
    he fingers her and is able to handfuck her. He ****** her to suck his dick now and starts raping the **** heavily in all positions. He squirts his cum over her face and ****** her to eat it.
    at the end the poor **** is locked up in a cage.

    - heavy ****
    - heavy *******
    - ***********
    - violence
    - ****** sex
    - fingering
    - insertions
    - handfucking
    - cumshot on face

    run time: 34:51 minutes
    file size: 388 mb format: .Wmv

    Clip Duration:      35 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv379.41 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver

    XRG STUDIO -  By Taxidriver
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