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Mixed Deaths




Stabbing/Throat Slice




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    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    Clip Description

    Halloween dreams
    starring tsnya, loren and steely blue
    directed by hank and johnm

    contains: violence, sexual content, stabbing, throat slice, multi-shooting, head shot, ******** x2, bagging, body views, foot views.

    our first full-length movie--1 hour!!!

    note: this is the first movie (not short), we ever did. There is a 20min set up, so I gave it a special price!


    it is halloween and 3 ***** are ******* out together, getting ***** and trying on costumes. Soon, they all ******** and each has a strange dream.

    steely dreams starts out nice with a soak in the tub, before a strange man comes in and shoots her dead.

    tanya dreams she is fooling around with loren. Then she pulls out a knife and stabs her in the belly and chest. This has got tanya really hot and as she watches loren lying dead, the same man from steely's dream slits her throat.

    loren dreams that tanya, whom she secretly loves, is making out in the shower with steely. After watching for a moment, she comes in guns blazing and kills them both. Then, the stranger is suddenly in her dream and shoots her in the head.

    back to reality, and the stranger has really entered their home. He sees the ***** ********** on the floor and after a once over, settles on killing loren--********** her to death. Then he moves on to tanya and ********* her as she squirms in her cat suit costume.

    finally, the prize for his efforts is steely. After admiring her, he takes her to the bedroom, then bags her to death--leaving her spread, death, with a wide mouth death stare on the bed.

    he goes back out and plays with the other ***** some more before leaving.


    ruemorgue cinema adheres to usc 2257 record keeping requirements. Actors are over 18 at the time of filming

    note: 981x720 upscaled mp4 format

    Clip Duration:      60 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4935.92 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams

    RueMorgue Cinema - Halloween Dreams
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    Twisted  - Twisted ******
starring alex foxe
directed by johnm

 contains:   violence, sexual content, ****** themes, stabbing, fondling, body views, foot views.

 get ready for the fantastic ms. Foxe.  More coming soon! 

note:  much of the movie is plot positioning, but the payoff is great.  In any case, I have priced it low to account for this.


alex lures her ******* over in a scheme to murder him.  She teases him with her sexy body and somehow convinces him to let her wrap him in plastic---the proceeds to ********* him.

thinking he is dead, she brags about it to her girlfriend, before being stabbed in the back by her now *alive* *******. 

now he lets her plead a bit before plunging the knife into her belly.  She slowly sinks to the floor and takes a while to die.

after, he checks out his sisters nice tits, then leaves.


ruemorgue cinema adheres to usc 2257 record keeping requirements.  Actors are over 18 at the time of filming

note: 1472x1080 upscaled mp4 format

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